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Twelfth Night at LongbournKitty Bennet…the Social Pariah of Meryton (Thanks to dear Lydia!)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that this is the fourth volume in the Given Good Principles series, and that it is recommended that Volume I, II, and III are read prior to reading this one – or at the least, Volume III All the Appearance of Goodness.)

What if all the Bennet daughters but Kitty were married? What if Lydia’s imprudent elopement was patched up in a way that still left a stain on the Bennet name? What if Kitty’s life consisted of a father who continues to ignore her, a mother that stays to her rooms, and a village that shuns her?

The coming holiday season holds little in the way of happiness and anticipation for our poor Kitty…that is until an invitation to spend the holidays at Pemberley arrives! (Don’t fret, Kitty! Your sisters have not forgotten you!) En route to Pemberley, Kitty spends a few days with Georgiana and her new companion – Mrs. Hartwell. But what starts out to be a thrilling trip to town filled with shopping, friends, and Christmas dinner at an earl’s house, comes to an abrupt end when Georgiana makes a false step and her strict companion forbids her all holiday entertainments… After encountering Maria Grace’s Kitty (with her talent for sewing and eschewal of Lydia’s imprudent habits) I knew she would make an admirable and praiseworthy heroine! Since this story takes place mostly in London, we spend time with other minor characters – Georgiana Darcy, Mr. Bingley, Louisa Bingley, and the Gardiners. (Don’t expect much Darcy and Elizabeth.) I enjoyed seeing Kitty try to rise from her sister’s disgrace and improve her manners, and my heart went out to her when she suffered slights in Meryton and thought herself unworthy of the Bingleys. What I loved most about this story was being able to witness the Christmas Day and Twelfth Night celebrations Kitty attended! I loved the scene with the Christmas pudding and all the charms inside (I think it would be a blast to replicate that tradition and see who gets what charm!) and the entertaining parlor games with the Gardiner children! In addition, I loved that the Twelfth Night celebrations took place at Longbourn instead of Pemberley. Call me crazy, but I love the idea of everyone being crowded and cozy at Longbourn – all good cheer and chaos! The Twelfth Night festivities were entertaining to witness and there are quite a few surprises in store for Kitty and for us readers! The conclusion kind of turns a little bit fairytale-ish at the end, though. It may not be as credible, but it was a very sweet and heartwarming ending. One character I do wish we could have spent a little bit more time with is Georgiana. She started off bearing a resemblance to Lydia and there seemed to be good amount of contention between her and her companion. I would have liked to seen how their issues played out and a little more development of Georgiana’s character.

I found much to admire and appreciate in Maria Grace’s Give Good Principles series! I adored the new situations, revelations, and characters she created with her stories! A very inventive and introspective series! I recommend you read all four elegant volumes!

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The lovely Maria Grace has donated two copies of newly released novel, Twelfth Night at Longbourn (1 paperback and 1 ebook), for me to giveaway to TWO lucky winners!

Twelfth Night at Longbourn Twelfth Night at Longbourn

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  26 Responses to “Twelfth Night at Longbourn: Given Good Principles, Vol. IV – Maria Grace”


    Your wonderful review was captivating and excellent. This book sounds extraordinary and very special.


    Waiting to see if I win an ebook or when the paperback is available on Amazon Canada before I read the first 3 volumes of the series. Looking forward to see how the character of Kitty develops


    It sounds great. I would love to win the e-book version as I’m international and own the of the three volumes. Can’t wait to start reading the series once I get the fourth book.


    A reader does not learn much about Kitty except she is silly and follows Lydia. It will be a delight to read how she changes. I have become interested in Regency Christmas and Twelve Night celebrations and look forward to reading about them. Thank you for the giveaway!


      Very true. There is a lot of possibility! I like how Maria Grace portrayed Kitty being proficient with sewing and fashion. It was nice to see her have a talent besides coughing and complaining!


    I am looking forward to reading this fourth installment of Maria Grace’s GGP series. I’ve read the first three and enjoyed them very much. I hope I win the paperback book!
    Thank you, Meredith for your great blog.
    Catherine Commons


    I love it that Kitty is getting her story. I’m with you, Meredith. I would love to participate in a 12th Night party in a cozy home surrounded by family and friends.


      I’m so used to seeing the Christmas holidays celebrated at Pemberley or in London. It was such a refreshing change to see it at Longbourn! Loved the bustle and homey-ness of it all!


    I’m taking advantage of entering again. Thanks for the helpful review and the giveaway.


    Thanks, Maria and Meredith for a fabulous read and a great review&interview!

    I absolutely adore your prose, Maria, it’s light and sparkling and the historical touch is always a joy to read!

    Please don’t include me in the giveaway, I had the earlier volumes already and just got the box set yesterday, so I made myself a cup of chocolate and I’ll have a perfect morning! Thanks again!


    I really enjoyed the 1st 3 volumes and just bought the 4th on kindle. I will need to get the paperbacks soon to add to my collections. I would love to be in the giveaway.


    Yes, definitely put my name in the box! Just from the post I do have a quibble — the cover. Of course, I do have issues with many independently produced book covers: either the obvious amateurish art or the horrible 1960-ish photographs (polyester satin gowns etc., non-authentic hair, etc.) (the current book — sorry, I have to tell the truth — History major/English minor).


    I myself love the Christmas holidays, and actually know very little about Twelfth Night – would be very interesting to read. Adding to my to-read list now 😉


    Glad to see you enjoyed the series. I’ve read the first two and plan to read the last two very soon!


    I’d like to read the paperback. I like the cover of the book. I have the third one in the series but I don’t usually read series in order. It would be nice to learn more about Kitty.

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