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The Secret of Pembrooke ParkA Mysterious House Full of Secrets!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy form Publisher

TYPE OF NOVEL: Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Gothic Suspense, Inspirational Fiction (lite)

SETTING: 1817, Pembrooke Park, Berkshire, England


  • Mr. and Mrs. Foster and their two daughters – Abigail (23) and Louisa (19)
  • Kate and Mac Chapman and their four children – Leah (28), William (24), Jacob (15), and Kitty (12)
  • Miles Pembrooke
  • Gilbert Scott


Due to a bad investment, the Foster family is forced to retrench and sell their London town-home. By chance they are offered an opportunity to lease an abandoned manor house from one of their distant relations on some very generous and convenient terms. The ever-practical and responsible daughter, Abigail, offers to set up the new home with her father, while her sister and mother enjoy one more season in London. At Pembrooke Park Abigail finds the house embroiled with secrets from the past…What happened to the original owners? Why was Pembrooke Park left abandoned for 18 years? Is there indeed treasure hidden somewhere in the house? Abigail Foster is desperate to learn the answers to these questions…


  • I love Julie Klassen novels! I’ve now read 6 titles* by Julie Klassen!
  • As a fan of Jane Austen, Julie Klassen always includes plenty of allusions and echoes to Jane Austen in her novels, and I love spotting them! This novel had nods to both Northanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility.


  • Abigail Foster: I adored our heroine! She has the dependableness of Elinor Dashwood, the compassionate heart of Anne Elliot, and the insatiable curiosity of Catherine Moreland. Her selflessness, gentleness, modesty, and sharp mind make her truly an admirable and praiseworthy heroine. I loved witnessing Abigail discover her own self-worth and seeing others recognize and appreciate her value (like Anne Elliot, she is often forgotten, pushed over, and under-appreciated.)
  • Family and Friendships: In this tale we learn a lot about family history and relationships – ones that are inspiring and ones that are heart-wrenchingly sad. There was a touching message intertwined in this plot about families and how we should treasure our loved ones. Moreover, the making of friends (both public and private) seemed to be a highlighted theme. I greatly enjoyed witnessing several characters make overtures of friendship throughout the book, especially the one we learn about in the end!
  • Mysteries, Secrets, and Intrigue: Oh! The Pembrooke family is so mysterious and puzzling! And everyone is so tight-lipped about them! How frustrating! 😉 (Just kidding!) As is her usual style, Julie Klassen loves to leave readers guessing and doesn’t reveal all until the very end! I loved the many family secrets in this story, I had a suspicion or two, but more often than not, I was completely surprised by the unpredictable twists and turns. This story has double the mystery, double the secrets, and double the intrigue for sure!
  • Beautifully Blended and Balanced: There are so many components combined in these novels by Julie Klassen – well-researched histories full of facts about the time period, a tender-hearted romance, a bit of mystery and intrigue, and an inspiring faith-filled message. All of these components are interwoven very seamlessly and naturally – without anything feeling disjointed or overpowering.
  • Old Flames: I loved the budding relationship between Abigail and William (he was such a likable and earnest character), but I also loved how they both have prior love interests – Abigail’s childhood friend, Gilbert Scott and the girl who previously broke William’s heart, Rebekah. Learning about these past relationships and seeing these love interests return again to the forefront definitely enhanced the tension a little in this romance! I loved it!


  • *cricket chirp* *cricket chirp* Nothing! 🙂


In another arrestingly beautiful tale, Julie Klassen takes readers to an abandoned yet picturesque English manor filled with history and mystery. The Secret of Pembrooke Park is a stellar and magnetizing read, and I am all eager anticipation for the next two novels Julie Klassen plans to publish later this year – Lady Maybe and The Painter’s Daughter! Happy thought, indeed!

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*The Dancing Master    The Silent Governess    The Tutor’s Daughter    The Apothecary’s Daughter    The Maid at Fairbourne Hall



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To enter the giveaway contest, simply leave a comment below sharing which of Julie Klassen’s books is your favorite, or which book of hers do you most want to read!  I think my two top favorites areThe Silent Governess and The Secret of Pembrooke Park!

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  102 Responses to “The Secret of Pembrooke Park – Julie Klassen”


    I cannot wait to read this book, as well as Lady Maybe and The Painter’s Daughter when they release!


    Loved the book and the blog tour!


    A stunning read – and totally agree on the increased tension with the old flames reappearing!
    Lovely post, Meredith – a pleasure to read – TY!


    I have only read one of her novels, not that I don’t like her…just too many good books to read. So this will go on my wish list (It sounds delicious.) and I will hope to be a lucky winner. If not, I will definitely buy and read this in the future. Good review, as always, Meredith.


    TY for the fabulous review! I can’t wait to read The Secret of Pembrooke Park.


    I think I has read all of her books and The Apothecary’s Daughter I think is my favorite. I am so looking forward to Lady Maybe and The Painter’s Daughter.


    I’ve only read two so far and they were fun but I have a feeling this one will become my favorite. 😉


    I love books that are by Julie Klassen, and I can not wait until her next book comes out!


    Thank you for the wonderful review–so glad you enjoyed the new book!


    I love all of Julie Klassen’s books, and I cannot wait to read Lady Maybe!


    I really like the format of your review! 🙂 It’s different, unique, and nice to read!

    ~Amada (pronounced: a.m.a.th.a)


    Awesome! Love this site and love the book!! I also enjoyed the pinterest page you put up for us!!


    Loved the book 🙂


    The Girl in the Gatehouse is my fav but that may be only because I read it first.


    Hi Meredith! What a great review 🙂 I loved the message about treasuring your family too. It *may* have made me shed a tear or two!


