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Fitzwilliam Darcy- An Honorable ManExhilarating Adventure, Drama, and All-Consuming Love

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation, Mature Audience

TIME FRAME: two years after Darcy’s failed proposal in Hunsford

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth, Darcy, Georgiana Ingram, Evan Ingram, Colonel Fitzwilliam, George Wickham, Charles and Jane Bingley, Count Stefano, Cecile Preston, Mr. Williamson


  • New Author For Me: Even though she has 3 books published and has been writing for years, this is my first time reading anything by Brenda Webb. (shameful, I know!)
  • Highly Recommended: This book has been on my wish list for years as the the reviews and recommendations for it are overwhelmingly positive! It also won the vote I held last month!


Darcy goes to Scotland and Ireland for two years to escape his pain and longing for Elizabeth Bennet. Meanwhile Elizabeth is forced in marriage by dear Mrs. Bennet to a deceptive and delusional man who holds her captive. When Darcy returns to find Elizabeth a shell of her former self and in need of his help and protection, he is unable to refuse and commits himself to her in an entirely new and selfless way…


  • It is Sensational and Dramatic: What a dark and imaginative deviation! Wow! This story is a big departure from canon and follows its own course. This premise is filled with multiple villains, madness, and delicious melodrama! Our antagonists are different and instead of overcoming pride and misunderstandings, our dear couple fights Elizabeth’s dangerous husband and the evil plots others have against them. I thoroughly enjoyed these changes, new scenarios, and the unique adventure this story took me on.
  • Compelling and Captivating: The premise had me spellbound; and the intense drama, evil plots, and danger were all well-constructed and skillfully executed. I enjoyed the author’s style and thought there was a great balance of dialogue, action, and flashbacks. The descriptions were vivid and the story was presented with just the right amount of detail. This adventure definitely had me consumed and when I wasn’t reading, I was thinking about these characters and mulling over the drama in their lives. I love when a story does that!
  • What a Darcy!: Being portrayed in the most heroic and swoon-worthy of premises, this Darcy is the ultimate romantic icon! Completely devoted, desperately in love, and dangerous to his enemies…*sigh* (excuse me while I collect myself from the puddle I have melted into!) I loved seeing this multi-faceted Darcy – he is both an ardent lover, taking care of Elizabeth with the tenderest of concern and a strong protector, ready to defend to the death! I loved Darcy’s principles and honor in this story. How he would defy society, alter the course of his life, and completely devote himself to Elizabeth stole my heart!
  • Engaging Relationships and Dynamic Characters: There was plenty of new original characters in this tale and I especially enjoyed seeing these characters interact with Jane Austen’s characters. The new villains and antagonists were interesting and exciting additions, but my favorite relationships to observe were those between Mr. Williamson and Elizabeth and Darcy, Georgiana’s happy marriage with her husband Evan, and Mrs. Reynolds love for Georgiana, Darcy, and Elizabeth.


  • While I did think there might have been one delusional woman too many chasing after Darcy, and I did find it a little odd that the Gardiners only came onto the scene at the end, I really can’t say either of those marred any enjoyment or pleasure I had in this story!


Looking for a Pride and Prejudice variation that pull at your heartstrings, enthrall your senses, and excite your mind? Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honorable Man is a wonderfully epic and romantic adventure, and I’m so very glad that I finally got to read a story by Brenda J. Webb! For those readers who enjoy heartrending romances and exhilarating premises, she is an author not to miss!


There are several intimate scenes between couples in love in this story – not very frequent or graphic though. And there are some scenes of mild violence. Would recommend for Mature Audiences.

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  32 Responses to “Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honorable Man – Brenda J. Webb”


    The scene where D&E are reunited is one of my favorites in all the JAFF I have read!


    What a wonderful, exciting review Meredith. I too have not read any books by Brenda Webb. The only issue I have is that Elizabeth is married to someone else which always puts me off any type of alternate/variation P & P book. However, your review is brilliant so I may give it a go!!


      Thank you, Michelle! It is a very exciting and engaging read. I don’t think it would be a spoiler to say that this marriage is peculiar and not what Elizabeth wants.


    This is not the usual type of post on this site, and I apologize for that, but it’s a real question that has flummoxed me for a while. I have to wonder why, when authors stray so far from the canonical characters and story, they use the names of the original P&P characters. Why not just make up names and have one’s story be wholly original?


      It’s a valid question, Abigail. I’m not an author, so I can’t really answer from the perspective but I would maybe hazard a guess and say that they were inspired by these characters – their situations and relationships. And even though their story goes off the beaten path they still want to pay homage to the source of their inspiration? I for one, am glad they don’t use different names because then the story wouldn’t be labeled as JAFF or Austenesque and it most likely wouldn’t find its way into me and other readers who love to live in this genre! 😉


        I doubt there would be many of us who would pick up books with other names as most of my reading is now devoted to P&P/Darcy and Elizabeth. Although I have objected to those who just use the names and have no connection at all to canon. Mrs. Bennet’s twisted part in this book and the Bingley’s protection of E. make this so much more of a connection to P&P for me, at least.


