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Pride and ProposalsWhat if Colonel Fitzwilliam Called and Proposed at Hunsford First?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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In her second Pride and Prejudice variation, author Victoria Kincaid presents a most poignant premise – she explores what would happen if Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam receives an inheritance and was able to marry whomever he chooses. And it just so happens, he chooses Elizabeth Bennet…Poor Darcy was just minutes too late to make his proposal! His cousin proposed first and was happily accepted. Now he must learn to hide his disappointed hopes, lend his support towards their match, and not let anyone know of his deep and fervent regard for the bride.

Darcy is in agony. Richard is marrying the love of his life, and Darcy is tortured by the thought of Elizabeth returning Richard’s regard. At their betrothal dinner Darcy learns from his cousin that Elizabeth believes Darcy holds her in disdain and painfully realizes that she never had any tender regard for him. His heart is broken, his dreams severed, and all hope is lost…what is a desolate Darcy to do???

Oh! I do not want to give away any more of the plot because it is full of delicious turns and surprising twists that will leave you spellbound! Instead I will now expound upon how much I loved this emotionally turbulent variation! First of all, I thought the premise was brilliant! Here is some worthy and likable competition for Darcy! There is a good deal of plausibility in both Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam’s feelings towards each other – they have such ease with each other, there is companionship, affinity an affection on both sides, and their happiness looks and feels complete. This scenario presents a good challenge for the reader because we are supposed to be #TeamDarcy all the way! 😉

But what I especially loved most about this novel was the expressive prose – it’s emotionally wrought, powerful, and soul-gripping. Darcy’s anguish is tangible and there are so many passages where the reader can feel his unabated love, his awful guilt, and his abject despair. He finds himself constantly at war between his conscience and his heart – I enjoyed seeing him face such an internal struggle. It was all beautifully written and I immensely enjoyed how emotionally invested I felt. I cannot tell you how many times my body reacted to what I read…I felt my heart skip beats and accelerate in anticipation. I held my breath and felt tears begin to gather in my eyes numerous times. It held me completely enthralled!

Besides seeing a hopelessly devoted and fervently passionate Darcy, I enjoyed seeing a compassionate and strong Elizabeth. She is very much in the dark about Darcy’s feelings for her and she continuously is trying to sketch out his character…with very little success. I found her confusion about Darcy and feelings towards this complex man to be very believable. One minute he shows deep friendship, concern, and protectiveness, the next minute he is leaving town with all haste and impetuosity! I thoroughly enjoyed observing the progression and analyzation of Elizabeth’s thoughts, feelings and understanding throughout the course of the novel.

However, this variation may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you tend to shy away from angst-filled and heart-wrenching tales, this one (while it does of course end happily!) might have more anguish and tension than you’d like to experience. In addition, I also did notice that some proprieties and customs of the time period were disregarded and the occurrence of some unlikely situations which may bother some, but for me it detracted nothing – my mind was always “more agreeably engaged.”

Pride and Proposals is a captivating and consuming read! I loved the intense premise, skillful character development, and emotive prose Victoria Kincaid employed. I would absolutely love to read more from her in the future! I highly recommend this novel to readers looking for a sensational and impassioned variation of Pride and Prejudice!

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In conjunction with my review, I have ONE copy (paperbook or ebook – winner’s choice!) of Victoria Kincaid’s newly released novel, Pride and Proposals,  to give away to ONE lucky winner!

  Pride and Proposals

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To double your chances of winning, make sure you check out the tempting excerpt Victoria shared on Wednesday and leave a comment there!

  • This giveaway is open worldwide.  Thank you, Victoria!
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  69 Responses to “Pride and Proposals – Victoria Kincaid + GIVEAWAY!”


    I could sense your angst and emotion for Darcy so that I am so looking forward to reading this book! Breaking an engagement during the Regency Era was not done without consequences so how is it accomplished? I can easily visualize Darcy riding off just to escape being around Elizabeth. Of course she must have been confused. Thank you for the giveaway.


    This premise is intriquing. I read an excerpt from another site where Richard tells Darcy how much ELizabeth dislikes him and I just felt so bad for Darcy! I look forward to reading the entire book. Thnaks for the giveaway opportunity!


      Hi Theresa, I know, there is no good way to find out the woman you’re in love with dislikes you. I don’t know if it’s better for him to find out from Richard than when he proposes to Elizabeth. Either way it’s not good 🙁 However, I promise a happy ending! Good luck with the giveaway!


      Yes, it really does engage your sympathies to see Darcy’s reaction to that bit of news.


