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Hello, Downton fans!!  Here is the second installment of my new series: Downton Top Ten!

The first post was where I made my list of my Top Ten Favorite Characters from Seasons 1-3 and the second post was where I shared my Top Ten Dowager Countess Quotes from Season 1.

Today’s list is my Top Ten Favorite Moments from Season 1-2 – these may be happy moments, emotional moments, climatic moments, or even a sad moments.  Scenes of the show that are memorable and special to me.

Looking at this list, I think I tend to favor scenes that are filled with emotion and “feels,” rather than comedy or romance.   Again, it was sooo hard to pick only 10!


10.  Bates brings Anna a dinner tray (Season One, Episode Four)

Poor Anna has a cold and is all alone in the servants quarters, while almost everyone else is enjoying the fair.  Bates knocks on the door that separates the mens’ rooms from the women’s and calls for her.  Anna unlocks the door even though she’s not allowed to.  And she sees sweet Mr. Bates, smiling at her, with a tray of food, and flowers. 

– So very sweet!  His smile, her smile…ahh! Love how these two show their feelings in cute little ways.  But I do have to wonder…how did Bates manage to make it all the way up there with the tray…


9.  Isobel finally arrives at the hospital and Matthew sees her for the first time (Season Two, Episode Five)


As soon as Matthew sees his mother he starts breathing hard and crying, and says one word: “Mother.”

– Mothers make everything better.  Makes me cry every time!


8.  Robert changes his mind and tells Bates to stay at Downton  (Season One, Episode One)


Robert, Earl of Grantham: Wait! Get out, Bates.

Get back inside and we’ll say no more about it.

It wasn’t right, Carson. I just didn’t think it was right.

– Good for you, Robert!  Don’t let others make you do something you don’t want to!


7.  Mrs. Patmore verses Mrs. Bird (Season One, Episode Seven)

Mrs. Patmore:  Are you not used to managing staff, Mrs. Byrd?

Mrs. Bird:  I’m used to getting it done with one kitchen maid, Mrs. Patmore, but I suppose in a house like this, you expect to take it easy.

Anna:  [to Mr.  Molesley] Do you think we should erect a ring and let them fight it out?

– Ha!  Love it!  Especially when Mrs. Patmore puts down the spoon and looks like she wants to deck Mrs. Bird in the nose!


6.  Carson being Mary’s shoulder to cry on after Matthew rejects her  (Season One, Episode Seven)


Carson:  Are you quite well, my lady?

Mary:  Of course.  You know me, Carson.  I’m never down for long.

[Mary continues to cry and Carson holds her in his arms.]

Carson:  I know you have spirit, my lady.  That’s what counts.  It’s all that counts in the end.  There, there.

– Love these two together!  Love that he hugs her and she cries on his shoulder.


5. Cora, at the prompting of Miss O’Brien, investigates what “devious acts” Mrs. Patmore, Daisy, and Mrs. Bird are up to  (Season Two, Episode Four)


O’Brien: You mean you are going to let them get away with it?

Cora: Oh, more than that, I’m going to help them.  And so are you.

– Yes!  Love the whole soup kitchen story arc – such a nice, heartwarming thing to witness!


4.  William and Daisy’s Wedding (Season Two, Episode Five)

All the servants are assembled, beautiful flowers everywhere, Carson walks with Daisy, Lady Violet cries, the sweet smiles and kiss William and Daisy share…

– I bawl during the whole scene.  Very well done.  Very moving.


3.   Violet shows she can be selfless and generous (Season One, Episode Five)


Violet, Countess of Grantham:  And now the Grantham Cup for the best bloom in the village…And the Grantham Cup is awarded to… [Violet reads her own name on the judges’ paper.]  Mr. William  Molesley…for his Comtesse Cabarrus Rose.  Congratulations, Mr. Molesley.

– Brava, Violet! Brava!  Look how happy you made sweet Mr. Molesley!  Ahh, the feels!


2.  Mr. Mason and Daisy become a family (Season Two, Christmas Special)

Mr. Mason:  I think that’s one reason why William married you.  So that I wouldn’t be alone with all my bairns gone.  Without you, I’d have no one to pray for.  I think William knew that.

Daisy:  Oh.

Mr. Mason:  So, will you be my daughter?  Let me take you into my heart, make you special?

–  I love dear Mr. Mason so much!!! Daisy you lucky, lucky girl!!!  Pretty much everything he says in this scene melts my heart.  Love this relationship, but I wish they had more screen time.  I want more Mr. Mason and Daisy!


1.  Matthew and William finally return (Season Two, Episode Four)

Mary is in the middle of sining “If You Were the Only Girl in the World,” she spots him first, stops singing, everyone turns to see what she sees, the music stops, everyone’s face is suffused with the greatest joy.  

Robert:  My dear boy.  My very dear boy.

Matthew walks up to Mary and continues the song where she left off.  Mary, barely holding onto her composure, joins him.

– Getting choked up just writing about this scene!  Such happiness!  Such phenomenal acting!


What are some of your favorite scenes from Downton Abbey Season One and Two?


*If you can, please be careful to not share any spoilers of Season 4 in your comments.  Thank you!

**image credits – pbs.org 

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  8 Responses to “Downton Top Ten: Favorite Moments (Season 1 & 2)”


    I like the number 8: Robert telling Bates to stay at Downton. The scenes where Bates appears are, often full of feelings. He’s so gentle and trustworthy! 🙂


    Your top pick – Matthew and William return – has been one of mine as well. But didn’t Season Two conclude with Matthew proposing to Mary? That scene in the snow, the dress she wore, the look in his eyes (that was before we knew he’d be deserting the ship) – all most memorable.


      Yes it did, Lilyane! Should I go hide my face in shame for not picking that one? 😉 It is a beautiful scene and I do love it (it made my long list), but I guess it doesn’t give me “the feels” as much as these others did. :/


    One of my favorite scenes is when Anna brings Bates a tray–he is up in his room quietly crying as he is being sent away. It was not his fault that he was injured in war. Now, getting another job with a bad leg would not be easy and he knew it. You can feel her compassion for him as she stands at his door and offers him some food. So sweet! She’s a great actress.

    On another note… I miss Matthew. He was such bright character and really breathed fresh life into the ‘stiff upper lip’ atmosphere of Downton. He and Mary were a great pair.


      Oh yes, I love how Anna did that for him! Yes, she is a wonderful actress!

      I miss Matthew too. With both of him and Sybil gone it just doesn’t feel right! I may shock you all by saying this, but I kind of miss Miss O’Brien! She was an interesting character, always prickly and putting herself first…but I feel like she reformed for the better…a little 😉


    I loved Matthew and William return too! I’m glad you pick that moment as number one 🙂 I also loved the proposal scene in the snow, it was perfect as Lilyane said. And then I have another one to add, the scene when Mary realizes she loves Matthew (season 1 episode 6, if I’m not mistaken) and they kiss for the first time 🙂 I know all these scenes include Matthew and Mary but they are my favourite characters 😉 Furthermore, I love every scene and dialogue between Mary and Carson. He’s adorable with her!


      🙂 LOL! Nothing wrong with being a Matthew and Mary fan! You are definitely in good company!

      Oh yes, the Carson-Mary relationship is one of my most favorites in the whole series! Love their support of each other! 🙂

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