          Abagail- I have been thinking about this question while I am reading this book. I wonder if how it would change if the main characters were not Darcy and Elizabeth. thanks for bringing up this interesting point. I do see this in many books, particularly the modern variations.


      Oh boy, what a ‘can of worms’ question that is! I have thought about your question for a bit before jumping into the fray. I hope leaving my window open to this blog hasn’t made me miss a repetitive (but no doubt more intelligent) response than this.

      Have you read the book yet? If not then let me urge you to follow Meredith’s excellent review, and all the glowing responses of your fellow Austenesque followers, and read it. I hope you’ll answer your own question.

      The reason I said ‘can of worms’ was that you could have asked that question about so many wonderful and amazing JAFF out there. Why do any of us read this stuff? There is so much there to enjoy! We all want more and more and more of our favorite characters. The creativity and hard work that goes into these works sometime astounds me, and I’m so grateful for it.

      I have read about 100 + JAFF novels and novellas, even more short stories. I have a stack more in my wish list. There’s a stack more out there I just have no interest in at all. Maybe that will be the stack you put ‘An Honorable Man’ in, which is perfectly fine. I just can’t see myself getting tired of the genre. But I wouldn’t have read that many, nor would so many have made it to my reread keeper ‘shelf’ if they had all strictly adhered to canon. We might all just be better to have reread Jane herself.

      If Ms. Webb or any other author had chosen to use completely new names she could have, I’m sure. It would be a different story. I DON’T think Ms. Webb is just exploiting the popularity of the genre to cash in a wave of interest. But I’ve read her books. You couldn’t say that 100% across the board for plenty of other authors. There’s a fair amount of drek out there. :/

      If an author such as Webb had chosen new names, the characters like Mrs. Bennet for instance, would end up either a) needing a lot of background to explain their actions, or b) just be cardboard characters and merely plot device. But we KNOW Mrs. Bennet, we’ve seen her in action, we know she’s thrown Lizzy to the wolves (Mr. Collins) before. We already know how close Jane has always been to her sister and how desperately she wants to save and protect her and how much Bingley loves his ‘Angel’ so we don’t have to have very much back story on them. We just buy into the new story and go along for the bumpy ride. It is a very compelling ride!

      More than several people commented in Meredith’s VOTE for this book that they had read the book more than once, I have too, and plan to read it again as well as Brenda Webb’s other books.

      I am so glad you did ask the question, I don’t think it was an ‘unusual’ posting to put on Meredith’s blog. I think poor Meredith has had her blog taken over a number of times and she may have thought this one (about this book) really did get out of hand 🙂 But I know she’s pretty tolerant. I mean, she let us share recipes one time!!! Anyway I find the discussions just as valuable as the reviews sometimes.

      Thank you Abigail. Thought provoking!!


    Great review, Meredith! (but then yours are always so well written) Thanks for telling us your thoughts. I have the book and must take time to read it! 🙂


      Thank you, Janet! Sometimes it’s hard when you have a lot you want to say about a book, to sort out what is most important! I hope you get the chance to read this lovely story soon!


    So glad you liked it, Meredith! I was one of those who voted for it; I knew it would not disappoint!


    Thanks for your review and supporting Brenda. This book is one of my all time favorites. Jen Red


    Thank you so kindly for your review, Meredith. I am proud that you found it interesting. One reason I write ‘outside the box’ stories is because I want to imagine Darcy and Lizzy in different situations and my readers do as well. It is not canonical, but then there are plenty of those stories written each year. To each his own. 🙂


      My pleasure, Brenda! Thank you for sharing such a brilliant story! It will definitely be one I reread many times! 🙂 I love stepping out of canon – the gothic elements and new characters and situations were so much fun to explore.


    I also puchased and read this book, and although not canon it was nevertheless a great read, and kept one captivated till the end.


    I liked the gothic qualities of this one, too. And LOL, Darcy was well chased.


    I’m so glad you enjoyed the book as much as so many of us did. thanks for reviewing it.


    Loved this story and have read it twice so far. I know I will read it again. I love all her stories…I like a long story with lots of twists and angst. Someday Meredith, you must read her other stories.


    I am in the middle of this book so I was eager to hear your thoughts. I do like it and find the story very engaging. I am having a bit of frustration with all of the different “villains” in the book. I guess I I’ll have to wait and see how it all ends!!


      I’m glad you are finding the story very engaging. I can understand what you mean – I liked the main villain and his accomplices, but wasn’t too fond of having so many females with the hots for Darcy…I mean I understand why they have the hots for him, but it might have been one too many for my taste. 😉


    Wow! Great review, Meredith! I’m very curious to read this one. Sounds very different from the other Austenesque reads! 🙂

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