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23401355Blind Dates, Christmas, and Hot Firemen Calendars!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Giveaway Win!

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice-Inspired, Modern-day Adaptation, Mature Audiences Only

TIME FRAME: Thanksgiving Day 2013 – New Years Eve 2013

MAIN CHARACTERS: Liz Bennet, Charlotte Lucas, Will Darcy, Georgie Darcy, John Lucas, Caroline Bingley, Charlie Bingley, Jane Bennet, Rick Fitzwilliam


  • One of my dearest friends with impeccable taste in literature was over-the-moon-in-love with this book.
  • It looked like a book filled with all my most favorite things: A Darcy and Elizabeth romance, Christmas, NYC, blind dates, misadventures, matchmaking, and of course…misunderstandings!


  • A Modern-day Elizabeth and Darcy Original Story: While the formula is basically there and the characters have the same personalities, this story has its own original storyline, which made it full of surprises and not at all predictable! I greatly enjoyed being surrounded by familiar friends, but having no clue where things were heading.
  • Christmas + NYC: NYC has got to be one of the best places in the world to be for 1506548_10100635363488676_312148232_nChristmas, IMO! 🙂 I loved visiting all the famous holiday sites such as Rockefeller Plaza, FAO Schwartz, Madison Square Garden, and Central Park! Mr. Bingley and I went to NYC last year for the Christmas season and were hoping to go this year too, but thanks to Ms. Gardiner, I feel like I really was in NYC for Christmas!
  • A Band of True Friends: Loved Liz and Will’s friends in this novel! It was great to see them all participate in the matchmaking and manipulation schemes 😉 I also loved the brotherhood of firefighters and seeing how they have such strong care and consideration for each other. Very moving.
  • Immerse and Experience: Cat Gardiner cleverly and imaginatively gives readers many ways to connect to the story and her characters. You can follow, read, and comment on Liz’s blog, All I Want For Christmas…, listen to her themed playlist on Spotify, and view her Pinterest inspiration board. I loved seeing the blog posts with comments made by various characters from the book, what a terrific idea!
  • Liz Bennet: I adored this character! She is our dear, witty, and teasing Lizzy, but she also has some baggage and scars that have to heal from her first love and serious relationship. I thought her insecurities and lasting hurt from John Lucas and conviction that she is unlucky believable and endearing (first loves and mothers can definitely do a number on you!) Loved that she made lists, got into embarrassing situations, into kick-boxing and had an awesome alter-ego named Black Widow. And I am completely envious of her wardrobe, girl’s got style and taste!
  • Will Darcy: Oh my…readers be prepared with fans and chill blasts, because this Darcy is scorchingly hot! 😉 Besides being a gorgeous Adonis, this Darcy is a hard-working, compassionate, and considerate man who carries his own baggage and unwarranted guilt for his parents’ death. Darcy is usually in a dark place during the holidays, but when he meets Liz, he falls for her real hard and becomes an adorable mush-pot! I loved seeing him try to continuously wear down her defenses and open her eyes to his real self. I also loved that he was a part-time firefighter, and the date he took Elizabeth on was…just oh-so-perfect!


  • Pfft! Are you kidding me? Not. A. Thing

WARNING: Recommended for Mature Audiences because of the use of profanity and intimate content.


Lucky 13: Matchmaking and Misunderstandings is a most sensational and enthralling read! I’m amazed by all the many facets and dimensions Cat Gardiner gives not only her characters but her story as well. I greatly appreciated all that went into creating this fabulous story, there was so much that I loved that I didn’t even get to say it all in this review! Truly phenomenal!!

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Since I was so very lucky to win this book in a giveaway, I thought I would spread the love and the chance to be lucky as well!  In conjunction with this review I’m giving away 1 ebook copy (kindle) of Cat Gardiner’s Lucky 13: Matchmaking and Misunderstandings to one lucky winner!


Why ebook?  So you can read this holiday read right away and not have to wait for the post, and also because the links to Liz’s blog are at the end of each chapter (so you can be just a click away from experiencing the story in it’s full capacity!)

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment about my review!!

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  • This giveaway ends December 27th!
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  42 Responses to “Lucky 13: Matchmaking and Misunderstandings – Cat Gardiner + GIVEAWAY!”


