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~ 2014 (Novels Published as eBooks Only) ~

*The titles that have highlighted links are the ones I have read and reviewed on this blog

**This list is in alphabetical order based on the author’s last name


– Mr. Darcy’s House Party by Elizabeth Aston  © 2014  S  N

– Mr. Darcy’s Masquerade by Elizabeth Aston  © 2014  S  N

– Threat of Scandal: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Ayr Bray © 2014  V  N

– Lydia Bennet’s Disgrace by Julie M. Bronson © 2014  V  N

– Finding Mr. Darcy: Highschool Edition by Erin Butler  © 2014  M  YA

– Connections with Pemberley by Jenny Caplebeck  © 2014  S

– Elizabeth Darcy of Pemberley by Maggi J. Coxon  © 2014  S  E  N

– A Tender Moment:  A Darcy and Elizabeth Short Story by P. O. Dixon © 2014  SS  V

– A Universal Truth: Compendium Edition by Sarah Bevan Fischer  © 2014  M

– Darcy and Elizabeth: A Time to Love by Marilyn Harper  © 2014  N  V

– Who Murdered Mr. Wickham: Romance and Mystery at Netherfield by Carol Hutchens  © 2014  S  MY

– My Courtship with Mr. Darcy by Lauren King  © 2014  V

– Pemberley Roses by Joann Louise © 2014  N  V

– Darcy’s Resolve: Only Elizabeth Will Do by Joann Louise © 2014  N  V

– Elizabeth Bennet’s Wedding Night (The Bennet Brides #1) by Kerrie May  © 2014  SS  MA  S

– Georgiana’s Folly (The Wickham Coin Book 1) by Renata McMann © 2014  V  N

– Elizabeth’s Plight (The Wickham Coin Book 2) by Renata McMann © 2014  V  N

– Three Daughters Married by Renata McMann  © 2014  V  SS

– Elizabeth’s Song: A Story of Darcy and Elizabeth by Don Miller © 2014  V

– Georgiana’s Project: A Tale of Darcy and Elizabeth by Don Miller  © 2014  V

– The Resolute Suitor by Don Miller © 2014  V

– The Darcy Madness by S.J. Nixon © 2014  V  MA  P

– Mrs. Darcy’s Diamonds (Jane Austen Jewel Box Novella) by Jane Odiwe  © 2014  S  N

– Miss Jane Darcy of Pemberley by Kyron Pennie  © 2014  S  N

– Miss Elizabeth Bingley of Tillbrook Manor by Kyron Pennie © 2014  S  N

– Charlotte’s Wedding (21st Century Jane Austen Novels) by Mary Rizza  © 2014  M

– Kitty Bennet’s Despair (Mrs. Darcy Entertains Book 4) by Wendy Soliman © 2014  S  MC

– Lydia Wickham’s Journal (Mrs. Darcy Entertains Book 5) by Wendy Soliman © 2014  S  MC

– Becoming Mary Bennet:  A Pride and Prejudice Sequel by Amy Street © 2014  S  MC

– Miss Catherine Bennet by Kay Tee © 2014  S  MC

– Pride and Prejudice: The Women Of Longbourn by Gianna Thomas © 2014  SS  V

– Fidelity and Affection by Yve Turner © 2014  S

– Pride and Prejudice and Passion (volumes 1-3) by Emily Wendling © 2014  SS  S

– Pride and Prejudice and Punishment (volumes 1-5) by Emily Wendling © 2014  SS  V  MA

– August in Derbyshire by Ola Wegner © 2014  V  N

– By Consequence of Marriage (The Marriage of Moralities Book 1) by Elizabeth Ann West  © 2014  V

– Miss Bennet Blooms: A Pride and Prejudice Novella by Reina M. Williams  © 2014  N  MC  S

– Misunderstood: A Pride and Prejudice Novella by Reina M. Williams © 2014  N  MC  S


V – Variation
S – Sequel
MC – Minor Character
MA – Mature Audience
M – Modern Adaptation
N – Novella
E – Epistolary Novel
SS – Short Story
YA – Young Adult
MY – Mystery
P – Paranormal


Just like in 2013, the amount of Pride and Prejudice inspired Austenesque novels published in 2014 is so enormous, I need to split the list three ways!

So today’s list is the third and final list for Pride and Prejudice novels in 2014!  If you are wondering why a Pride and Prejudice inspired novel that was published in 2014 isn’t on this list, chances are it is on one of the other two.  If there is a novel you know belongs on this list (has to be published in ebook only) and you don’t see it, let me know!  With so many novels coming out weekly, it is hard to remember or find them all!


If you want to see more lists, go HERE.

Of the novels I haven’t read, which do you recommend? 

There are 39 novels in this list, how many have you read?

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  8 Responses to “A Comprehensive Guide to Austenesque Novels – Pride and Prejudice 2014 (Part 3)”


    These lists are great, Meredith! Thanks for compiling them!


    Again, thank you for your lists. Absolutely overwhelmed. Can’t even think about reading all those published in one year much less all the JAFF published. Thank goodness for recommendations from you and friends.


      It maybe was possible to do that before 2009-2010 when the amount a novels published each year started to double and triple! 🙂 Yes, recommendations are very important, for sure!


    Your lists are so helpful! I’ve only read 1 of these! But in the spirit of being helpful, I can tell readers that The Darcy Madness by S.J. Nixon is paranormal, and MA-rated.

    If anyone wants my subjective thoughts about The Darcy Madness: It’s a unique premise and a good story overall, but has a lot of unnecessary repetition.


      Thank you, K.C.! I appreciate the kind words and the helpful notes about The Darcy Madness. It is sometimes hard to know a book is MA unless I either read it myself or it is mentioned in the description. I appreciate you letting us know!


    I can’t really give any suggestions since I’ve not read any and only own one. Wow! I have a lot I can choose from.

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