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Austenesque Agenda

Happy July to all my Janeite friends!  I hope summer has been treating you well!  It has been nice and hot (and humid!) here in NC this past month, which means no more blogging from the back porch. 🙁  (Not good for the laptop…)  But on the upside it is warm enough to swim in the ocean and we have enjoyed doing that a lot -rain or shine!

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As you might guess, I love how dramatic and beautiful the sky and sea look when there is a storm coming!  We also had a fun time this past weekend renting jetskis with a friend who came to visit!  I love jetskiing!

photo_1 (1) 2 photo_3 (1)

photo_4 (1) photo_5 (1)

We went along the Cape Fear River to look for the port where they filmed parts of Iron Man 3! We were very excited!  It started to rain on us and as you can see there were some storm clouds out, but it was still a blast!


photo_2 (2) photo_1 (2) 2

And in case you missed my fangirling on Facebook I’ll share it here. 🙂  Mr. Bingley recognized Laura Spencer from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries while we were out for dinner the other night.  He sent me the text right after we sat down and I was in such a tizzy for our whole meal!  I finally felt brave enough to approach her on our way out and she was so incredibly sweet and kind.  She chatted with us a little bit and we told her we loved her in The LBD and Big Bang Theory!  She said she is here working on a show, I think it might be Sleepy Hollow (yet another reason for me to start watching that show!)


Want to know what Austenesque fun I’m getting into this month?

…here is what’s on this month’s

Austenesque Agenda:


 The Highbury Murders  Emma and Elizabeth


Full Steam Ahead  Haunting Mr. Darcy  Pride and Prejudice and Cheese Grits


~ Pride and Prejudice Variation Edition ~

Mr. Darcy's Refuge  Assumed Engagement

Can you believe I have not read these two yet?  These two ladies are amongst first authors to self-publish Pride and Prejudice variations, I had never heard of a “what-if” or “variation” until encountering Abigail’s Without Reserve in 2007.  Which one do you want me to read this month? (Leave a comment to cast your vote!)


P1020417  Emma and Elizabeth

Ann Mychal – July 9th

Lory Lilian  The Perfect Match

Lory Lilian – July 16th

Mary Jane Hathaway  Pride and Prejudice and Cheese Grits

Mary Jane Hathaway – July 23rd

Very excited about July!!! Can’t wait for all the fun! 

What fun plans do you have this month?

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  38 Responses to “Austenesque Agenda for July 2014”


    Hi Meredith, looks like you have been having great fun. The UK has been enjoying some nice weather too so I have been out for a few bike rides.

    I have read both Mr. Darcy’s Refuge and Assumed Engagement and they are both very good. I have just ordered The Perfect Match by Lory Lilian as she is becoming one of my favourite P & P authors and I love all her books. In the middle of reading Sharon Lathan’s new book “Darcy & Elizabeth – A Season of Courtship” but have to admit that I am struggling. I have read all of SL’s books and always enjoyed them but not this one sadly.

    I am going to my daughter’s Graduation next week. She is at the University of Bristol which is in the South West of the UK. She has just finished her degree so it is Graduation Day next week. Really looking forward to it.

    Thanks for the update.

    p.s. Did you ever get around to finish reading “The Scenes Jane Austen Never Wrote”?


      Hi Michelle!! That’s great that you are getting out and enjoying some fun activities in the warmer weather! So happy to hear that you are enjoying Lory Lilian’s works!!! I’m looking forward to reading The Perfect Match next month! Congrats to your daughter! That’s wonderful! Have fun celebrating!

      I didn’t finish The Scenes Jane Austen Never Wrote yet, sadly I got so behind with my reading in June that I had to jump right into July’s reading without getting a couple days to make more progress. Hoping to have time at the end of this month! 🙂


    As a new subscriber (though longtime lurker), I do enjoy your tales of life with Mr. Bingley! Sadly, am chained to my desk all month editing a yogurt cookbook and a manual on real estate transactions. So I will be living through your fun, and through your reviews of the latest Austenesques.


    Pretty cool that Mr. Bingley recognized Laura Spencer. He gets bonus points for that. I saw her in a sprint commercial in TV and said ‘oh look that’s Jane from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ and all my husband did was look at me weird. I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to approach a celebrity; I’m glad that you did and that she was so sweet!

    Another busy month of reading ahead! I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the Highbury Murders. If you like it, then I’ll read it. I just finished Haunting Mr Darcy the other day, but I’ll save my thoughts for your review post. Emma and Elizabeth sounds interesting . . . a lot of personality in the room with those two together.

