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The Highbury MurdersEmma Knightley’s Deduction and Speculation Powers Are Put to the Test!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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TIME FRAME: One year after the close of Emma.

MAIN CHARACTERS: The Knightleys, Mr. Woodhouse, The Eltons, Miss Bates, The Churchills, The Westons, Harriet Martin

SYNOPSIS: While there is an abundance of happy marriages and births to celebrate in Highbury, there comes an occasion for sadness and sorrow with the death of old Mrs. Bates. The Churchills arrive in town for the funeral and Emma starts mulling over all the unanswered questions around her โ€“ are the Churchills happily married, are the Eltons facing financial difficulty, are there gypsies trespassing near Abbey Mill Farm? Then, unexpectedly (although perhaps not so unexpected for the reader) someone else is found dead. Now there are even more mysteries and intrigues for Emma and her husband to solve…


  • The Concept: I love Emma, at times I name it as my favorite Jane Austen novel. I love Highbury โ€“ Miss Bates, Harriet, Mr. Woodhouse, such a marvelous cast of characters! I love the idea of traveling back to Highbury to see how all our old friends are faring, to see all the newlyweds and newborns, to see what new developments are taking place ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, if any of Jane Austen’s novels are primed for a murder mystery, it is Emma.
  • Our Dear Couple: It was so heartwarming to see the contentment and congruency between Emma and Mr. Knightley. I love how there were still some little rubs (Mr. Knightley having to travel to and from Donwell everyday) and obstacles (Mr. Woodhouse!) for Emma and Knightley to deal with. I enjoyed seeing Mr. Knightley and Emma share some alone time at the end of each day and discuss their activities and endeavors with each other. And when the mystery begins to baffle Mr. Knightley, I love how he finally came to appreciate Emma’s overactive imagination and asked his wife for assistance in solving they murder.
  • Excellent Characterization: The inhabitants of Highbury are charming and distinct, and Victoria Grossack did an admirable job of maintaining and developing each characters’ individual traits, quirks, and manner of speaking. Seeing Harriet overwhelmed and overtired with twins, Mrs. Elton competitive and vulgar, and Mr. Woodhouse afraid to take his daily constitutions outside all worked brilliantly! I greatly enjoyed seeing these beloved characters rendered so accurately and admirably (for the most part…)


  • Long Exposition: The author spent a lot of time recounting the events that took place in Emma (which I know was to help readers who didn’t read Emma understand what is going on!). But at the same time, the first crime happened one of third of the way into the novel, and the first murder happened just a little over half way through. It was a long wait to feel intrigued…
  • A Surprise Ending: I do love it when a mystery stumps me and I am unable to guess or predict the culprit, but I must admit to feeling some dissatisfaction in this case. I was disappointed with who the perpetrator was, what they did right before they were apprehended, and how the revelation came about. While the author tied it in neatly and cunningly to some passages and events from Emma, I found it difficult to believe that this character would do such deeds. In addition, the overall tone of the conclusion with its shocking and unconvincing surprises โ€“ for me, at least โ€“ felt unsettling and depressing.


While this is perhaps not my favorite Austen-inspired murder mystery (those would be the novels by Stephanie Barron, Carribe Bebris, and Tracy Kiely), I nevertheless was happy to visit with this โ€œsmall band of true friendsโ€ and once again delight in the charms of Highbury.

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  10 Responses to “The Highbury Murders – Victoria Grossack”


    Stephanie Barron did set the bar really high; she’s a tough act to follow. Meredith, I’m so impressed at your speed-reading abilities! You have been busy this week! Thanks for keeping us abreast of new arrivals!


      I agree, Abigail, Carrie Bebris has done a magnificent job as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Dont’ read very fast I’m afraid. Very hard to keep up with all the works that are being published!


    I’ve been anticipating your review of this one for a while now. I’m always up for a return visit to Highbury, but I don’t think I I’ll rush out and put this at the top of the pile. More like I’ll get to it when I get to it.

    I hate it when an Austenesque novel spends pages recounting the original plot (I’m talking to you, Death Comes to Pemberley). I like a good mystery, but not even Mr. Knightley’s swoon-worthy move from Donwell can make me excited to read about a poorly plotted murder mystery (also talking to you DCtP).

    Thank you for the thoughtful review!


      I was super excited to read this one, Heather. Which perhaps made my disappointment with it all the greater.

      LOL! Comments like yours make me glad I’ve stayed away from Death Comes to Pemberley! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can understand why authors like Victoria Grossack recount the original plot. Victoria has published other works before this one and most likely wants her audience (Jane Austen fans or not to understand her latest release.

      I’d be curious to hear your thoughts when you do read this one, Heather. After posting this review I read the others on amazon and I didn’t see anyone have issue with the mystery and murderer like I did. I think I might be in the minority.


    I’ve had my eye on this one b/c I love the idea of a sequel/mystery, but I can see why it wasn’t a total hit for you if the mystery took off too slow.


      Yes, it’s like a 2-in1, right? My comment to Mr. Bingley at some point was “I’m 60 pages into this mystery and I’m not feeling intrigued yet.” His answer was “That’s not right.”


    Sometimes mystery novels fail in things like the murderer or the motives :'(
    But, at least, as you say, we can enjoy with the charming couple of Emma and Knigtley!. Thanks for the opinion, Meredith!


      I didn’t talk about it in my review, but another relationship I greatly enjoyed was Emma and Jane Churchill. I thought it was great how Emma felt remorse and apologized to Jane, and in turn Jane apologized for the deception. I liked seeing Jane open up to Emma more. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Emma is MY favorite of Jane’s novels. I have this one on my wish list but was anxiously looking forward to your review. I’m torn between the joy of seeing Emma and Knightley (le sigh) enjoying the pluses and minuses of being married and the frustration of a verryyy sllooww mystery. Hmmmm….much for me to muddle on. As always, thanks Meredith!

    Also…I own Death comes to Pemberley and have never managed to get past the first couple chapters. That rarely happens for me so….LOL someday I’ll get it read. In the meantime there is just so much else to entertain.

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