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No Cause to RepineWhat If Mr. Darcy Fell into a Compromising Position?!?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author


SETTING: March 1812 during Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s simultaneous visits to Kent

MAIN CHARACTERS: Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Lady Catherine, Mr. Bennet, George Wickham, Georgiana Darcy


  • I enjoyed Letters from the Heart, a charming novella variation by Rose Fairbanks and wanted to see what she would do with a full-length novel.
  • I love premises that explore compromising situations and forced marriages!
  • It seems like Lady Catherine plays a prominent role in this variation, I always love to see what mischief and schemes she gets into!


  • A Compelling Premise: Oh yesssss! Another compromising situation and forced marriage! Can we ever have too many of them? (Answer: no, definitely not!) And this scenario takes an interesting twist as Darcy and Elizabeth are somewhat forestalled in proceeding with their forced marriage by other – well for lack of a better word – forces! Not everyone believes that Elizabeth’s reputation is tarnished and some try to exert their control in this situation…
  • Darcy is All the Things: He’s perceptive, passionate, and extremely honorable – just everything you could possibly love about him. (Don’t worry, he still has flaws!) In this variation he shows a lot of intuition and quickly perceives Elizabeth’s unfavorable feelings for him and how she formed such a negative impression of his character. But at the same time, he is a man ardently in love and to see his vulnerability for Elizabeth and his need for her willing affection made my heart melt! I also loved seeing Darcy come to feel remorse for Elizabeth for being trapped into this situation and seeing him compare his reserved nature with Jane Bennet’s…very insightful!
  • Lizzy Falling in Love: After seeing Darcy come to her defense to his most infuriated and intimidating relation, Elizabeth immediately senses she gravely misunderstood Darcy’s character. She softens her opinions and gives him the benefit of the doubt in regards to Wickham, but she doesn’t immediately fall in love. I loved seeing the moments where she analyzes her feelings and questions what love is. In addition, I also loved seeing her defend Darcy, protect his feelings, and show in little ways that she was beginning to care for him. *sigh*
  • The History of Lady Catherine: I love it when an author reveals something we don’t know about Jane Austen’s characters. In this variation we learn about Lady Catherine’s past, and with this history her behavior and strong desire for Darcy and Anne to marry becomes a bit more understandable. What drove Lady Catherine to such lengths is a circumstance not too uncommon for the this period, but one we frequently don’t see in Austenesque novels.


  • Waiting on Wickham: Of course Wickham is up to no good. That’s no surprise! (Although, it was quite a fun surprise to learn who he is in cohorts with!) But it sort’ve felt like we were waiting a long time for his nefarious schemes and actions to take place. And when there was a plan to stop Wickham, it involved more waiting and putting someone in a potentially dangerous circumstance. It just left me wondering if Darcy would really allow something like that to happen…


No Cause to Repine is a splendidly romantic and enjoyable tale! I greatly enjoyed how Ms. Fairbanks invented such a thoughtful premise and developed such perceptive characters! I definitely recommend this variation to readers who enjoy seeing Darcy and Elizabeth in forced situations and love witnessing a gradual growth of consideration, understanding, and love.

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  13 Responses to “No Cause to Repine – Rose Fairbanks”


    A beautiful review for a beautiful story! Thanks, Meredith!


    Definitely on board with more compromised and must marry scenarios. I’m intrigued by the differences and fresh storylines you noted. Nice review!


      🙂 Me too! I’ve read two in a row this month and love all the possibilities this kind of story-line holds. 🙂 I loved seeing Lady Catherine’s part in this story!


    I, also, like stories in which ODC are forced to marry. This will be added to my Wish List…I will never see the bottom of that pile but it gives me a goal! Good review.


    I don’t liked marriage as it is real issue for women and girls in many countries.

    But the story here is interesting, it interesting to see understanding by herself the lies of Wickham.
    I guess because we all live lizzie\Darcy,we,fans are ready to Read anything ( not offensing)


      I can understand that, Mariam! In real life forced marriages are a lot scarier and sadder. I think what I like most about these situations is it puts Darcy and Elizabeth a little out of their element. They can’t retreat and pretend nothing has happened, and usually after spending just a little more time together their eyes are opened about each other in a new way. That’s the part of the story I like most.


    I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Meredith! I won this book and can’t wait to read it!! Now, here’s a difficult question: should I follow my reading schedule or not!? Hahaha! I guess I’ll just add Rose’s book to my list for July! 🙂
    PS: My next book is Whispered Kisses by Sarah Johnson. 😉


      Ooh! Congrats on your win, Maria! 🙂 LOL! That’s the problem with reading schedules…but no one said they can’t be altered! I think Whispered Kisses sounds like an enchanting title, looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


    Thanks for such a detailed review, Meredith! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! Maybe it’s because I’m a mother now, but I admit that I enjoy wondering more about Lady Catherine and even Mrs. Bennet now more than I ever did in years past! I love forced marriage situations because I think once you are living with a person and see them every day, that’s when you *really* get to know them. Although, that’s truer for my next forced marriage scenario than this one. You can tell I’ve been editing! Thanks again for reviewing and hosting me!


      🙂 Thank you for sharing such a lovely story with us! I love that you focused on Lady Catherine…and it may be weird to say this…but I would totally read a story that focuses on Mrs. Bennet!

      Very happy to have you visit!! 🙂


    I really, really enjoyed reading this book – both times. Rose tends to write a Lizzy that is extremely “human” – warts and all. I find I relate well to her character as I tend to over-analyze events. So, she makes it easy for me to step inside her stories and feel like I’m a part. Absolutely terrific review, Meredith.

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