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Rain and RetributionWhat if Life Wasn’t So “Light and Bright?” 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars  

Source: Review Copy from Author


TIME FRAME: Morning after the Netherfield Ball to almost a year later

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Georgiana Darcy, Mr. Bennet, George Wickham, Colonel Fitzwilliam


The inventive premise. Mr. Bennet desiring/forcing a marriage between Elizabeth and Mr. Collins + Elizabeth running away from Longbourn = a very intriguing premise that I was very curious to see play out. 


  • Plausible Premise: Lizzy is very fortunate that both of her parents don’t force her to marry Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice. Considering their situation, the time period, and her lack of dowry, she is extremely fortunate! It isn’t really a stretch to imagine a Mr. Bennet, who is irresponsible, lazy, and has many shortcomings, pursing such a course. Having his favorite daughter help take care of his estate when he is gone? Selfishly and indolently letting someone else save his family from his mistakes? It makes sense.
  • Alteration of Jane Bennet: What if Jane was already seriously disappointed in love when Mr. Bingley came to Netherfield? What if that gentleman that was “so much in love with her” when she was fifteen touched her heart and broke it? I enjoyed how L. L. Diamond explored this different path with Jane Bennet. Her heart is closed to Bingley when he comes, and Mr. Darcy is correct in his assumption about her feelings not being engaged. I like it when Jane isn’t portrayed as a perfect and serene angel, it can get too saccharine sometimes!
  • A Tender and Devoted Darcy: While attempting to abscond to London, Lizzy gets caught in a downpour and catches a cold. Oh, how I loved witnessing Darcy tend to her! How he would read to her at her request, check her fever while she slept, and spend the night in a chair by her side. The time Darcy and Elizabeth spent sequestered alone together was just beautiful! I loved seeing Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship develop through frank conversations, selfless concern, and sweet smiles. 🙂
  • A New Take of Georgiana: Watch out, readers! Georgiana is a bit of a villain in this story! Because her older brother was always away at school and her father never established a relationship with her (except for giving her trinkets), Georgiana has grown up into a very insolent and resentful young woman. She doesn’t look upon Darcy with any regard or respect, and she thinks he is a hypocrite for marrying Elizabeth when he wouldn’t let her marry George. It was interesting to see Georgiana portrayed in this darker and more defiant manner – no timid reserve here! Since Darcy and Elizabeth resolve their issues earlier on in the story, Georgiana created some conflict and tension that carries us through the rest of the tale. I was dying to know what would become of her and what was the nature of her relationship with Wickham…


  • Some More Reconciliation, Please?: Darcy and Elizabeth have conflicts with not only Georgiana and Wickham, but also Mr. Bennet and Jane Bennet in this novel (albeit more passive). While we see a resolution of sorts with Georgiana and Wickham (which I sort of have ambivalent feelings about), there isn’t really one with Jane and Mr. Bennet. It felt like Elizabeth should have had a showdown, reconciliation, or something with her family – especially Jane.


  • Some intimate and romantic scenes (which were very tasteful and not overly frequent!) Thank you, L. L. Diamond, for not making Darcy have a raging libido!


A very refreshing and thought-provoking alternate path to Pride and Prejudice! By removing some lightness and brightness and adding some darker personalities, L. L. Diamond creates a story that displays the fervent and fulfilling love two people can have for each other when everyone else in their lives hurts and disappoints them. If you don’t mind seeing some creative adjustments with Jane Austen’s characters and some intimate scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth, then I recommend you add Rain and Retribution to your TBR list!

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  45 Responses to “Rain and Retribution – L. L. Diamond”


    This looks like an interesting read. I t sounds as thought the author took some of the character traits and made them major character flaws…ie Mr Bennet pushing his favorite Elizabeth to marry Collins so he can stay in his little bubble of life.


      Absolutely, Theresa! His selfishness becomes magnified in this book as he places his own desires over his daughter’s happiness. A little bit darker, but not at all unbelievable.


    I’ve read this a few months ago and it was an interesting read! I totally agree with your opinions on Jane. I have to admit that she’s not my favorite P&P character, she sometimes seems to good to be true and also a bit naive.
    I would love to win A matter of chance!


    I was waiting your review of this book. I have liked it very much, and I must read it very soon. I am sure that I will love it.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.


    Interesting outlook. I’m not so sure if I’m very fond of a different Georgiana, but it sounds like it could make sense.
    And I’m always one for a take on Elizabeths and Darcys story from a different perspective – if they end up together in the end, that is :-D!

    I’m definitely interested in both novels!


      Yes, I liked that this story had a very different twist to it, one that I have not seen done before. And no worries, D&E will find happiness soon! Georgiana’s character is a bit different than I’m used to, but it was unique change.


    Intrigued that Mr Bennet is now worried about the financial future of his family when he has gone, enough to ‘force’ his favourite child into an unequal marriage


    Hmmm…a different Jane and a more defiant Georgiana. Sounds intriguing. I always enjoy a different take on these characters. I don’t think it unlikely at that time, that Mr. Bennet would force his daughter to accept such a proposal from Mr. Collins. Knowing the close relationship Jane Austen had with her father, she gave a kinder fate to Elizabeth. Thank you for the review and the giveaway!


      It is always fun to see different interpretations and portrayals, isn’t it? Good point about Jane Austen’s relationship with her father and how it might have influenced her creation of Mr. Bennet.


    A very different Georgiana, Jane and Mr Bennet from canon. I’m a little apprehensive about the premise but I’m willing to overcome it and give the book a try if I win. I don’t mind to receive A Matter of Chance as I also enjoy reading modern adaptation.


