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Another Place in Time – Mary Lydon Simonsen – Austenesque Reviews
May 022014

Another Place In TimeBack to the Regency Era!!! (Sorry… Attempting a  Back to the Future Reference) 😉

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy From Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Time Travel, Austen-Inspired Original

SETTING: Baltimore, Maryland in 2012 and London, England in 1812

MAIN CHARACTERS: Mr. Darcy, Christine (Chris) O’Malley, Georgiana Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Elizabeth Bennet

SYNOPSIS: When Elizabeth Bennet rejects his proposal at Hunsford Parsonage, rather than give up his dreams, Darcy decides to travel to the future to consult with an expert on Pride and Prejudice. (Darcy is aware of time travel and the science behind it due to his support and participation in science societies and lectures. And he is also aware of Jane Austen and the fact that his life is portrayed her novel.) Christine O’Malley (the Jane Austen scholar Darcy is advised to seek) offers to help Darcy get back on track with Elizabeth, and in order to save her beloved Pride and Prejudice, even agrees to travel back to 1812!


  • Brilliant Historical Tidbits: Mary Simonsen is a history buff and is extremely knowledgable about American and British history. Every time I read something by her I learn so much about the time period, culture, and way of life! But what I love most about Mary’s novels is HOW she introduces and intertwines the historical backdrop and information she wants to share. It doesn’t read like a text book or history lesson. She has a wealth of knowledge and easily inserts relevant tidbits and facts where desired.
  • The Real Pride and Prejudice: I loved seeing Chris’s reaction to 1812 and the characters in Pride and Prejudice.  Her physical descriptions of and exchanges with Colonel Fitzwilliam, Caroline Bingley, George Wickham, and Elizabeth Bennet were fun to witness.  I also loved all the hidden truths and realities she uncovered, especially from Mr. Darcy!
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: What a great storyline this was! Instead of a romance with Darcy (he’s so unavailable!) Chris feels an instant (and mutual) attraction for Colonel Fitzwilliam! But Chris must guard her heart because she has a life in 2012 and has no intention of remaining in a time where she has minimal rights and liberties. And to add to it, Chris’s last relationship really crushed her, is she ready to open herself to the possibility of being hurt again?


    Mr. Bingley and I found Rotten Row in Hyde Park! Squee!

  • London in 1812: I love how when in 1812 London Chris was interested in seeing all the famous sights she couldn’t see in modern-day London. Vauxhall Gardens, Carlton House, Exeter Exchange – I admired how Chris knew so much history about these sites and how the city of London changed from 1812 to now. I especially found it fascinating because I happened to be in London the same time I was reading this! (Too bad we didn’t encounter Mr. Darcy on Rotten Row!)


  • Emotional Connection: I found all the characters to be likable and well-drawn, but I’m sad to say I didn’t feel as emotionally invested with them as I usually do when I read a novel by Mary Simonsen. My heart warmed to see their friendships, but I didn’t feel a strong bond with them that engaged my feelings and thoughts.  More so with Chris than any other character.


I feel like this isn’t the only time travel novel I’ve read by Mary Simonsen (even though it is!), when reading some of her Austenesque Historical Romances (When They Fall in Love, Darcy on the Hudson) I have felt as if I traveled to another time! Through Ms. Simonsen’s vivid descriptions and informative prose, I was able to see, feel, taste, smell, and breathe in 1812 in Another Place in Time. What a fantastic trip! Ms. Simonsen doesn’t need advancements in science or sophisticated technology, she can travel through time with her mighty pen!


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  27 Responses to “Another Place in Time – Mary Lydon Simonsen”


    I have read other stories by this author, but will have to consider this one as you rate it so highly. Time travel is usually a turn off for me but I do have one on my wish list by a different author which was very, very good and for which I am waiting as it is Volume 2. I also enjoy learning about history and for that alone I will consider buying this. I do like to read all the reviews before a final decision.


    I love time travel and I love Mary Simonsen (and I love your review) – this book is on my TBR list and looks like a winner!


    Yay! I’m glad it was a good reading experience for you. I look forward to this one too.


    I love Mary Simonsen’s books in general, and thoroughly enjoyed “Another Place in Time”. Ms. Simonsen’s infusion of historical details throughout this book brings the time period so alive as well as makes it very clear how much we romanticize the era when you consider the true aspects of hygiene and plumbing in the era. Also, I always enjoy books where Colonel Fitzwilliam has a prominent role, and he’s quite dashing in this one.


      Exactly! I love that she doesn’t romanticize history. I liked the realistic view she gave on London. Yes, it was especially fun to see Colonel Fitzwilliam become a more prominent character, wasn’t it? I’m so glad you enjoyed Another Place in Time as much as I did! 😉


      Hi, JoJo. I think if I lived at the time of the novel, I’d spend a lot of time in the country. 😉 Thanks for stopping by.


    I just ordered Another Place in Time! I’m pleased to see, Meredith, that you gave it 4.5 stars. Secretly (or not so secretly), we all wish that time travel was real!!! I enjoyed Simsonsen’s When They Fall in Love and Darcy on the Hudson, so look forward to reading Another Place in Time.

    Cool Mr Bingley Mrs Lizzy Bennett Bingley to find Rotton Row!!!


      Woot! Happy reading, Catherine! It would be fascinating to travel back to Jane Austen’s time, wouldn’t it? I’d imagine I might react similar to Chris did in the novel. I’d love seeing all the sights and the elegant customs, but I would chafe at the idea of not having equal rights or modern sanitation.

      Yes, we biked, walked, and stood on Rotten Row! Quite a beautiful route!


      Thank you, Catherine. I really enjoyed Darcy on the Hudson because of being able to do the research on the Hudson River Valley. My husband and I drove from the Bronx to Troy, NY. Great trip.


    Ooh I have this on my Kindle and cannot wait to read it. The excerpt you posted a little while back about Darcy’s first encounter with Pizza had me laughing. I can’t wait to read it 4.5 sounds like a winner 🙂 Great review


      LOL! Yes, Darcy’s experience with 2012 were so fun to witness – he rides in taxis, has a smart phone, watches tv, and googles things! Thank you for reading my review! I hope you get the chance to read it soon!


      Thanks, Tamara. Darcy also gets to go to the Ocean City boardwalk and rides on a roller coaster! Thanks for stopping by.


    I’ve purchased this one but haven’t had time to actually sit down and read it. Great review!!


    Meredith, Thank you for the wonderful review. I’ve been battling bronchitis, so I apologize for the late response. It was quite the tonic.


      My pleasure, Mary! I’m so sorry to hear that you have been ill! I hope you are feeling better! Thank you for the pleasure of your fun time-travel novel! Looking forward to learning more about your Patrick Shea mystery!


    I am always a bit wary of time travel novels. That makes it sound like I think they will bite me but you know what I mean! Glad you enjoyed this one!


      I can understand that, Ceri. 😉 The explanation for time travel in this story was scientific and logical, kind of like Back to the Future, not fantasy-unexplained phenomena like Lost in Austen.


    I have just ordered this book. I do not like books which places Darcy and Elizabeth with other people or werewolf stories but I do live time travel – I particularly liked the TV series Lost in Austen where that incorporated time travel so looking forward to reading this novel.

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