    OOh this sounds like another super variation. Thnks for the opportunity of a giveaway.


    This sounds wonderful but I do not know if I could take all the angst – I am Team Darcy through and through and although I like the Colonel very much I am not sure if I could a book where he is engaged to Elizabeth but then again I am very curious as to how the engagement ends and E & D end up together!!!!


      Hi Michelle, I love the Colonel too, but I am Team Darcy as well 🙂 I promise a happy ending for him. Good luck with the giveaway!


      I was curious about that too! 🙂 In between the angst is some lovely yearning and sweet scenes of friendship and hope. It isn’t too dark or too melancholy – just very impassioned and full of denied love.


    Now I really want to know how D&E are going to end up together! I hope the author doesn’t kill off the Colonel in war or something?! I’m absolutely on team Darcy, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Colonel Fitzwilliam!


    What a sensational review! I was sold on the book when you posted the excerpt a few days ago, but now reading your review, this will have to go to the top of my reading list!


    I appreciate that you didn’t reveal too much of the plot in your review, yet you still conveyed a good sense of what the book was like. It sounds really good!


    I am still in two minds – I read the excerpt and can’t believe that Elizabeth is engaged to the Colonel. I do like him but Elizabeth has to be with Darcy!! I believe that they do get together in the end but would love to know how that happens. I hope nothing bad happens to the Colonel but he really can’t have Elizabeth! Thank you for the giveaway.


    Lovely review Meredith! I love the angst (as long as there is a happy ending to look forward to)! As usual your review has me excited to read the book being reviewed. I can’t wait to read this one and will need to move it up my TBR list. Thanks for the giveaway!!!


    I read this and loved it although it did bring tears. If so lucky I would love a paperback copy for re-reading.


    Ohh sign me up! I admit.. I wanted Elizabeth and the colonel to give it a go…plus, u like watching Darcy fight for her!!


    Yes, I would love to win a book full of angst! As long as Darcy & Elizabeth end up together, I will go through nail-biting all nighters to get my JA fix:) Thanks.


    I don’t know. I read the book and really loved what I thought would be a lovely HEA. Really, enough is enough with Darcy already. He hems and haws, wondering if she is good enough for him. BushWah! There are thoughts about Darcy which I have which are unprintable here. Let him reap what he has sown.


    What a great review! I have this book on my wish list but have been hesitating because of the angst! I know there will be an HEA but getting there is the problem. I would love to win the paperback. Thank you for your generosity.


    Looks like an interesting twist to this story. I would love to read it! I have it added to my wish list.


    Love the cover! 🙂


    I am not sure how I will be able to face the pain in Colonel Fitzwilliam when Darcy and Elizabeth end together. He is such an adorable man!!


    I just don’t want the Colonel to be heartbroken


    Ah, I am so glad to hear it ends happily! This variation sounds so good, because it is totally believable that Elizabeth and the Colonel could have reached an agreement prior to Darcy finally giving in to his emotions. Oh, the angst! I can’t wait to pick this one up!


      Hi Nicole, Yes, it seemed very believable to me. Austen hints that there might be an attraction between E. and the Colonel, but he can’t act on it because of his lack of money. Good luck!


    Yes, with the assurance of a happy ending for Darcy and Elizabeth, I will add this book to my “to read” list. Always happy to suffer a little with them on the way to the grand finale. Plausible and interesting angle, I have wondered about it too during one of the re-reads of P&P.


    Well actually you had me at 5 stars. I loved the review. “Delicious turns and surprising twists”. I’ve always loved Colonel Fitzwilliam. Does he actually get the girl? Wow. I read the sample but I’d love to read the whole thing. It’s nice you are able to have a giveaway.


    I too have always loved Colonel Fitzwilliam and always felt Elizabeth had an immediate attraction to him, so to read this excerpt has me very curious to read the rest of the story. Thanks for the review and the giveaway. –Leslie


    Another great review Meredith! I love the roller coaster of emotions that a novel can provide. It definitely makes you more vested in the story line! Can’t wait to read it!


    This one is on my wish list so reading your review (as always) has me doubly intrigued. LOL


    Thanks for the great review. I will have to add this to my list!


    hope I’m not too late for this giveaway…..


    What a great review! I enjoy a book with twists and angst. … if it’s too smooth sailing it’s not engaging enough. Thanks for the give away opportunity too!


    I can’t wait for my copy to arrive!! I’m so eager to read this story! Excellent review, Meredith! 😉


    Great review. My heart was in my throat while reading this story. Having Kleenex handy is a must.

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