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~ 2013 (Novels Published as eBooks Only) ~

*The titles that have highlighted links are the ones I have read and reviewed on this blog

**This list is in alphabetical order based on the author’s last name


– Prejudice and Pride by A Lady © 2013  MA  MC

– Jane and Bingley: Something Slightly Unsettling (Twisted Austen) by Alexa Adams © 2013  V  MC  SS

– Pride and Prejudice and Sex by Jane Austen and J. Anon © 2013  R  MA

– Betrothed to Mr. Darcy by Violet Bedford © 2013  S

– Felicity in Marriage (An Erotic Pride and Prejudice Continuation 1) by Ayr Bray © 2013  S  MA  N

– Conjugal Obligation (An Erotic Pride and Prejudice Continuation 2) by Ayr Bray © 2013  S  MA  N

– Not Handsome Enough by Ayr Bray © 2013  MA  SS

– Six Inches Deep in Mud by Ayr Bray © 2013  MA  SS

– Pemberley Mistletoe: A Pride and Prejudice Christmas by Ayr Bray © 2013  S

– Mary Bennet and Bloomsbury Coven (Regency Magic) by Beth Deichtman © 2013   MC  P

– Almost Persuaded: Miss Mary King by P. O. Dixon © 2013  N  MC APV

– Mr. Darcy – A London Adventure (Historical Adult Romance) by Abby Downton © 2013  MA  SS  PR

– Oh, Mr. Darcy! (Historical Adult Romance) by Abby Downton © 2013  MA  SS  S

– Kitty Bennet’s Diary by Anna Elliott © 2013 MC S

– Death Comes to Netherfield by M. A. England © 2013  V  N  MY

– Darcy and Elizabeth: An Unlikely Attraction by M. A. England © 2013  V  N

– Pride and Prejudice: Kitty’s Story by Jeanne Desautel Foster © 2013  APV  MC

– de Bourgh’s Revenge: The Haunting of Longbourn by Stacey Graham © 2013  SS  S  MY

– Mr. Darcy in Want of a Wife (Pride and Prejudice Revisited) by Jack Gunthridge © 2013   N

– A Night at Pemberley by Anne Harlowe © 2013 SS 

– Darcy of the Undead by Anne Harlowe © 2013  SS  P

– Elizabeth Bennet Meets Emily St. Aubert by Anne Harlowe  © 2013 SS  P

– Elizabeth and Darcy A Chance Meeting by M. Harper © 2013  V

– Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Private Journal by Edith Hawe © 2013  APV

– Relinquished Love (Letters from Darcy) by Tish Heather © 2013  L

– Until Our Fingers Entwine (Letters from Darcy) by Tish Heather © 2013  L

– Worthless Ex (Letters from Darcy) by Tish Heather © 2013  L

– Your Skin Sparkles in the Sun (Letters from Darcy) by Tish Heather © 2013  L

– Honor, Pride and Prejudice by Lorraine Hetschel © 2013  V

– Lady Catherine Helps by Lorraine Hetschel © 2013  V

– Darcy’s Second Chance by P. A. Hill © 2013  V  N

– Fault or Virtue by April Karber © 2013  V  N  MA

– Elizabeth Bennet – A Determined Woman by Joann Louise © 2013  V

– Elizabeth Bennet’s Surprising Visit by Joann Louise © 2013  V

– I Hate You Mr. Darcy by Joann Louise © 2013  N  V

– Murder at Rosings by Joann Louise © 2013  MY  V

– Mr. Darcy’s Pursuit by Rose Lyons © 2013  V

– Anne De Bourgh Manages by Renata McMann © 2013  SS  V

– Pemberley Weddings by Renata McMann © 2013  SS  V

– The Inconsistency of Caroline Bingley by Renata McMann © 2013  SS  V

– An Extraordinary Request by Don Miller © 2013  V

– An Unexpected Legacy by Don Miller © 2013  V

– Mistakes and Misunderstandings by Don Miller © 2013  V

– Change of Heart by Tina Marie Noel © 2013  V

– Mr. Darcy’s Kiss by Lari Ann O’Dell © 2013  V

– The Forgotten Sister by Kyron Pennie © 2013  S  N

– Reason and Resentment by Helen Price © 2013  S

– Missteps and Misfortunes by Sophie Rae © 2013  V

– Mr. Darcy Forgets by Becky Riker © 2013  S

– An Unexpected Arrival by Lelia M. Silver © 2013  S  SS  MC

– Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Dilemma (Mrs. Darcy Entertains Book 2) by Wendy Soliman © 2013  S  MC

– Miss Bingley’s Revenge (Mrs. Darcy Entertains Book 1) by Wendy Soliman © 2013  S

– Elizabeth Waits (Pride and Prejudice and Assassinations) by Leo Charles Taylor © 2013  SS  S

– Darcy Waits (Pride and Prejudice and Assassinations) by Leo Charles Taylor © 2013  SS  S

– Prince Darcy’s Private Eyes by Enid Wilson © 2013  SS  MA


V – Variation
P – Paranormal
S – Sequel
MC – Minor Character
MA – Mature Audience
M – Modern Adaptation
N – Novella
MY – Mystery
PR – Prequel
R – Retelling
APV – Alternate Point-of-View
SS – Short Story
L – Letters
YA – Young Adult


The amount of Pride and Prejudice inspired Austenesque novels published in 2013 is so staggering, it would have been too overwhelming to put them all together in one list.  Thanks to the helpful advice of Jakki Leatherberry, I’ve broken them up into 3 lists!

This is it!  This is the last list for 2013!  Whew!!  What a busy year!  I’m afraid I haven’t read any books on this list (I’m strictly a paperback only kind of girl!).  But I’d love to know if you read any!  And since I can’t recommend any of these books to readers, if you read one that you enjoyed please let us know!


If you want to see more lists, go HERE.  I’ve been busy the last two months updating and modifying  all previous lists!  (I must work better to stay on top of them!)


How many of these books have you read?

Which ones do you WANT to read?

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  16 Responses to “A Comprehensive Guide to Austenesque Novels – Pride and Prejudice 2013 (Part 3)”


    Hi Meredith, that is so kind of you and very helpful. I am so excited as I have not read any of these books so have many months/years still ahead of me for Darcy and Elizabeth reading!! Thank you for all your hard work, I for one certainly appreciate it x


    What a daunting task! Thank you so much for these lists! Who knew there were sooo many new ones in 2013! Looking forward to reading some of these in the months and years to come!


    Another awesome list! You are amazing. Thank you, Meredith!


    Such a huge list, well done Meredith!


    There was a ton of them. I’ve read four of these. Out of the four, Almost Persuaded by PO Dixon was my favorite. It is short and sweet. I loved getting a minor character’s story with that.


    Wow, what a list! Do you happen to know the grand total of austenesque books published in 2013?

    The only one I read was the Houseguest. I enjoyed it and I think you might, too.


      If I counted right the three lists add up to 160 – but that is just for P&P alone! That doesn’t include non P&P novels and all the reference/nonfiction releases! 2013 was a huge year!

      Thank you for the recommendation!! I have it on one of my amazon wishlists and keep checking to see if the author will release it as a paperback! 😉


    “The Houseguest” and “Mr. Darcy’s Pursuit” are two I’m familiar with. The latter has you on the edge of your chair protesting the turn of events several times. It was published on AHA as “Inevitable Change” after a significant rewrite from an even angstier version at ffn. It The Houseguest is the opposite: a cute bit of fluff, perfect for those who like a light and pleasant novel.


    Thank you Meredith! What a great list I had not realised it was just 2013!!!

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