    Is it in poor taste to be the first to comment, Meredith?? I must have my share in the conversation to simply say: I am truly, truly honored by your review. I am crying. Yes, I am a mush-pot, too, and your glowing praise is a glorious Christmas gift to me. Thank you! I am utterly over the moon that Lucky 13 brought a little more sparkle to your holiday season. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway. It is so very generous of you! Peace and joy to you and Mr. Bingley! ~cat


      Not at all! I’m so glad you enjoyed my review, Cat! 🙂 Every word is truly meant, I absolutely loved so much of Lucky 13! What a fantastic gift you gave to US! Hope you have the merriest of Christmases!


    I too love NYC at Christmas time especially the store windows!
    Your review makes the book sound like a must read! Thanks and Merry Christmas!


      Yes, the place just exudes Christmas magic and spirit, doesn’t it? I used to live an hour away and would visit every year during the Christmas season. Just lovely!


    Meredith, your review is spot on! I loved this modern version of P & P. What’s not to like about a hunky firemen calendar? Don’t put me in for the giveaway as I was lucky enough to win my ebook copy a little while ago.

    Providing people don’t object to the more mature content – it’s not overly explicit really but there is, as you say, profanity and intimate content in it – I hipe they’ll enjoy it as much as you and I did.


      Thank you, Anji! I know it may seem like I’m gushing about this book, but it is impossible not to, right? So glad to hear you enjoyed this one as much as I did! Congrats on your giveaway win! What a fab prize!


    I enjoyed the review and was especiallyzken with the multiple
    ways a reader could access the
    book and author.And, of course,
    I love P&P JAFF! Thank you for
    the giveaway.


    Actually, I HOPE they’ll enjoy it, too! Virtual keyboard strikes again!


    Love your review Meredith! Cat did an amazing job. The story was creatively written and I love the blog as well as other ways to connect and follow the story. Another modern P&P to add to my favorite list.


    I think you liked the book, Meredith, and I, too, would love to read it. Thank you for the giveaway! I agree with you that it is wonderful to be surrounded by our beloved people and yet to read about them in a new situation. NYC is a magical place at Christmas and New Year’s.


    Wonderful review, I am already reading the printed version but will check it out with it. I hope to win to be able to carry a copy with me everywhere!


    Your review is spot on and makes me want to read this story over and over…. an ebony would make that possible!


    Looks like a real winner! Thanks for the great review : )


    I saw this one at someone else’s blog and thought ti looked delightful so I added it to my wish list. Your enthusiastic review makes it sound even better and I must move it up near the top of my list. Christmas in NYC does sound enchanting and I love seeing what an author can do with a modern retelling.


    I already wanted to read this book. Now after reading your fabulous review, I really, really want to read it! It is at the top of my TBR list. Thanks for sharing the review and for the giveaway opportunity, Meredith! Merry Christmas to you, Mr. Bingley and your family! Wishing you the happiest of New Years too.


    This sounds awesome. Total catnip.


    This sounds so good that I’m not sure I’ll wait till the giveaway end date to read it! Might be an early xmas present from me to me! 😉


    What an enthusiastic review, Meredith! I definitely would love to read this novel! This seems a thoroughly entertaining modern retelling.


    When you love a book, I know I will love it! Hadn’t heard of this one yet but looking forward to putting it on my wishlist for the New Year! Thank you for the giveaway!


    Hi Meredith,
    A modern Mr. Darcy as a hot firefighter – ‘Nuf said! Wow, I look forward to this book! Thanks for the review and Merry Christmas! –Leslie


    Wow! I don’t know how this book had escaped my radar until now, but this reviewer’s me want to read it very much! I loved the style of this review.


    Although I don’t usually choose contemporary romance, your review makes me inclined to give this one a try.


      Typically the only contemporary romance I read is Jane Austen Inspired Contemporary romance, I love seeing personalities and situations we know and love from JA in a modern setting!


    I do love a good romance story and a hot Mr Darcy. I would love to win it if I can. Thanks for thorough review and the e-book giveaway, Meredith.


    I read this when it was fanfic online and I’d definitely love a copy! Please sign me up for the giveaway!


    Read this book twice in two weeks – spot on your review – sexy, witty, funny, christmassy… can’t wait to read it again next year… i’ll try to read it following the days in the book !

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