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Letters from the HeartYou’ve Got Mail!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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What if Darcy, after spending two miserable weeks in London trying to forget Elizabeth Bennet, decides he needs a stern reminder of why he should not pursue Elizabeth and ask for her hand in marriage? What if Darcy wrote all his conflicting thoughts about Elizabeth Bennet down in a letter – expressing both his ardent love and his determined resolve that they can never be together?

What if Elizabeth, troubled by many hours of disquiet and disappointment over Mr. Darcy, decided to work her feelings about him out on paper? What if, while putting order to her thoughts, she discovered that the reason she reacted so strongly to him was because she had latent feelings for him that she was try to hide?

What if both of these letter writers, because they were either slightly intoxicated or not fully alert, accidentally sealed and addressed these letters that were meant for their eyes only? What if these letters were picked up and sent in the post??? You’ve…Got…Mail… πŸ™‚

(Oh dear! They really got themselves into a tricky predicament now!)

This variation was a lot of fun to explore! I love letters and letter-writing and I think it was lovely to see letters (inadvertent and not) featured in this novella. I love how both Elizabeth and Darcy found freedom and honesty when they put their thoughts on paper. In addition, I liked how these letters were instruments that revealed Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s true hearts to each other, and how both were able to make discoveries and realizations from reading these letters. I especially liked Elizabeth’s revelations, her thorough introspection, and self-discovery. Β Very perceptive.

Filled with quick decisions and actions, this novella goes along a fast pace, keeping readers engaged and unsure of what to expect next! I enjoyed how some plot twists caught me completely by surprise! One of my favorite aspects of the story was seeing how these letters and the proceeding developments impacted Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Yes, Mr. Bennet is pushed into action and for once isn’t so negligent and indolent! It was wonderful to learn more about their past and understand why their marriage seems so unhappy. I thought this story-line was believable, well-written, heartwarming to witness.

However, one aspect of the story I wasn’t too fond of was Lydia’s story-line. With such a fast-paced tale that contains a good amount of story and character development in a short period of time, I felt her story-line at the end (while pleasing to witness) to be a little detracting. This may be just me, though. I was more interested in seeing sweet scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth, Jane and Bingley, and Mr. and Mrs. Bennet than I was seeing Lydia obtaining some maturity and understanding. πŸ˜‰

Charmingly heartfelt, this Pride and Prejudice novella variation is a sweet romance about Darcy and Elizabeth learning to listen to and obey their hearts. Letters from the Heart is perfect for readers looking for something light, unique, and entertaining to read!

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  24 Responses to “Letters from the Heart – Rose Fairbanks”


    Oh Meredith, this sounds wonderful. Another book to add on the TBR list which is forever growing. By the way, crocheting my Mum a shawl for Mother’s Day. Will email you a picture when it is finished!


      Yes, please do email a pic! I’ve never attempted a shawl! This was such a lovely read, probably the type that you could read in one-sitting, but I didn’t have that luxury and I’m not the fastest of readers. πŸ™‚


    This is already on my Amazon wish list waiting for the next round of buying books


    Another delightful sounding read and great review, Meredith!


    Great review for a lovely book! Thanks, Meredith and Rose!


    I was lucky enough to win an ebook of this late last year. Like Meredith, I love stories told in letters, evern if only in part. Her review really says it all. The only thing I’ll add is that I really like the way Rose writes the letters between Darcy and Elizabeth and also the dialogue between them, not just in this tale but in all of her other works that I’ve read.


    I agree with Anji. The dialogue and letters between our dear couple are well done. This is a lovely story and I haunt Rose’s blog looking for new posts and works-in-progress. Such a talented girl!


    Definitely a big oopsie, but makes for a fun storyline idea. Glad it was a good one!


    Thanks for such a good review! I’m glad you liked it so much, Meredith! And thanks for all the other support and kind words from each person here. What a happy Monday for me!


    This sounds like a sweet variation, definitely adding it to my tbr!


    I can’t wait to get to this one!! It will be my next read, probably I’ll start it tomorrow. Beautiful review, Meredith! πŸ™‚ Too bad it’s almost midnight here, otherwise I would have picked it up immediately!


      Oh thank you, Maria! I hope you have a pleasant time reading this one! πŸ™‚ If only we had more hours in a day, I’d definitely spend them reading more! I just finished Jane Austen Cover to Cover, should have my review up on Friday. πŸ™‚


        You’re very welcome! πŸ™‚ And thank you! I’ve read just a few pages and it seems lovely.
        Oh, I know, I would definitely need more than 24 hours!! Can’t wait to read your next review, that books is already on my list! πŸ˜›


    Just finished reading this novella on my Kindle! Yes–I actually go it to download! So very proud of myself. I won it here on your blog. Thank you again, Rose.
    I found it a fun read. I loved how our favorite couples continued to muddy the water and confuse themselves, but it all came together in the end. Be still my heart!!


    I really enjoyed this one! This is the first chance I’ve had to see your review, and I agree with you in so many ways. This was truly a fun read with minimal angst, which is appreciated! LOL Now on to my other TBR by Ms. Fairbanks!

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