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Pride and Prejudice-Disdain and DeceptionWhat If Mr. Darcy Was Injured Before the Wedding?

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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What if, while on his way to Longbourn to visit with his betrothed, Darcy’s horse threw him and he was gravely injured in a horrific accident?

What if Lady Catherine saw Darcy’s extensive injuries and weakened state as an excuse to take control and separate him from Elizabeth?

What if Elizabeth took desperate measures to see her fiancée and ensure herself of his well-being?

Sounds like a pretty interesting premise, doesn’t it? In this Pride and Prejudice variation novella, Denise O’Hara derails these beloved characters from their traditional course a mere two days before their wedding. Poor Darcy and Lizzy! To be so close to their happy marriage! With Darcy unconscious and immobile, their wedding doesn’t take place as planned. And no one dares oppose Lady Catherine when she demands that Darcy be moved to Rosings and declares that no visitors, save Georgiana, will be permitted. But a despondent yet determined Lizzy doesn’t give up hope! She finds a way to be reunited with her beloved even if does involve a bit of disguise and deception…

I found this premise to be a lot of fun to explore. Not many variations take such a dramatic twist so late in the novel. I loved the bit about assuming a disguise – felt very Shakespearean! My favorite aspect of the story was seeing the devotion between Darcy and Elizabeth. Their declarations of love and unyielding affection was moving to witness. I also greatly enjoyed the crossing of verbal swords between Darcy and Nurse Ainsworth. I thought the dialogue between them to be well-written and very true to character and style.

This variation definitely asks the reader to suspend disbelief a little and enjoy the ride, which I was fine with and prepared to do for the most part. However, there were several instances that I thought didn’t sound or feel right. Like how no one attempted to stop Lady Catherine, or how there were no adverse effects from Darcy’s relocation to Rosings (he was unconscious after all!). I also thought Georgiana and Darcy appeared to be a little too complaisant and unsuspicious about being taken to Rosings. I would think Darcy upon waking would have so many questions and demand to know why he was removed from Netherfield, and that Georgiana would divulge to her brother the reason that his fiancée isn’t in attendance.

In addition, grammar and editing isn’t usually something I comment on, but I’m afraid I found some of the typos and other errors to be a little bit distracting in this tale – such as Elizabeth forgetting that she is already betrothed “If they were spotted kissing before their betrothal…” (page 11) or how odd it felt for Elizabeth to constantly address her betrothed as Mr. Darcy (both publicly and privately) yet address his sister as Georgiana.

Despite my quibbles, I found Pride and Prejudice: Disdain and Deception to be a diverting and unique read! It may not be my favorite Pride and Prejudice variation, but it is a fun novella that is great for readers looking for something lighthearted, entertaining, and quick to enjoy!

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  6 Responses to “Pride and Prejudice: Disdain and Deception – Denise O’Hara”


    I also read this one. It was interesting but I particularly agree as to…Why did no one stop Lady C. when she attempted to move Darcy? Bingley with his menservants could have overpowered Lady C. and hers. Especially with how dangerous it was to move a gravely injured man? And: good point about him waking up….no questions or demands???


      Those two points were hard for me to get around. I can understand Darcy being a little addled when he first woke up, but it looks like he soon had most of his mental faculties minus what happened at the time of the accident. And I know Lady C can be demanding, but didn’t like how her actions made Mr. Bingley appear so spineless and weak. Just saw your review. You brought up good points too!


    That is an interesting place for the ‘what if’ to start.


    I have recently finished her latest book, “Yours truly, Mr. Darcy” and it was good. Not a favourite, but certainly a story I would recommend to those who like reading about a sweet letter exchange between Darcy and Elizabeth! 🙂


      That one looks interesting, Maria! I loved A Noteworthy Courtship which seems like a similar scenario. And I’m a big fan of a story with a lot of letters! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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