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Foundation of LoveProphetic Images Link the Past and Future for Two Couples

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Modern-day Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Fantasy

TIME FRAME: Modern-day over the course of 3-4 years

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Bennett, William Darcy, Richard Fitzwilliam, Jane Bennett, Georgiana Darcy, George Wickham, Anne de Bourgh, Charles Bingley, Dan King

SYNOPSIS: Strange things happen when Elizabeth finds a 200-year-old letter addressed to her from a possible ancestor who bears the same name as her. At random and unpredictable times images that foretell the future are mysteriously being sent to her phone. Not readily believing in magic and gypsy blessings, Elizabeth tries to rationalize the images as some sort of prank and searches for a reasonable explanation. But when the image of one of her roommates in trouble proves true, she then realizes the gypsy magic and blessing is very real…


  • Blueprints, Hardhats, and Construction Sites: Lizzy is an architect and Darcy owns a construction company! I really loved seeing a story take place in the construction and building field. It was a fresh and interesting experience. Seeing Darcy, Elizabeth, the Bennetts, and the Gardiners brought together through business added a unique element to the story. I also liked how so many characters were involved with construction projects and worked in the construction field.
  • In Love, But Not Together: I’m not a fan of insta-love or when Darcy and Elizabeth come together without any obstacles (I like me some turmoil and conflict!) I loved how Ms. Sotis prevented Darcy and Elizabeth from coming together too quickly and easily in this tale. Even though Darcy stops trying to conquer his objections early on, he can’t freely pursue Elizabeth. She signed a company policy that does not allow her to become romantically involved with any clients. Not wanting Elizabeth to be removed from the project or jeopardize her career, Darcy tries to suppress his feelings and give no hint of them to Elizabeth…(let’s see how well that works!)
  • Gypsy Magic: The gypsy magic and Wendi Sotis’s excellent story-telling skills had me spellbound! I found myself completely entranced and very unwilling to put Foundation of Love down. I completely bought into the magic and fantasy elements of the story and did not find myself questioning a thing.
  • A Link to the Past: Elizabeth’s experience with the prophetic images is similar to an experience her ancestor Elizabeth Bennet had 200 years ago in The Gypsy Blessing. I appreciated how Wendi Sotis weaved together the present and past in this tale. She explains the past incidents so well that you don’t need to have read The Gypsy Blessing first, but you may want to. (I know I want to!)
  • Dan King: An original character who is a childhood friend of Elizabeth’s. I enjoyed this character and how his pursuit of Elizabeth created some palpable tension and drama! Poor Darcy, he can’t act on his feelings and can only stand their and watch another man pursue his love!


  • Construction Corruption: Towards the end of the story we are introduced to some underhand dealings with property owners and inspectors. This was an interesting and new development to the story and I enjoyed it a lot, but I’m afraid, at times, I found it hard to follow. I also kind of felt the situation was resolved rather quickly and was hoping for more to be said about corruption scheme and villains at the end.


A thrilling and enchanting romance, filled with action, gypsy magic, tests of strength, and a lot of opposition! Foundation of Love is my first story by Wendi Sotis, and most definitely won’t be my last! I highly recommend this tale to fans who love magical stories and modern-day retellings!

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  12 Responses to “Foundation of Love – Wendi Sotis”


    Hi Meredith, as always a wonderful review. I have not read any of Wendy’s books so have just ordered The Gypsy Blessing. Have no idea when I will read it though – have 10 books to read and loads of crocheting to do!


      Thank you, Michelle! You must tell us what you think of The Gypsy Blessing! (when you do finally get to read it!) 🙂 It is definitely one I want to read in the future. 🙂


    Meredith, I love that you never give things away and that you give us hints and teasers to make us pick up the book and read it. Well done!

    And, well done, Wendi.


      Thank you for saying that, Joy! Sometimes its hard to find the right balance, I’d never want to spoil a good surprise or twist for anyone though. 🙂 It is fun to be surprised!


    I enjoyed Your review of Foundation of Love and have read all of Mrs. Sotis’ books. I liked the tie-in with The Gypsy Blessing. My book club will be reading Foundation for our March meeting. It will be interesting to hear and compare their comments. I’m fortunate to be Wendi’s mom in law and Matthew’S mom. I knew MATT is artistically talented but have learned that Wendi is a talented writer these last couple of years. Best of everything to both of them. Viola (Lola) Schwartz


      Thank you, Viola! That’s wonderful that Wendi is your daughter-in-law and that you are sharing her work with your book club! I’m sure they will love it! I think it is wonderful how both Wendi and her husband work together! 🙂


    Oh good! I’m so glad Wendi’s latest was a hit for you. I really need to get caught up on Gypsy Blessing so I can read this one. Lovely review!


    Thank you for reviewing the book, Meredith! I’m so glad you liked it 🙂


    Great review, Meredith, as always. You give us such a clear view of what a book is all about. Construction–what a different setting. I’m new to Wendi Sotis, but have ordered The Gypsy Blessing on my Kindle so will be reading it soon. Wendi, I’m anxious to start reading your series!!

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