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Haunting Mr. DarcyPhantasmal and Fantastic!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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With over 80 reviews on amazon – at least 60 of them 5 stars, I don’t think you need me to tell you this is one excellent and praiseworthy Pride and Prejudice variation…But I’ll tell you anyway. 😉 Haunting Mr. Darcy is brilliant, masterfully executed, and most deserving of all the praise it has received. So far, it is my favorite Pride and Prejudice variation I’ve read in 2014.

Both Darcy and Elizabeth make a wish on New Years Eve and fate surprises them by granting these wishes, but perhaps in a manner they both didn’t expect. After a carriage accident on an icy road, Elizabeth wakes up in Mr. Darcy’s library with some strange new capabilities (and limitations). She believes herself to be in a dream. Mr. Darcy, depressed, dejected, and overtired is able to see, hear, and converse with this vision of his lady-love but attributes it to his long-suffering heart and exhausted mind. Surely he is going mad! Poor Lizzy, tethered to the last man in the world she could ever be prevailed upon to marry! And poor Darcy, his staff and family are really starting to question his sanity! 😉

“You say you are dreaming, madam, but surely that cannot be, for it is you who haunts my dreams.” Mr. Darcy, Haunting Mr. Darcy

What I loved most about this variation was how this intricate/fantastical/paranormal premise and series of events was executed. Even though we were dealing with spirits, invisible tethers, and fate, the actions of this tale felt plausible and credible, not at all outlandish and unbelievable. I loved how the resolution was brought about in bits and pieces, and the obstacles for Darcy and Elizabeth were not easily solved. I delighted in every turn and twist the author made, just when you think Darcy and Elizabeth will come to an understanding and all will be well she lifts the rug out from under them! 😉

Darcy and Elizabeth go through an incredible journey together and separately in this tale. It was lovely to witness their begrudging acceptance of their situation, budding friendship, and charming playfulness with each other. Darcy was adorable as always – Karalynne Mackrory consistently creates a Darcy that I fall extremely hard for! *sigh* Loved how this Darcy was a little more informal and bold around Elizabeth (but that was because he truly believed she was a figment of his imagination!) He was all kinds of adorbs! And we mustn’t forget Lizzy! She was lovely too; I loved her impertinence, provocations, and saucy remarks!

I’m so very eager to see what KaraLynne Mackrory comes up with next, her enchanting and sensitive Pride and Prejudice variations belong in every Janeite’s library! Written with keen observations, sharp wit, and deep emotions – Haunting Mr. Darcy is the kind of story that enthralls the reader and keeps them captive until the very end (and haunts them all the while in between!)

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  26 Responses to “Haunting Mr. Darcy – KaraLynne Mackrory”


    Hi Meredith, Thanks for the review. I have also looked at this one on Amazon and the reviews are outstanding. I have only read one of Karalynne’s books “Falling for Mr. Darcy” and that was brilliant so I must also purchase this one too especially if it is the best P & P variation you have read this year! What a compliment. I always check your reviews before I purchase any book so this one I will definitely be getting. Have a nice weekend x


      I think you will love this one, Michelle! 🙂 I loved Falling for Mr. Darcy and Bluebells in the Morning, but this one was definitely the best out of all three. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, Michelle!


    I have this waiting in my pile of books to read – can’t wait


    This twits with LIzzie being part of Darcy’s imagination – as he believes it,seems extremely interesting!!
    This plot is challenging the relationship of Darcy & Lizzie. But also a way for lizzie to sneak into Darcy’s world without being ‘seen’ therefore she is able to judge by herelf of his true nature 😀
    oh I’m alreday enjoying the idea od reading it
    No wonder Meredith you gave it a 5/5 it looks aewsome .


      Lol! “Twits” made me laugh! 😀 So true, Mariam – for all the reasons you said! It was fun to see them fall in love in such a unique way. Darcy fell in love too, since before he was only infatuated and attracted to Elizabeth. Their friendship and way with each other in this supernatural existence was really sweet to witness!


    -sorry I meant twist and awesome
    by the way it mariam I logged again with my wordpress account by accident -_-


    Oh my goodness Meredith! You gave me chills with this review. Thank you so so sincerely for such a wonderful review! I am so glad that you enjoyed it and your favorite this year?!!? Wow. Thank you.


    I’m about halfway through this one, and very impressed with the adroit plotting. The “haunting” device allows both Darcy and Elizabeth to overcome societally imposed limitations, and so much more can be said (and done) between them, allowing the author to delve deeper into the harmonies and fault lines of their relationship. Some misuse of JA-era language, but overall, it’s plenty delightful enough to overlook the occasional slip! Good job!


    Thanks for the review 🙂
    It seems very promising and original. I love when authors dare to explore new paths and I think Darcy and Lizzy must play a brilliant role in this spirited version. I only hope there won’ t be any bad ghosts around them! LOL


    This looks great. I’m glad that its paranormal backdrop is plausible. Can’t wait to read it. Maybe for my October spooky story.


    Great review Meredith and will have to bump this one up from wishlist to TBR list!!!


    I, also, read this and it was an absorbing book, a page-turner. Enjoy! I will definitely read it again some time and probably more than once over the years.


    Great review for a truly WONDERFUL story!!!!
    Thanks, KaraLynne and Meredith!
    Loved it!!


    I’ve already read this one and I absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t describe it as ‘spooky,’ but it definitely ‘haunted’ me….while I was reading it, and afterwards. I couldn’t put it down, Mackrory’s writing is very skilled in this story. I loved your review too. Even though I knew this would be one I’d read again, I just might have to do it pretty soon. Thanks for your website. I enjoy all your reviews.


    Although variations with a lot of fantasy and paranormal are usually not my favorites, this sounds intriguing. I enjoyed Ms. Mackrory’s Falling for Mr Darcy and Bluebells in the Mourning, and with your 5 stars, Meredith, this is definitely going into my amazon shopping basket!!


    Yes Meredith you summed up this book perfectly, great review. I whole heartedly agree it is the believability factor that is one of the beauties of the book. Loved it, a definite re-read before the year is out!


    I enjoyed the previous two from this author and look forward to this one when it’s available for Nook. Great review Meredith, if it wasn’t on my radar before, it would be now. I like fantasy and paranormal wrapped up with some romance (and of course Austen) so this is straight up my alley.

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