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Inspired by GraceIn Love with Your Best Friend

Rating: 4 out 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF NOVEL: Traditional Regency Romance

SETTING: London, 1818


  • Gavin Kingston, Duke of Hunstman: A former naval captain and a second son who never expected to step into his father’s role. Carefree and affable during his youth, Gavin has always had the misfortune to be a little bit clumsy.
  • Grace Ingrid Genevieve Iverson: As a child Grace was fearless and a little bit of tomboy. At the age of twenty-four she still remains unmarried and has traveled to London to see if she can make an eligible match.

  • Joining Gavin and Grace in this original story are Gavin’s sweet mother and his close friends – the quick-witted Mr. Silence and the compassionate Mr. Harrison, and many others


  • Have read everything Jeanna Ellsworth has published and have loved them all!
  • I love Traditional Regency Romances! These stories are about Jane Austen’s world and oftentimes in Jane Austen’s style but introduce readers to a whole slew of new characters!


  • A Tale of Long Lost Friends: Due to death, tragedy, and separation Gavin and Grace haven’t seen each other for ten years. Former childhood companions who lived on neighboring estates, Gavin and Grace shared more than laughs and pranks. At the young ages of fourteen and sixteen, words love and promises were just beginning to be spoken and made. And though separated and disconnected for a long period of time, Gavin and Grace both held onto precious memories of their past together. *sigh* I love it when friends become lovers!
  • Instantly Likable Characters: From page one I found myself drawn to these endearing and accessible characters! Gavin is adorable – he is protective, impetuous, and brave. He reminded me of Mr. Bingley as he seems to be a man of fast and impulsive action and not afraid to do a little flirting with the ladies, but at the same time he has doubt about himself and others, and must learn to overcome these doubts… And you cannot help but care for and admire Grace – she is strong, independent, and spirited. But because she has been hurt in the past, Grace has some serious walls built around her heart though and finds it hard to place her trust in others.
  • Wonderfully Balanced: Just the perfect amount of conflict, romance, drama, and action! I loved the various and unique obstacles Gavin and Grace had to traverse – avenging his father’s death, overcoming self-doubt and insecurities, and learning to let yourself trust in others and face the unknown future. In addition, there was a lovely inspirational message woven in, one that didn’t feel heavy or preachy. Overall, I found myself perfectly satisfied with all the balanced scenes of tension, contention, and sweet, tender devotion!


  • Sometimes Felt Disconnected: It’s a little hard for be to describe, but I sometimes felt disconnected to Gavin and Grace and their past (like something was missing). While their past together is outlined, described, and sometimes illustrated in flashbacks, what happens during their years apart is just briefly told to the reader. They both seem to have faced a lot of change during these years apart and carry some emotional baggage. I felt myself wanting to understand Grace’s feelings better and feel a stronger emotional connection to her sadness and loneliness.


Fans of clean Regency romances will be elated with Jeanna Ellsworth’s latest offering – Inspired by Grace! While you may not encounter Darcy and Elizabeth in this tale, you will be more than happy to meet the acquaintance of Gavin, Grace, Mr. Silence, Mr. Harrison, and others! As with all Ms. Ellsworth’s stories, Inspired by Grace is full of meaning, inspiration, and heart, and I for one dearly hope she continues to gift us with many more traditional Regency romances!

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In conjunction with my review and interview with Jeanna Ellsworth (read it HERE!) Jeanna has generously offered ONE copy of her new book, Inspired By Grace for me to give away to ONE lucky winner! (Paperback for US, Ebook for International)

Inspired by Grace

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  23 Responses to “Inspired by Grace – Jeanna Ellsworth”


    Thank you for your review. I, too, have enjoyed her previous books and look forward to reading this one. I, too, like Regency era books and at times it is hard not to read about Darcy and Elizabeth. It is always good to meet new characters. Thank you for the giveaway.


    A fantastic review, Meredith, that has me adding this title to my ‘to read’ list! I too like stories where friends become lovers–so much so that I find myself plotting stories with this premise : )


      Thank you, Ginger! 🙂 I love the premise too! Poor Gavin and Grace were so unsure of the other’s feelings – they kept doubting and jumping to the wrong conclusion!


    I have enjoyed her other stories, and this one sounds great! I like your balanced review. Every book has strengths and weaknesses, and a good review tries to give a potential reader a complete picture of the story. Thanks for the giveaway!


    Thanks for your take on this book. I too, have enjoyed Ms. Ellsworth’s previous work and have been waiting for the release of Inspired by Grace.


    Great review Meredith! I will make sure to read this one. Thanks for the giveaway!


    Loved her previous works….enjoyed your review…always looking for more books in my TBR pile 🙂
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway…


    Beautiful review! Jeanna’s stories are always so sweet and touching! Can’t wait to read this one! Thanks for the chance to win a copy. I’m international. 🙂


    Great review. Can not wait to read. The thanks for the giveaway.


    I too enjoyed reading this book. Her daughter on the cover is so lovely.


    Great review Meredith! As much as I love reading JAFF it is nice to read Regency novels with all original characters. I have enjoyed the author’s previous novels so I will be adding this to my TBR list 🙂


      Thanks, Shannon! I love Jane Austen’s characters, but I also love her world. It is refreshing sometimes to meet new characters but still remain in the world where we are very familiar!


    I’ve never read any Regency romance books besides P&P variations, sequels, etc… I enjoyed reading her other books and look forward to reading this one too!


    Great review! Jeanna is a new-to-me author. INSPIRED BY GRACE sounds amazing. Thanks for being a stop on the blog tour. 🙂

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