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A Noteworthy Courtship“I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.” *sigh*

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: Begins just after the Netherfield Ball

MAIN CHARACTERS: Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Bennet, Mr. Bennet, Mr. Collins, Charles Bingley, and Mrs. Bennet


  • Had it on my wishlist for years!
  • The premise is inspired by Pride and Prejudice and You’ve Got Mail!?! Need I say more?


  • In Love with the Premise: You’ve Got Mail is one of my most favorite rom-coms and part of that is because it is a modern-day Pride and Prejudice style romance. I loved that the premise of this story was inspired by that movie. (which was inspired by The Shop Around the Corner.) Darcy in an attempt to control his growing feelings for Elizabeth writes himself a stern note and accidentally misplaces it while browsing a bookshop in Meryton. Who should find the anonymous note, but Elizabeth Bennet who cannot resist writing this mysterious man a teasing reply.
  • A Sweet Developing Romance: It was lovely to see how both Darcy and Elizabeth grew fond of their mysterious correspondent, thought very highly of their correspondent’s character, and both learned at different times the surprising identity of their correspondent. I greatly enjoyed seeing in detail Darcy’s growth and attempt at addressing his flaws. As well as observing how Elizabeth’s perception of Darcy evolved and she gained more understanding of his character. Their time spent together in Essex was beautiful to witness and I greatly enjoyed the new atmosphere and what new situations it produced.
  • Mr. Bennet and Mr. Bingley: Yes! This is a big one! I loved how these two characters were portrayed in this variation! After the Netherfield Ball, Mr. Bingley isn’t so easily persuaded by his sisters to leave and makes Jane an offer almost right away. He also steps into the role of protective brother quite readily when he sees how tenacious Mr. Collins is towards Elizabeth. Go Bingley! I also loved how Mr. Bennet was aware of Lizzy’s mysterious and unconventional correspondence, how he pieced it together before she did, and how he indulged in loads of teasing. But my favorite moment was his set down to Mr. Collins (had me laughing and cheering for a full two minutes!) Well done, Mr. Bennet!
  • Bonus Material!: What a pleasant surprise it was to find nine lovely little alternate scenes at the end of this tale, kind of like finding some deleted or extended scenes on the special features menu of a DVD! I loved that the author did something a little extra for the readers. What a clever and inventive idea! The little vignettes and alternate scenes were entertaining and delightful!


  • Some Small Quibbles: Nothing that deterred my enjoyment too much, but at some instances the credibility of this premise crossed my mind. How did other storekeepers and patrons in Meryton not notice these two paying almost daily visits to the bookshop? How did rumors not circulate about Elizabeth’s reputation? Surely Mrs. Long and Mrs. Phillips would pass on such queer and speculative tittle tattle. I guess Mr. Bennet’s commissions for Lizzy provided the legitimacy needed, but that only started several weeks in. (There was plenty of time for rumors to begin before that.)


It is always a happy occasion when something you were anticipating for a long time145433-youve-got-mail proves to be just as wonderful as expected! I simply adored this charming variation, definitely a fan of the mash-up! To borrow from Kathleen Kelly (You’ve Got Mail) who has confessed to reading Pride and Prejudice two hundred times – “Read it. I know you’ll love it!”


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  29 Responses to “A Noteworthy Courtship – Laura Sanchez”


    Wonderful review. I too had wanted to read this for a very long time as I loved the film You Got Mail (have lost count on how many times I have seen it). So your wonderful review has made me go straight to Amazon to download it on to the kindle!!!!


    Yes, this was a good read. And a great review.


    Aww… I love You’ve Got Mail!! And this novel sounds so cute! Thanks for another beautiful review!! 🙂


    I loved this book (and I love your tag line!). I wanted to comment on the “quibble”. I had the same thought but then my mind went to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. “Oh, I couldn’t put it down! Have you got anything new?” (On a ladder of bookshelf) “That’s all right. I’ll borrow… this one.” If Elizabeth went to the bookstore on a regular basis for herself OR her father her constant attendance would not have been noteworthy. As for Darcy, well, you know that idiosyncrasies of the wealthy…LOL


      Thanks! I wanted to find a good tie-in with the movie for my conclusion – but at first all I could think of is “go to the mattresses” and “how about some coffee or, you know, drinks or dinner or a movie… for as long as we both shall live?” Glad I found one that is way more appropriate! Great point about Belle and her daily visits to the bookstore. I guess the strictures of manners and proprieties during the Regency period has made me a little more sensitive! Yes, the wealthy do have some odd behaviors!


    Well now I must own this book. It sounds wonderful. Thank you for the review.


    Loved the review, Meredith. The book went right onto my TBR list. I hardly had to read the entire review, though. The tag-line hooked me right away. 🙂 Of course I also loved both the old and the new movies, even the least-best of the three Judy Garland-Van Johnson version. This book sounds adorable.


    This sounds like a wonderful book!


    Great review thank you. This is now on my wish list as it seems to be a different storyline and I love You Got Mail.


    I hadn’t heard of this one, and now it’s going on my wishlist!


    I have read this book and it is really good, I enjoyed it very much.


    I read this one a while ago and loved it for its sweet, light feeling. Glad you liked it, too, Meredith!


    What a great review! This looks really good. I’d heard of this one and know that it’s been around a little while, but I didn’t know much about it. I wish something like that would happen to me at my library! Haha I guess I’d actually have to *go* to the library to find out – my town’s library is emptier than Netherfield’s.

    I do love when Mr. Bingley acts a great brother to Elizabeth, and likewise Darcy to Jane.


      Thank you, Monica! I know! If only, right? I feel like some of the libraries near us have more computers then books! 😉

      I was especially fond of this Mr. Bingley! His actions were very praiseworthy!


    Nice review Meredith! I read this a while ago and found it delightful! Thursday’s Child is similar in that it blends the P&P story with the movie Firelight. I loved both of these movies so it is fun to see how the story adapts to our favorite couple.


    I’ve wanted to read this since it was published. It was so lovely to read your review.


    I first heard about this one when you asked us to vote for a book to review. I looked at the excerpt on Amazon and it was only a penny so I decided to buy it.

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