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What if right after delivering his explanatory letter to Elizabeth, Darcy fell from his horse, broke his foot, hit his head, and was knocked unconscious? What if, as a result of such a head injury, Darcy lost his short-term memory and could not remember anything that happened in the last two days? What if Darcy had to recuperate at Hunsford Parsonage because it would be to dangerous and difficult to move him anywhere else? What if Darcy woke everyone morning believing that he has not yet proposed to Elizabeth and repeatedly set himself to that task with all due immediacy and persistence?

Oh my! Isn’t this an exciting premise?!? Poor Lizzy, she must see, live with, and tend to the man she gave a scathing and harsh refusal to! But the thing is…he doesn’t remember her refusal and continues to propose to her again and again! She can’t flat-out refuse him each time or that might cause a set-back in his recovery. So against her desires, Lizzy must engage in a small amount of play-acting and half-truths…

Being in such difficult and delicate situation with a rejected suitor tests Elizabethโ€™s fortitude, and seeing Darcy in such a helpless and uninhabited manner causes her to spend countless hours contemplating the man and his complex character. I took great pleasure in witnessing Elizabeth’s thorough self-examination and private musings. I loved how she gradually gained more insight about Mr. Darcy and his actions, and how she objectively analyzed her reactions and behavior towards Darcy in the past. In addition, I thought it interesting how she compared her relationship and exchanges with Mr. Darcy to the other men in her social circle โ€“ Mr. Bingley, Mr. Wickham, and Colonel Fitzwilliam; and then later on how she evaluated the differences between the proposals she received from Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy. I really enjoyed how introspective Elizabeth was in this variation, I loved being inside her head and observe her work all this out! ย I also loved the “reminder letter” Lizzy wrote for Darcy and how she recorded all of Darcy’s different proposals in her journal!

Besides seeing the sweet, unconventional, and hilarious scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth, I greatly enjoyed witnessing Elizabeth’s relationship with some new original characters โ€“ Mrs. Wilkinson (the cook at Hunsford Parsonage) and Madeline (Darcy’s hired nurse). I loved learning about these characters, seeing their friendship with and support of Elizabeth, and finding out what happens to them in the future (Yes! The epilogue was perfectly satisfying!) I also loved Elizabeth’s interactions with Colonel Fitzwilliam who, with his good-natured jests, friendly concern for Elizabeth’s heart, and fierce protection of Darcy from Lady Catherine’s schemes, easily won my heart. (*sigh* loved seeing this soldier’s tender side).

Speaking of Lady Catherine and her schemes…oh my! She turns out to be a very dangerous and devious character! I enjoyed seeing Lady Catherine in the role of main antagonist and found the revealed history about her love life to be interesting and well-developed, but perhaps just a little tad bit disturbing. I loved seeing her attempt to thwart Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s relationship, although I did find her last scheme to be a little too outlandish. (I think she may have lost her marbles!)

Pride and Persistence is such an adorable and admirable variation! Filled with recovery, reflection, romance, rejections, and a plethora of proposals, this novel will be sure to make you laugh, smile, and sigh with delight. I highly recommend!

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  24 Responses to “Pride and Persistence – Jeanna Ellsworth”


    ooooooo this sounds brilliant, thank you for the review – I will have to put this on my list to purchase as it sounds brilliant and I have never read any books by this author before. Thank you Meredith


    I already read the reviews and the sample and am waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail…having won one of the giveaways! Can’t wait!


    This sounds like a lovely novel, Meredith! Congratulations, Jeanna!


    I just finished Pride and Persistence! I wondered how Jeanna was going to treat such a serious injury as head trauma in her variation. She did it with tears, joy, love, and persistence, just as she promised in her interview. I enjoyed how she carried her theme of “persistence” through the story, and all the hilarious scenes. In short, good job, Jeanna!!


      Beautifully said, Catherine! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are of the same mind! Yes, persistence theme was wonderful – Jeanna seems to enjoy including little themes and motifs in her novels.


    Thanks for a great review, Meredith!
    This book sounds such fun!


    Great review Meredith and can’t wait to read this one. It’s on my Amazon wishlist!


    This does sound great! Very intriguing. I can hardly wait to read it also.


      While Darcy has been injured in other variations before (Mr. Darcy Came to Dinner, Last Man in the World) I don’t think I’ve ever seen him receive a head injury that resulted in memory problems. So happy Jeanna Ellsworth wrote this! Great idea! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Great review. I think you captured the spirit of the book, which I really enjoyed. It has an intriguing premise — romantic with a touch of humor.


    Loved this book. Charming rendition of the “letter” delivery at Hunsford. Loved Lizzy’s reactions to Darcy’s injuries, her being conned into taking care of him, keeping Lady Catherine away from, and the sudden realization that a memory has been retained! Their bantering is funny and witty. Story is filled with laughs, fear, joy, and tears. Humorous. A must read.


    The plot is really original! Poor Darcy and Elizabeth, each one in a difficult place!. I canยดt imagine how Darcy will react when he gets over, when he remembers everything and Lizzy… well, I donยดt know what I would do…maybe, in a first moment I would hide myself in a closet in Hunsford until everything passes! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great review, Meredith!


    Finished reading this and posted my review. Loved it. Recommend it. Hated Mr. Collins even more – grossed me out. (Can we leave him out, next time?) LOL Lady C. – needs therapy but may we have her French cook’s recipes for pastries?


      Wonderful, Sheila! I can’t wait to go read your review! Yes, Mr. Collins was very gross! :/ LOL! Those pastries and pancakes definitely made my mouth water!


    Oh that sounds like a very fun premise! Added to my tbr list, thank you!

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