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My Own Mr. DarcyMr. Darcy – Dream vs. Reality?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Mom 🙂

Elizabeth Barrett is on a search for her own Mr. Darcy. Every time she meets a guy, she instantly decides whether or not he is Mr. Darcy material. If a guy doesn’t fit her predetermined “type,” she dismisses him as a possible future mate and moves on. For the past six years, no man has made it past a first date with Elizabeth, and to appease the growing concern of her roommate and best friend, Janessa, Elizabeth agrees (after serious coercion) to go on ten dates with Chad, a guy she had a pleasant first date with but didn’t want to continue seeing because he was blonde, friendly, disarming, and earns a living as a high school science teacher (ugh! how totally un-Darcy-like!)

But what will Elizabeth think when she starts to enjoy and look forward to her dates with Chad? What will Elizabeth do when Matt Dawson (a wealthy and arrogant McFayden look-alike) walks into her life?

Is aloof and haughty Mr. Darcy what she really wants?

What a fantastic story!! I adored Elizabeth and could easily understand and relate to her situation. I, too, fell in love with Mr. Darcy as a teenager and decided that I wanted to find my own Mr. Darcy and experience a union of “perfect happiness” when I grew up. Unlike Elizabeth though, I wasn’t
so determined on finding someone with the same appearance, mannerisms, and status as Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy. (Nah, I much prefer the easy-going, fun-loving, affable type…like Mr. Bingley!) Elizabeth, however, wants the whole Darcy-package: tall, dark hair that is slightly disheveled, blue eyes, “gorgeously unpleasant and impatient.”

Elizabeth is an extremely likable heroine full of romantic ideals, sweetness, and integrity. I admire her a lot – how she cares about unintentionally leading someone on, how she doesn’t allow herself to be walked on, how she is a low-maintenance, true to herself, and honest. However, Elizabeth isn’t a perfect heroine, she needs to learn not be so close-minded and quick to judge. Even though I saw the writing on the wall long before Elizabeth in regards to Chad and Matt, I still thoroughly enjoyed witnessing Elizabeth process her new-found awareness, self-evaluation, and clarity.

I loved the engaging and comfortable tone of this novel, Elizabeth and I felt like close friends by the end of the story. I was so emotionally invested while reading this story that I felt tears well up in my eyes and my heartbeat accelerate with anticipation (the texts between Chad and Elizabeth…such feels!). In addition, I greatly appreciated the vibrant descriptions Karey White crafted in her novel. I loved her verbal illustrations of the bookstore where Matt works, the appetizing delicacies Elizabeth enjoys on her dates, the interior design projects Elizabeth works on (I want that rug!), and Elizabeth’s awesomely quirky wardrobe (I loved her tights-fetish!). I sincerely hope we see some more Austen-Inspired novels by Karey White! My Own Mr. Darcy is a must read! It’s “totes adorbs!”

Note: Thought I’d make mention that this novel does not have any mature scenes, and is appropriate for all audiences. 

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Because she is super awesome and generous, author Karey White has set me up with ONE audio edition of My Own Mr. Darcy to give away to ONE lucky reader!


 To enter this giveaway leave a comment about My Own Mr. Darcy below!

  • This giveaway is open to residents worldwide.  Thank you, Karey!
  • The giveaway ends March 14th.
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  42 Responses to “My Own Mr. Darcy – Karey White + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    The college pic of you and mr bingley is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.


    Your wonderful review and this great feature is special and would be enjoyed greatly.


    Sounds like a real winner! Another one to add to my reading list : )


    I want this book:)) I spend so much time reading “in the past” and now its time to find Mr.
    Darcy in the present time. Thanks for this offer to win this book.


    OK, Meredith. A 5 out of 5 is a must read for me! I love these characters already. You had me at “vibrant descriptions.” I love words!
    Catherine Commons


    Sounds interesting. It’s hard to do the real time novels sometimes but you make this sound very enjoyable. I would love to read it also.


    This sounds like a great read! Count me in!


    Thanks so much! I’ve heard many good things about this one, and it’s been on my wishlist for quite some time. I’m glad to hear an audiobook has been made of it, since that’s how I “read” half my books these days (during my commute). 🙂


    Thanks for the review, Meredith! I really want to read more of Elizabeth & Chad! 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway too!


    Win or not, I’ll be getting this book. Thanks for the review, look fabulous!!


    A great review…a lovely new take on P&P…will be going on my TBR list…fun to read a modern take on a great favorite..thanks for the chance to win…


      Even though it has the name Darcy in the title it isn’t actually a modern adaptation of P&P, just a contemporary story about a Janeite finding her own Mr. Darcy. 😉


    If it’s Darcy, it’s for me. And a 5 our of 5 – what could be better?! Thanks for much for this giveaway.


    Sounds like my kind of book, I have yet to read a JAFF book not set in the regency era maybe if I win this it might be my chance thx


      I love reading about modern-day Janeites and Darcys. It is so much fun to feel the connection with these characters who love Jane Austen as much as I do. Hope you get a chance to read it, Tamara!


    Thanks for the giveaway! I love your reviews they lead me to books that might not have caught my eye before, or that I have already read and want to read again thank you!


    I’ve been curious about this one, so I’m glad to see you really enjoyed it!


    I am looking forward to reading this one! I love it when modern adaptations make you feel part of the story! Thanks for the giveaway 😉


    This book sounds so amazing! Who hasn’t compared guys to Mr. Darcy?!?


    I SOOOOO need to read this book!!!!!
    thank you for the giveaway!!!


    How wonderful to have this audiobook as one drives. It sounds great! Thank you for the giveaway.


    I have this on my kindle and I may have to move it up on my reading list! I’m happy you loved it. 🙂 The pic of you and your Mr Bingley is adorable. Such happy manners! lol 😉


    I was hoping it was a paperback copy because I can’t do Audible. The book sounds good. I just looked at the start of the excerpt on Amazon.


    Oh my! After a computer crash, a car accident and a windstorm that took off part of the roof, it was SO lovely to read this review. To see it’s your first 5 star read of the year–I’m honored. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with your readers. Congratulations, Jennifer, on the win. I hope you enjoy it.

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