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Alias Thomas BennetSo You Think You Know Mr. Bennet…

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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What if Mr. and Mrs. Bennet both experienced traumatic and disturbing tragedies that forever altered their lives?

What if Mr. Bennet was indeed quiet and private, but unlike Jane Austen’s character, he was a responsible parent and attentive husband?

What if there were secrets, secrets, and more secrets surrounding the Bennet daughters???

In many Austenesque novels we see Mr. Bennet depicted as negligent, acerbic, unsociable, and even unreasonable. Sometimes he is one of the antagonists and sometimes he is a confidante and companion.  In Suzan Lauder’s debut novel, Alias Thomas Bennet, she places Mr. Bennet in a role he does not often have the good fortune to occupy – the role of hero!

In this novel Mr. Bennet takes more interest and care in his family. He doesn’t make sport of or ignore his wife, and she in turn is a bit more sensible and economical. He isn’t careless with his finances and management of Longbourn, which results in a very comfortable living situation and adequate dowries for his daughters. When Mr. Darcy comes to town, he finds the Bennets (especially Mr. Bennet and Elizabeth) to be very intelligent and pleasant company. How do the improved manners and abundance of propriety in the Bennet household effect the illustrious Mr. Darcy of Derbyshire…Is Elizabeth still inferior? Is marrying her still a degradation?

What an originative take on Pride and Prejudice! I enjoyed seeing how the different dynamics of the Bennet family impacted the storyline, and the happy and congenial atmosphere around Longbourn was heartwarming to witness. Much better than their usual disorder and disfunction! I enjoyed seeing Mr. Bennet be active in his daughters’ lives and take steps to protect them from Wickham. While at times, I may have thought the Bennet family a little too near “pictures of perfection,” I overall enjoyed seeing them portrayed in a more favorable light for a change!

What I loved most about this story was that it had a duel plot – besides the present-day story of Mr. Bingley letting Netherfield Park, readers learn about the traumatic experiences Mr. and Mrs. Bennet faced twenty years ago and how those experiences brought them together through periodic flashbacks. For me, learning the secrets of their past and witnessing their falling in love was my favorite part of the story. More so than the Darcy and Elizabeth storyline! (I know, how shocking, right?!?) In fact, I would have loved to see more of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet! Especially Mrs. Bennet – if Mr. Bennet is this story’s hero, I think she should be the heroine. 🙂

Unique and enthralling, Alias Thomas Bennet is a wonderful choice for readers who want to see a different side of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet! I sincerely hope we see more creative and unique novels pour from the pen of Suzan Lauder real soon!

Warning: Some sexual intimacy (between Darcy and Elizabeth) and sexual violence (not between Darcy and Elizabeth)

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The lovely people at Meryton Press have hooked me up with ONE PAPERBACK copy of Alias Thomas Bennet for me to give away to ONE lucky reader!

Alias Thomas Bennet

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  54 Responses to “Alias Thomas Bennet – Suzan Lauder + Giveaway!!!”


    Mmmm can’t wait to read this – another one to add to the list. Thank you for the review Meredith. As always, very grateful x


    Great review Meredith! I was recently lucky enough to win a copy of this so I hope to read it soon 🙂


    A wonderful review. Thanks for this interesting feature today.


    I am captivated with this book. Many thanks.


    This book is already on my list of wants – I like the idea of the different family interactionc within the Bennet family

    meikleblog at gmail dot com


    Yes, this book is on my wish list too! Can’t wait to read it and find out how different each member of the Bennet family has been portrayed. The ‘flashback’ concept sounds intriguing too! Thanks Meredith for your review!


    Hmmm dual plot. I love mr. Bennet,


    Lovely review. Really different spin!


    This does sound astounding. I am beyond curious about a story where the senior Bennets are heroic. Thanks for sharing about the book and for the giveaway opportunity.


    I adore Mr. Bennet and would love to read this version of him. Actually, I will read this version of him – regardless. Thanks for much for the opportunity.


    I would love to have this book. Mr. Bennett is such an interesting character and I would enjoy finding out more about what has made his personality so complex. Thank for the opportunity to win this interesting book.


    It´s a breath of fresh air to know about Mr a Mrs Bennet portrayed in a good mood! What an original idea! 😉
    And you talk about secrets! secrets in Longbourn!. I wonder what “alias” means in the title…
    Thanks for the giveaway and the review.


    I can’t wait to read this book. I am on pins and needles waiting for its release by Barnes and Noble for my Nook.


    Oh, my, this is a totally “what if” and how interesting to see a totally different take on both Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. Thank you for the giveaway!


    Another great book to add to my TBR list….love the idea of a happy Bennet couple…what an interesting twist….Thanks for the chance to win..


    Thank you for this review. I am ready for a fresh take on Mr. Bennet. I am adding this to my wish list.


    Awesome. I have this on my amazon wish list


    Would love to add this to my Austenesque collection. Putting Alias Thomas Bennett on my To Read list now. I just love Mr. Bennett! I wonder how I will like the portrayal of Mrs. Bennett? I love her nerves and all as she reminds me of my mother. Yes, I have a Mrs. Bennett for a mom…..


    Sounds like an interesting character


    Great review, I think I will enjoy this as I love to see a lovely side to Mr and Mrs Bennet! I really liked Bluebells in the morning for that reason.


    I have often wondered what it would have been like had Mr. Bennet taken more care with his family. I cannot wait to read this and find out!


    Mr Bennet is such an interesting character. It is fun to see all the different and creative ways his character can twist a plot. I am looking forward to this caring and attentive Mr Bennet. Thank you for the giveaway.


    Thanks for the wonderful review, Meredith! I just found out today… I was away on vacation. I hope others find Mr. and Mrs. Bennet’s story as compelling as you did. It was a sort of a surprise to me that they became so important, since this was really supposed to be a Darcy and Elizabeth story–and it is–but sometimes characters surprise the author! I’m really honoured that you enjoyed it, since your reviews are consistently honest and full of depth, which is great feedback for a writer.


      My pleasure, Suzan!! Thank YOU for writing such a unique and sympathetic tale! I love how characters can just take over like that! Mr. and Mrs. Bennet don’t get the spotlight often, I guess they were really happy to have you shine your light on them! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, I’m so honored you find my reviews helpful!


    I loved this when you were posting online. I look forward to reading the published edition.


    Thanks for the reniew and the giveaway!! This book is different from other I’ve read. I like the idea of this Mr Bennet.


    I’ve remember reading this at AHA and loved it. I would definitely recommend the book to others and read it a second time.


    Is this a Janet T cover? Lovely!


    I’m glad you enjoyed this one as much as I did. It was different seeing Mr. Bennet portrayed as the hero.


    Would love to read this version of Mr. Bennett.

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