    I love The Silent Governess, probably because it’s the first one I read. But it won’t be the last!


    The Silent Governess is the only one I’ve read. I have the Apothecary’s Daughter, but have not read it yet. The rest are on my wish list. I am really loving Ms. Klassen’s books and have her on my short list of favorites to keep an eye out for. I’ll have to add the new books to my list! Thanks for the lovely giveaways as always!


      I feel like I need to clarify that I’m about 2/3 through Apothecary’s Daughter…I felt like I just fibbed. LOL I guess I should say “I have not finished it yet.” LOL


      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about The Apothecary’s Daughter. LOL! I thought all we learned about medicine and medical treatments at that time was fascinating!


    This is one on my Wish ListCan’t wait
    . and Wat to Read


    I am so looking forward to Julie’s upcoming books! I loved reading The Secret of Pembrooke Park!


    This was the first Julie Klassen book I’ve read and it struck a lot of good chords with me too. Now I need to hit her back list.


    I have not read any of these books yet because I have just recently heard about them but I would Dearly Love to do so, I love this kind of writing and English stories, the
    Secret of Pembrooke Hall looks soooo very intreaging to me I can’t wait to read it


    Can’t wait to read this one. All of her others are so good!


    What a great review! I am excited to read Julie Klassen’s other books and I am excited for her two new ones.


    I really liked The Tutor’s Daughter. I’m looking forward to The Secret of Pembrooke Park.


    This is definitely on my to-read list.


    I haven’t read anything by Julie yet but I
    can see I need to remedy that very soon. I have The Apothecary’s Daughter, The Tutor’s Daughter and The Girl in the Gatehouse so far on my kindle. Just have to choose which to read first!


    Like you, I am already looking forward to Lady Maybe and The Painter’s Daughter. Those two will make ten published novels for Julie. So happy and excited for her!



    nice review

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com


    Can’t wait to read this!


    Love that description “arrestingly beautiful”. Certainly apt for all of Julie’s books that I’ve read! 🙂


    Hi Meredith!
    Although I can´t participate, I just wanted to say that this novel seems so exciting!. Mysterious houses always provide novels with a lot of intrigue. I have to put “Pembrooke Park” in my wishlist 😉
    Thanks Meredith for introducing me into Julie Klassen´s novels!


      It is, Teresa! I love all the houses and places we travel to in Julie’s books. I’d love to visit all these places in person if I could. I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying these novels as much as I am! Glad I didn’t steer you wrong! 🙂


    Spotlight on The Secret of Pembrooke Park today at FHC ! Excited 🙂
    I’ve included a video tour of Great Chalfield Manor + ChurchJulie’s inspiration estate ..


    Thank you for sharing your review with us, Meredith! I’ve read just about all of Julie’s books(except for the last one which I seem to have mislaid, along with a few other various books on my shelf). :\ I am so looking forward to reading The Secret of Pembrooke Park, as well as Lady Maybe and The Painter’s Daughter! ~ Blessings, Juli


    So glad you loved this book. I’m a big Julie Klassen fan, too!


    My favorite is The Silent Governess and I am most looking forward to The Secret of Pembroke Park.

    rdewey17 (at)yahoo(dot)com


    My first Julie Klassen book was “The Apothecary’s Daughter” & that drew me into the rest! I think my two favorites are the one mentioned here & “Lady of Milkweed Manor”. I’ve only read 5 of her books, but would love to read every one of hers! “The Dancing Master” is next on my list.
    Thank you for hosting this great giveaway on your blog! I am a huge Julie Klassen fan so this tour is just fantastic! Would love to see all of these in the giveaway sitting on my shelf, thank you for the chance to win!
    teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com


      Hi Trixi! Thanks for checking out my review! So happy to hear you are enjoying the tour! 🙂 The Dancing Master was a lot of fun. I have Lady of Milkweed Manor on my tbr list. Need to read it soon! Good lucky in the giveaway!


    Thanks again for participating in the blog tour. I enjoyed the format and information shared in this post. Thanks. Looking forward to Julie Klassen’s other books coming out later this year!!!


    Always looking for new titles and authors, these sound delightful..going on my TBR list..


    Wonderful review, Meredith! Looking forward to reading this! And now I’ve GOT to go to Great Chalfield Manor! Roll on April!


    Are you kidding me you already read it?! Wow. Loved your review. Since I have not read pembrooke yet I’ll have to say silent governess is my favorite. I’ll have to reread the others to see if I’ve changed my mind.


      LOL! I know, right? I’m catching up. Thank you so much, Suzan! The Silent Governess seems to be the favorite of many. 🙂 I think my favorite might change over time, they all are wonderful!


    I loved this book!! Thanks for your review!


    I’ve read all her books and love them! Can’t wait to read this one!


    thanks for posting about julie’s newest book. love the cover

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com


    I love Julie Klassen’s books and look forward to reading this one! 🙂


    This review gives me even more enthusiasm to read the book!


    Wow, Meredith. Five starts and nothing you disliked!!! I enjoy Julie Kassen’s book as well. I discovered, “The Silent Governess” by accident. I’ve enjoyed two other of her books and look forward to reading this one, as well as all the others she’s written. What a great story teller, and is meticulous as to details of the period.


    I’d love to read Julie Klassen’s new book 🙂


    Always a fan of Julie’s books – can’t wait to read it! truckredford(at)gmail(dot)com


    This is another great review – I have been reading the various reviews around the blog tour — I can’t wait to read the book and I am sure it will live up to the other great novels written by Julie Klassen – my favorite so far is The Apothecary’s Daughter.


    I Love this book! have read 4 of her books! I am looking forward to reading the others!

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