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Mr. Darcy's ChallengeDarcy is on a Mission to Save the Bennets

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: Book 2 begins just after Elizabeth and the Gardiners hastily depart for Longbourn

RECOMMENDATION: Read Mr. Darcy’s Pledge before reading Mr. Darcy’s Challenge

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Georgiana Darcy, Mr. Bennet, Mrs. Bennet, Charles Bingley, Caroline Bingley, George Wickham, Mrs. Fortin

SYNOPSIS: Just when Darcy feels Elizabeth’s opinion of him is about to change for the better, she unexpectedly departs from Pemberley with the Gardiners. And when he finds out why they left, Darcy leaves for Longbourn straight away, determined to save the Bennet family and deliver the carefully planned proposal he has been practicing to his dearest, loveliest Elizabeth. But what Darcy doesn’t anticipate, is another refusal! What will he do now?!?


  • Pride and Prejudice On Its Ear: Ohhh! I love how nothing is going according to plan in this variation! Darcy almost immediately proposes again (ack! too soon Darcy!), Elizabeth refuses him again, and everyone goes on a wild-goose chase to find Lydia, who isn’t where she is suppose to be! With everything being backwards and off-course this variation was an enthralling adventure. I loved the premise and found myself riveted to this mad-cap and unpredictable journey.
  • Darcy’s Point-of-View: I always love getting inside Darcy’s head and Monica Fairview does a marvelous job of portraying a very intensely emotive and reflective Darcy. Poor, poor Darcy! He is challenged, dejected, and paying a high price for his past mistakes. I greatly enjoyed seeing Darcy’s development and personal growth in this variation, he learns a lot about himself, Elizabeth, and marriage. And I especially loved seeing his emotional turmoil over his feelings for Elizabeth. *swoon*
  • Georgiana, Caroline, and Bingley: I loved seeing these characters developed more in this series. Georgiana is her brother’s confidant and often helps him sort his feelings and ideas out. I love that she comes to his rescue and didn’t always listen to Mrs. Annesley. I also liked witnessing Caroline’s friendship with Georgiana, and seeing her portrayed in a kinder light, (I think Ms. Fairview has a soft spot for dear Caro). And I greatly enjoyed seeing Bingley claim his piece of the action, and get frustrated with Darcy for not letting him share in the heroic deeds! (Attaboy, Bingley!)
  • Miss Marshall, Mrs. Fortin, and Briggs: Monica Fairview created a fabulous crew of original characters with this series! I enjoyed seeing two new females introduced as possible candidates for Mr. Darcy’s hand in marriage. Both characters were well-drawn, fresh, and effectively stirred up some drama. In addition, I adored Briggs, Mr. Darcy’s valet, for his impertinence and atypical easy-rapport and ribbing with Mr. Darcy. πŸ™‚


  • What is Elizabeth Thinking?: While seeing everything from Darcy’s perspective is wonderful, it does leave us wondering how and when Elizabeth’s change of heart occurs. I would have loved to learn more about what Elizabeth felt and thought…but I’m thinking this might be coming in The Darcy Novels #3 though. πŸ™‚
  • Connecting Links: In some ways I sort of felt Mr. Darcy’s Pledge and Mr. Darcy’s Challenge were a little disjointed from each other. There were some story-lines from Mr. Darcy’s Pledge that I would have liked to see more of in Mr. Darcy’s Challenge, like the Matlocks and Miss Marshall. But again, perhaps we will see more of these characters in The Darcy Novels #3!


Full of chaos, turbulent emotions, and drama Mr. Darcy’s Challenge by Monica Fairview is a most diverting read! Like all of Monica Fairview’s stories, this tale was written with a lot of originality, heart, and wit – I can’t wait to read the next installment of The Darcy Novels!

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  33 Responses to “Mr. Darcy’s Challenge (The Darcy Novels #2) – Monica Fairview”


    I haven’t read this one yet but hopefully I will soon. I’m glad to hear there is a book 3 as well! πŸ™‚


    Thank you for a lovely review, Meredith. I always feel you know what’s going on in my mind when I’m writing. Yes, yes, yes, we’ll be having Lizzy’s viewpoint in The Darcy Novels#3 and characters from #1 will be crowding the pages!


      My pleasure, Monica! LOL! I’m very excited to see more from Lizzy’s point-of-view! Loved your new characters so much, can’t wait to see what becomes of them!


    Great review, Meredith. I loved meeting Mrs. Fortin and I loved to despise Miss Marshall. It was a great story with a magnificent cover. I can’t wait to see what Monica has up her sleeve for book #3. I am excited for Darcy and Elizabeth’s happily ever after. Congrats, Monica, on a job well done.


    I’m still in the first book…


    I love this review and I was looking forward to what you would have to say. I am postponing my reading until I can binge read the entire series. LOL I don’t handle the wait between books very well…sort of like a 3 year old ready to go. O:-)


    So looking forward to reading this second book! It sounds very angst-ridden though. It’s on my wishlist at the moment but should move to my TBR list soon! In the meantime, I will re-read ‘Mr. Darcy’s Pledge’ so I am up to speed again! Here’s hoping there is a 4th book!!


      There is a small amount of angst. πŸ˜‰ But nothing that will make you fret too much! Good idea about rereading Mr. Darcy’s Pledge. I definitely recommend that!


    I have read both of these first two in the series and am awaiting the completion. I think I also commented that it was obvious that some part of the tale needed completion. Both covers are gorgeous, although I have a kindle so don’t get to enjoy that when I read or re-read these stories. I did enjoy both books.


    Two refusals, this is quie unusual, I never imagined this. Yet this is thrilling!! I also like that Mrs Fairview created her own characters which gives to the novel credibility (though even without it variations works greatly!). I may have to put in on my list of novels to read .D
    Meredith I may I have forgotten to mention this before but I like how you organize your article, especially the “what you like /didn’t like” detailed, it helps to choose a novel.


      Yes, it is an unusual premise! I think you would enjoy this series, Mariam! It is unexpected and original. I’m glad you like the review format. Sometimes I think it fits better to be short and succinct with my thoughts.


    I confess that I thought this was the last book in the series when I read it so I had a different mindset as I was reading the story, but knowing there is more has me very eager to see where things go.

    I really loved the Georgiana in this series and oh yes, Caroline really cracks me up. Nice review, Meredith.


      I can understand how thinking that may change your opinion of the story. Seeing Georgiana more involved was definitely fun to witness, I loved it when she used some cant phrases! Totally through Darcy for a loop with that!


    I would love to read this. I’m thinking I may have to wait until the 3rd one is out also.


    just finished reading it (and rereading the first one) and enjoyed them both


    I’m glad to see you enjoyed this one, too. I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment! πŸ™‚


    Great review, Meredith, as always!
    Monica, I’m looking forward to reading the 2nd volume in this series. It’s fun when writers create new characters that “blend” in with the story. I’m glad you have a little soft spot for Caroline. She needs a good slap, and then “Wake up and smell the coffee!” I’m also glad that the points of view of other characters will be explored as your series continues.

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