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~ 2013 (Authors M-Z) ~

*The titles that have highlighted links are the ones I have read and reviewed on this blog

**This list is in alphabetical order based on the author’s last name


Bluebells in the Mourning by KaraLynne Mackrory  © 2013  V

– Mr. Darcy’s Cottage of Earthly Delights by Beth Massey  © 2013  MA V

– Mr. Darcy Likes It Wild: A Pride and Prejudice Diversion by Beth Massey  © 2013  MA  V

– The Pursuit of Mary Bennet by Pamela Mingle  © 2013  MC

– Girl Rocks Universe: Volume 1: A Modern Tale of Pride and Prejudice by C. M. Mitchell  © 2013  M  YA

– Girl Reaches Clouds: Volume 2: A Modern Tale of Pride and Prejudice by C. M. Mitchell  © 2013  M  YA

– Girl Races Time: Volume 3: A Modern Tale of Pride and Prejudice by C. M. Mitchell  © 2013  M  YA

– Girl Raises Eclipse: Volume 4: A Modern Tale of Pride and Prejudice by C. M. Mitchell © 2013  M  YA

– Girl Runs Galaxy: Volume 5: A Modern Tale of Pride and Prejudice by C. M. Mitchell  © 2013   YA

Tree of Life – Charlotte and the Colonel: A Pride and Prejudice Companion Story by Ginger Monette  © 2013  MC  S

Project Darcy by Jane Odiwe  © 2013  AI  TT

A Most Civil Proposal by C. P. Odom  © 2013  V

Consequence by C. P. Odom © 2013  V

– Charlotte by Linda Phelps  © 2013  MC  APV

– Pride’s Prejudice by Misty Dawn Pulsipher © 2013  M

– A Fitzwilliam Legacy: Seasonal Disorder Volume One by Tess Quinn  © 2013  S

– A Fitzwilliam Legacy: New Years Resolutions by Tess Quinn © 2013  S

Pride Revisited by Tessa Quinn  © 2013  SS

Mr. Darcy’s Noble Connections by Abigail Reynolds  © 2013   V

The Darcys of Derbyshire by Abigail Reynolds © 2013  V  N

– Acting on Faith by Jann Rowland © 2013  V

– Darcy’s Trial by M. A. Sandiford  © 2013  V

– Thursday’s Child: A Pride and Prejudice Love Journey by Pat Santarsiero  © 2013  MA  V

– Meet Me at Oakham Mount by Melanie Schertz  © 2013  V

– The Ashes of Longbourn by Melanie Schertz  © 2013  V

– The Bridge to Pemberley School by Melanie Schertz  © 2013  V

– The Conservatory of Hope by Melanie Schertz  © 2013  V  MA

– The Wrong Arrangement by Melanie Schertz © 2013   V

– Lost to the Ocean by Melanie Schertz © 2013   V

– Mr. Hurst’s Ambition by Lynne E. Scott © 2013  N  MC

– An Unexpected Governess by Lelia M. Silver © 2013  S  MC

– Pride and Precipice by Lelia M. Silver © 2013  M

When They Fall in Love by Mary Simonsen  © 2013   V

– The Gypsy Blessing by Wendi Sotis  © 2013   V

– Dreaming Pemberley by Ellen Mary Soule © 2013  S  N

– The Season of Love by Ranjani Srinivasan © 2013  S

– Compelling Consequences by Riley St. Andish © 2013  V  MA

– Irony and Influence by Riley St. Andish © 2013   V  MA

From This Day Forward by Joana Starnes © 2013  S

The Subsequent Proposal: A Tale of Pride, Prejudice, and Persuasion by Joana Starnes © 2013   V

– A Darker Darcy: Pride and Prejudice and Assassinations (Volume 1) by Leo Charles Taylor © 2013  S

– Pride and Prejudice and Assassinations (Volume 2) by Leo Charles Taylor © 2013  S

– Counterpointe: Pride and Prejudice and Assassinations (Volume 3) by Leo Charles Taylor © 2013   APV

– Spies and Prejudice by Talia Vance © 2013  MY  M  YA

– Mr. Darcy Falls in Love by Noe Villareal © 2013  APV

– Vanities and Vexations by Sarah J Waldock © 2013  S

– The Storm by Ola Wegner © 2013  V  MA

– Headstrong Girls by June Williams, Enid Wilson, and Debra Anne Watson © 2013  SS

– Overlooked by Helen Williams © 2013   V

– Most Truly (Love at Pemberley) by Reina M. Williams © 2013  MC  N  S

– My Darcy Pulsates…by Enid Wilson  © 2013  SS  MA

Unleashing Mr. Darcy by Teri Wilson © 2013  M

Return to Longbourn by Shannon Winslow  © 2013  S


V – Variation
S – Sequel
MC – Minor Character
MA – Mature Audience
M – Modern Adaptation
AI – Austen-Inspired
N – Novella
MY – Mystery
YA – Young Adult
SS – Short Story
APV – Alternate Point-of-View
TT – Time Travel


The amount of Pride and Prejudice inspired Austenesque novels published in 2013 is so staggering, it would have been too overwhelming to put them all together in one list.  Thanks to the helpful advice of Jakki Leatherberry, I’ve broken them up into 3 lists!

Today’s list is the second of 3!  If you are wondering why a Pride and Prejudice inspired novel that was published in 2013 isn’t on this list, chances are it is on one of the other two.  If there is a novel you know belongs on this list (has to be published in paperback) and you don’t see it, let me know!  With so many novels coming out weekly, it is hard to remember or find them all!


If you want to see more lists, go HERE.  I’ve been busy the last two months updating and modifying  all previous lists!  (I must work better to stay on top of them!)


Of the novels I haven’t read, which do you recommend? 

There are 54 novels in this list, how many have you read?

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  12 Responses to “A Comprehensive Guide to Austenesque Novels – Pride and Prejudice 2013 (Part 2)”


    There are some really good books on that list! Many of them I have not read and quite a large number of them I had not heard of before now. I have read 10 on the list and have several others on my TBR list. Thanks to you and Jakki for taking the time to put all of these lists together!


    I think I’ve read a paltry 6 of these! I’ll have to hope they slow down in 2014 so I can catch up. Thanks for the list, some here I’d not heard of


      LOL! Who knows what 2014 will bring! Part of me thinks that 2013 was so popular because of the 200th anniversary or P&P, but I might be wrong. 🙂 The genre just might be growing at a very large rate!


      hello Meredith and Ceri yes I counted six I have read! Meredith once you compile the third list I will spend a day going through your reviews and putting them in star order, starting with the 5’s first let the fun begin! lol


    Thank you for the mention of the group project Pride and Prejudice: Scenes Jane Austen Never Wrote. There were nearly twenty authors who contributed scenes to this collection which was originally posted as the Pride and Prejudice 200 Project. All proceeds of the book are going to Jane Austen’s House Museum at Chawton.


    I have only read four. I have eight more on my TBR pile and three on my wish list. Several are new to me that I will need to check out.


    So great to see my books up there with the great and the good 🙂
    Thanks, Meredith, and thanks again for the wonderful reviews!!!


    I’ve read 9 from this list, but there’s still so much more to read! I highly recommend Unequal affections by Lara Ormiston (I think it’s from January this year). It’s one of my all-time favorites (and it has 36 5-star reviews on Amazon with a total of 48 reviews, so that’s really good!) and it’s clean, but has really nice romantic moments. Thanks for putting these lists together, they are very helpful!

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