    I like Kara Louise, so I vote for Assumed Engagement, even though I have no idea what it’s about.


      Oh Heather, I almost couldn’t do it. My heart was racing and I had no idea what to say, but I knew I’d regret it so bitterly if I didn’t say or do anything!

      Just started HM today, hopefully will review in a week. 🙂 Actually, as you will find out next week, Emma and Elizabeth is about Emma and Elizabeth Watson. 😉

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 AE – 1 / MDR – 0


    Ooh, nice booky goodness this month! I’ve only read one of your books to review, Haunting Mr Darcy, so looking forward to seeing what you think of those. Regarding the reader vote, I’ve read both of your choices, and while I liked the Kara Louise one I really loved Mr Darcy’s Refuge, so that one gets my vote. Even if it loses you should still read it


      I’m super excited about this month’s reads, a lot of terrific covers too! I definitely plan on reading both variations…someday!

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 AE – 1 / MDR – 1


    Thanks so much, Meredith, for entering me into your schedule! Looking forward to meet all your visitors on July 16th.
    And thanks so much Michele, for your kind words ! Thanks for ordering the book – please let me know what you think of it when you read it.
    See you all soon.


    Fun pictures and lucky you to bump into ‘Lizzie’. Look forward to your reviews and special guests. I haven’t read either of those you’ve done for your choice read, but I’ll say Kara Louise’s book.


    I’ve read both Assumed Engagement and Mr. Darcy’s Refuge. In fact, if I didn’t have so many others to read I think I would re-read them both. Both authors are skilled writers with wonderful imaginations. I vote for both! Looking forward to Elizabeth and Emma.

    Great month so far, isn’t it? It is winter in our hemisphere but today the sun is out. Yeah! I just finished making cookies with the grandchildren. Twin 5 year olds are an endangerment to the cleanliness of my kitchen, but it was fun – and yummy!


      That sounds like a lovely activity to do with your grandchildren!! I have fond memories of making all sorts of food – cookies, pasta, honeyballs, and bread with both my grandmas! LOL! A clean-up crew is needed, huh?

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 AE – 3 / MDR – 2


    I vote for Mr. Darcy’s Refuge! I’ve read both books, but liked this one better and it has some really colorful characters!


    Wow! Kudos to you for getting pics with a celebrity! And to Mr Bingley for recognizing her.

    I just finished The Perfect Match last night and it’s really cute. Short and fluffy. I’m dying to read Haunting Mr Darcy (no pun intended). I’ve read both Mr Darcy’s Refuge and Assumed Engagement and I liked them both, so I say read both! lol


    Of all the books you’ve listed, I only have Mr. Darcy’s Refuge and that’s as an audiobook, so I’d like you to choose that one and see how our opinions agree, or not as the case may be!

    Sounds like you’re having a great time this summer. I’ve never been on a jetski and have to admit to being a bit scared of them as a friend suffered a serious back injury a few years ago when she came off one.

    Like Michelle, I have a graduation to look forward to, in two weeks time. Our son graduates from the University of Bradford here in Yorkshire, with a first class honours degree. He’s hoping to become an Environment Artist in the gaming industry. I expect Mr. Bingley will know what that entails!

    Something I’m really excited about is next week, I’m getting to meet Cassandra Grafton! She used to live in my home town (before I discovered the JAFF world) and is coming back for a visit.


      So sorry to hear about your friend and her injury! We stay pretty tame with our jetskiing, no crazy steering or stunts. 🙂 Congratulations to your son! Mr. Bingley and wish him all the best! And lucky you, you get to meet Cassandra Grafton! Have a fab time!

      I love comparing thoughts! Thanks for voting! 🙂 AE – 4 / MDR – 5


    Looks like you have a great month lined up, Meredith! I will check back and read these posts! I would love to learn more about these authors. I”m familiar with Lory Lilian’s work but not the other two.

    As for your choice of which book to read, I think I would say both too! I have read both of them and thought they were very good. I think Mr. Darcy’s Refuge is one of Abigail’s best books. I enjoyed it much! I always love anything that Kara Louise writes so know you cannot go wrong with that choice either…lots of help, aren’t I? 🙂

    Sounds like you had a wonderful fan moment! I bet you were excited and thrilled that she was so nice too!

    Have a great July 4th! Tell Mr. Bingley hello!


      Hi Janet! So happy to see you here! Hope all is well with you! Very much looking forward to the lovely author visits coming up this month!