    Oh! I do like the idea of a darker take on some of the characters like Jane and Georgie and how that might change the events of the story. I could see a Mr. Bennet who ignored his daughter’s pleas not to marry Mr. Collins. Sounds fab! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the giveaway opportunity. I’d be more interested in R&R, but both sound interesting.


    Great review as always! I was intrigued by the excerpt you posted earlier. Definitely on my to-read list.


    Interesting! I admit I’m a little more apprehensive about Georgiana than anything else, but I’m totally down for reading this. I usually like it when characters are tweaked or pushed a bit (especially Jane) and I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch for Mr B to insist that Lizzy marry Mr Collins.


      Georgiana’s character was quite the opposite to how she is usually portrayed…she was a thorn in D&E’s sides and because of a lack of relationship with Darcy during her childhood, she doesn’t respect or revere him.


    I enjoy this piece very much. I agree that there should have been some further resolution. A showdown with Jane would have been a bit of icing on the cake. I don’t know about Elizabeth but it would have made me feel better to see some kind of reckoning.


      Exactly! Glad to know I wasn’t the only wanting them to have it out!


        I have had a few comments wishing for more of a conclusion to the storyline, but at the time, I was thinking that not all relationship conflicts are resolved and that sometimes the families never reunite or hash it out and make things better. So, I made a choice to leave the relationships with Jane and Mr Bennet as they were. It felt more real to me. I don’t know if that makes sense, but that was my mindset.


    I have been spending a delightful day rereading Rain and Retribution. It has been the perfect book when the outside temperature is minus 3. It has been fun to see a very different Georgiana and a very different temperment for Jane. The review is quite correct! Thank you for the giveaway, and I look forward to reading A Matter of Chance.


    I always appreciate your reviews. This totally gives a little window/insight into what to expect. The changes in personality sound fascinating. Dark. Hmmmmm. I don’t think I’ve seen too many from the dark side. (Evil laugh) I agree with Luthien84 about the personality changes. Georgiana May be my biggest worry. Thanks for the warning about the intimate scenes. Since I trust your judgment I would like the opportunity to read this novel.


      Thank you, Suzan, for such kind remarks about my reviews! I used the word “dark” to illustrate the contrast with Jane Austen’s “light and bright” description, but the story doesn’t have too much that is sinister and gloomy about it. With characters like Jane and Georgiana not being their sweet, endearing selves, the story definitely does feel like it lost some of its lightness. There is still plenty of light. 🙂


    Love the review, Meredith. You caught the essence of the book so well. I think it’s a nice surprise to have books like this that take Jane Austen inspired fiction to the next level and explore subtle characterization changes as part of their premise. You get an interesting and dramatic read that way. I think the “dark” parts of the book are well-balanced and don’t take over. The closeness between Darcy and Elizabeth is the glue.


      Thank you for such kind praise, Suzan! Very true! The beautiful relationship between D&E definitely bring light and happiness to this tale! I loved their time together at the inn so much! 🙂


    I have read this book and it is awesome, I really loved how different some of the characters were and yet it was true to the story. Gerogiana was especially well done.. I would highly recommend this story to everyone!! Loved the relationship between Darcy and Elisabeth.


      Me too, Carmalee! Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship was just so lovely to witness! I thought the character alterations were very well done and as you said true to the story as well as the time period.


    As always thanks Meredith for the review. I love to find your latest book review and my list of “must reads” continues to grow. Thanks also to the giveaway from LL Diamond. The books sound great and I look forward to reading the Pride and Prejudice alternate path and modern versions. In my opinion I never get tired if the Darcy and Lizzy story. –Leslie


    Lovely review, Meredith! You had me at “a tender and devoted Darcy”! Glad you enjoyed this story!!:)


    A big thanks to Meredith for giving a newbie a shot and reviewing my book! Thanks so much to everyone who has commented and might comment in the future on this page. Everyone’s comments and interest in the giveaway has made this a wonderful experience. I enjoyed coming here every day to see the new comments. If anyone is interested in keeping up with what I’m doing, I have a facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/LLDiamond and a twitter account (LLDiamond2). I hope to see you there!


      Oh thank you, Leslie! It was such a pleasure to have you visit and I’m so thrilled to share your post and read your lovely story! So happy you are enjoying your visit to AR! 🙂


    hmmm…I am always intrigued by the new viewpoints people come up with! Lovely review, this will have to go on my TBR.


    No need to enter me because I already have a review copy. Just wanted to say that you’ve made me even more excited to read this one now. I’m curious about what the author does to Georgiana especially.


    Great review! Thank you for the giveaway!


    Finished reading it two days ago, and really enjoyed it! I like the darker takes on P&P and this one worked so well. It’s not at all inconceivable in the historical context that Mr. Bennett would have insisted on Lizzy’s marriage to Collins and I loved going down that path. Thanks L.L. Diamond for a fun read, and Meredith for bringing it to my attention!


    I just finished this book last night. I have to tell you, I agree with the author that there are just some things in life that don’t get resolved and it’s okay. I thought it was very well done and very plausible – not too dark, just very real. I want to slap the selfish nonsense out of Mr. Bennett to make ME feel better, but that’s just a personal problem. LOL Thanks for your review, it put a bug in my ear and I had to read it.


      So glad you enjoyed this book, Stephanie! It was dark and real, and I agree very plausible for the time period! LOL! Some characters definitely needed some slaps or shakes!

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