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Mr_Darcys_Pledge_Cover_MEDIUM_WEBPoor Mr. Darcy is a Wreck Over Elizabeth Bennet!!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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After being decidedly and soundly rejected in Kent, our poor, broody Mr. Darcy is feeling lost and depressed. His dreams for a happy marriage, contented life, and a future with Elizabeth Bennet are dashed and he knows he must regroup and move on. Darcy realizes that the best chance he has of getting over and forgetting about Elizabeth Bennet is to put all his energy and time into finding a suitable bride. A bride that he chooses with reason rather than affection, based on practicality rather than compatibility, and by using his head rather than his heart…

Darcy is in such an agitated state between battling his own heart and being tormented daily and nightly with thoughts about Elizabeth that he begins to act impulsively and erratically. Having mucked it up so badly the first time, Darcy turns to others for assistance in his quest to find a wife. He asks Georgiana for help compiling a list of “required” qualities for his future wife and his neighbor, Lady Renwick, and fashionable aunt, Lady Matlock, for guidance with arranging and hosting house parties. Just when Darcy begins to feel some optimism and satisfaction with his plans to move on, he encounters none other than Elizabeth Bennet and the Gardiners near Pemberley… (what happens to all those plans now, Darcy?)

There was so much to enjoy in this new Pride and Prejudice variation. I thought the premise was brilliant – not only wickedly fun to witness, but very believable as well. (Darcy a complete wreck trying to rebound, I can see it.) I was intrigued by the new characters – Lady Renwick and Miss Elinor Marshall. Miss Marshall is the granddaughter of an earl, fashionable, beautiful, confident…and available. I enjoyed seeing this new original character interact with Georgiana and Darcy. Speaking of Georgiana, I loved her prominence in this novel! I loved how Darcy was open with her about his search for his wife (but not about his past with Elizabeth Bennet!) and how we were able to witness Georgiana’s private ponderings, devoted support for Darcy, and ability to navigate the tricky waters of polite conversation.

All these elements made for an exciting and engaging read, but I must admit, my favorite aspect of Mr. Darcy’s Pledge (Volume One) was Mr. Darcy! I loved seeing such an emotionally-charged, reflective, and romantic Darcy – he is hopelessly, pitifully, and irretrievably attached to Elizabeth Bennet. (Can you say “Awww?”) And even though he contemplates marriage with other women and moving on, he knows his heart will always belong to Elizabeth.

Nothing would ever make him happy again. He had accepted that. Life was not about happiness. It was about duty…His own happiness was irrelevant.” – pages 114-115

Oh, and I almost forgot one of the best parts, there is a – wait for it – wet shirt scene! (“Fetch me my smelling salts. I feel my faintness coming on again!”)

I am exceedingly delighted with this first installment in Monica Fairview’s new series – The Darcy Novels. Mr. Darcy makes his pledge at the very end of this volume, and I can’t wait to see him carry it out in the next installment!

(Potential readers should be made aware that this is the first book in a three-volume tale, and that it will be necessary to read all volumes to attain the story’s conclusion).

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  33 Responses to “Mr. Darcy’s Pledge (The Darcy Novels #1) – Monica Fairview”


    Hi Meredith, this sounds brilliant and I might be able to read it without being traumatised as you know I do not like Mr. Darcy with anyone else but Elizabeth!!! However, I think this will be fine to read by your review. Just finished reading MDNC and loved it and have also read Colonel Brandon’s diary as he is my second favourite hero after Mr. D of course. Thanks for the review. Will put this on my TBR list.


    This book is definitely on my TBR! Love the premise and love the emotion just screaming off that gorgeous cover. Now if I only had more hours in the day…*sigh*


    I have this on my wish list but will wait for publication of Volume II as I hate to wait to know how it ends. (I’m one of those that sometimes reads endings before the legitimate end.) BUT I always like to read your reviews and see how you rate a book. It guarantees my enjoyment when I read that you also enjoyed it. Sounds so intriguing it is going to be difficult to wait. Wet shirt – really – pant, pant! LOL


      I’m so glad you find my reviews helpful, Sheila! I think you will definitely enjoy this one, I can understand wanting to wait for both volumes though! LOL! You peek at the ending! 🙂 I love going along for the ride and always resist the urge to peek.


        Now that I am on kindle with my reading I do not go to the end – too difficult to do that. So I have to muddle through with all the angst and suspense. Although with JAFF it is always a happy ending for ODC. But I will not buy Volume I without Volume II…want it fresh in my mind. I read so many JAFF novels now that I am retired it is sometimes difficult to keep them separate in my mind. The very best ones stand out for sure!


    Thank you for a wonderful review, Meredith. I loved your take on the novel. I especially like the fact that you use the word “wicked” (not the slang meaning, though that would work, too). I’m so glad you liked this Mr. Darcy. I’m rather fond of him myself!


    Excellent and funny review Meredith poor Mr Darcy indeed!! That quote is a heart wrenching one. For someone who cannot read a story unless I have all the volumes in my hand, you are making this very difficult for me! lol


    There’s a wet tee-shirt scene? No! Well, maybe. Okay, yes. Yes! Thanks for the review, Meredith – and for the visual!


    Yes, this Mr Darcy was so quirky and cute. I liked when he & Mrs R were discussing important traits and when she replied, he said “I’ll put it on my list!” I just imagined the cutest, satisfied smile on his face.


    I have had glad to read this first installment, too, and I was delighted with it because it has so funny and sparks chapters, and I am looking forward to the next installment. Great review, Meredith! 😉


    Oooo! Another great Darcy story. Going on my to-buy-soon list. Thanks for the great review, Meredith, and thanks, Monica, for a well written book. (I’m sure it’s well written because Meredith is always spot on!!)


    I want to read this one too. I love Monica’s novels.


    Terrific review of a book that I am waiting to read. I wish you much success Monica and hope you are typing away.


    What a fun review! I can’t wait to read this book…it’s on my books to buy for June! Come on June….!!!!


    Great review, Meredith, thanks – and thanks for a lovely book, Monica!
    Looking forward to reading this! Is it just Vol I and II or will there be more?


      Thank you, Joana! 🙂 If I understand correctly, Mr. Darcy’s Pledge is a two-part tale that is Monica Fairview’s new series The Darcy Novels…meaning more Darcy novels in the future!


    I was lucky enough to win a copy of this in a giveaway and just finished reading it a few days ago. It’s everything Meredith says! Darcy’s constant writing, crossings out and re-writing of lists is definitely funny and he gets so cross with himself at times. I definitely went “aaah!” when it got to the wet shirt scene!

    Anyway who hasn’t already put this on their TBR lists should go and do so right now!


      I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this story as much as I did, Anji! Wasn’t he adorable with his list? 😉 I agree with you, this book should definitely be added to TBRs!


    This sounds great. Even if the books are not connected, I need to reread Volumes 1 and 2. Poor Darcy! If these two never had so many misunderstandings, they’d both be in Heaven. But then there wouldn’t be a story.

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