      I was thrilled she was so nice, I was so nervous approaching her!

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 AE – 5 / MDR – 6


    Hi Meredith, looks as if you’ve been having “fun water days,” as my grandson says! Love the clouds in your pictures! I really enjoy all the beautiful clouds here in the Pacific NW and some spectacular rainbows too, since moving here from Central Calif. I’m having difficulty typing this as our kitty thinks she can type and always wants to be with one of us. She was just a few weeks old when she came out from under our house. We eventually got all her littermates, tamed them, and took them to the shelter where they were adopted. She was so sweet. We had to keep her!! She thinks she’s human with a little dog mixed in.
    Back to your many subjects in this blog. I vote for Mr Darcy’s Refuge. I’ve read and liked both, but Mr D’s Refuge has several unexpected twists and turns that I found interesting. They’re both very good, and I hope you eventually read them both.
    I can’t wait for your featured writers this month. I couldn’t stop laughing while reading Pride Prejudice and Cheese Grits. I’m just now rereading Lory Lillian’s Remembrance of the Past. BTW, her Rainy Days was the first book I ever won!!! I’m not familiar with Ann Mychalthe, so looking forward to the interview!
    Keep having fun this summer!


      Hi Catherine, I’m a fan of thunderstorms, so the dark grey clouds that preclude them are always interesting and beautiful to me.

      Aww, your kitty sounds so sweet! I love how she wants to copy what you do!

      Ooh, I like unexpected twists! Thanks for voting! 🙂 AE – 5 / MDR – 7


    Hi Meredith!
    Awesome beach views with such a stormy clouds!. In madrid the weather is often very hot in July but yesterday it was hailing as we never seen before!.
    I vote for Assumed engagement 🙂
    Congrats for being so brave when meeting LBD actress!! And Congrats to Mr Bingley because Colombia is doing a terrific job in the World Cup of Football in Brasil!. Bravo!!


      Thank you for your kind words, Teresa! Always lovely to hear from you!! We were very excited for Colombia! They played well yesterday, but unfortunately they are now sent home. 🙁 It was great that they made it so far though!

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 AE – 6 / MDR – 7


    I. Am going to my greatneice’s graduation party in New Hampshire, trying to catch up on my TBR. & finish the 6 books I am reading at present.


    Weather looks lovely where you are 🙂 What an exciting month, cannot wait for your review on Haunting Mr and Full steam ahead! Looking forward to the author visits’ as well. I have read Mr Darcy’s refuge, so I vote for Assumed Engagement, then again I love Reynolds so I think you should read that lol Vote – MDR.
    This is short and sweet as I am in Cyprus for my Brother in laws wedding. Happy Reading Meredith 🙂


      LOL! Tamara, you are such a big help! 😉 Thank you for kindly dropping in to say hello, I hope you enjoyed a beautiful wedding in Cyprus! Sounds like a lot of fun!

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 AE – 8 / MDR – 9


    Glad you had a good time,Meredith and nice going for Mr. Bingley with the Laura Spencer spotting! I saw her on the season finale of Bones as well as TBBT and glad to see her doing so well! Not sure if she’ll be on Sleepy Hollow(which I watch and highly recommend) but if she pops up, that would be the cherry on the awesome sauce:)

    Looking forward to your review of Pride,Prejudice and Cheese Grits-reading that one slowly on my Nook but it’s pretty good so far.


      Yes, we loved her in TBBT!! Isn’t she the best girlfriend Raj has ever had? I’m pretty sure it was Sleepy Hollow, because that and Under the Dome are currently the only shows filming in NC, it would be awesome if TBBT was though!!! Must catch up and watch Sleepy Hollow! 🙂


    P, p, and cheese grits I read also. I love both Kara and Abigail’s works. I liked both assumed obligation and assumed engagement so I guess I would pick it.


    Thank you for sharing your pictures, Meredith! There’s something poetic and scary about stormy sky! Well, it can be dangerous as well, nevertheless it’s beautiful! 🙂 Oh, I’m so happy you met Laura Spencer! She seems a very nice girl and she’s a good actress, too! I can’t wait to read your thoughts about Karen Witemeyer’s last novel and I can’t wait for the giveaways either!! What an exciting month!

    I vote for Abigail Reynolds’ book 🙂


      Yes, very true! I tend to like things that are dark and broody 🙂 Thunderstorms are my favorite kind of weather!

      Thanks for voting! 🙂 AE – 9 / MDR – 10 You broke the tie!

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