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The Subsequent ProposalPride and Prejudice Meets Persuasion!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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What if after several months of living in anguish and despair over Elizabeth Bennet’s rejection, Darcy encountered a gentle and compassionate person named Anne Elliot?

What if Anne, with her kind and encouraging nature, brought about a significant improvement in Georgiana’s shyness and confidence, while at the same time soothed Darcy’s broken heart with her easy-going friendship?

What if Darcy decided the best course of action for him and Georgiana, at this point in time, was for him to offer marriage to…Anne Elliot!

In this incredibly inventive and daring novel, author Joana Starnes explores the possibility of the characters from Pride and Prejudice crossing paths with characters from Persuasion. Taking place three months after Darcy’s disastrous proposal in Hunsford, Darcy, instead of reuniting with the Bingley family at Pemeberley, travels to Somersetshire in the company of his relations from Matlock. And accompanying Elizabeth and the Gardiners on their northern tour is Mrs. Gardiner’s former school companion, Mrs. Croft (as well as her husband and charming younger brother – a naval captain!)

I found the combination of these two beloved Jane Austen couples to be extremely successful and conceivable! Darcy and Anne Elliot do have a lot in common with each other, they are “kindred spirits,” and perhaps make more sense – on paper – than do Darcy and Elizabeth (*gasp* Yes, I said it.) And with their outgoing personalities and love of adventure perhaps Elizabeth and Captain Wentworth do seem like they would make a compatible pair (c’mon, you have to admit they do!) But do not be alarmed, dear readers!  Joana Starnes throws a wrench into these not-so-happily-ever-afters by bringing a betrothed Darcy back to Netherfield! What will he do when he encounters the charming and attentive Captain Wentworth…

I must devote this next paragraph of my review to express the love I have for Joana Starnes’s Darcy! In a style similar Abigail Reynolds and Lory Lilian, Ms. Starnes portrays a very emotionally intense and impassioned Darcy. *sigh* I love seeing Darcy rendered as a romantic – so desperately in love with Elizabeth that there is no hope of cessation. This story is told from his perspective so readers are privy to all the painful anguish and repressed longing he feels. And if you are a sympathetic reader, like me, you will experience all poor Darcy’s heartache and torment right with him!

Besides a well-crafted variation and an incredibly romantic Darcy, other parts of this story I enjoyed were the altercation with Wickham, the combative conversations between Darcy and Wentworth, Mr. Bingley clumsily trying to play matchmaker, and Colonel Fitzwilliam’s hard heart-to-heart with Darcy.  Oh! and I mustn’t forget Caroline Bingley and Lady Russell, who were always trying to thwart Darcy’s plans at every turn! So much going on, felt a little like a Shakespearen comedy! Perhaps the only thing missing was seeing a little bit of the story from Captain Wentworth’s point-of-view, but that might have been a bit challenging to integrate.

Achingly romantic and exquisitely expressive – The Subsequent Proposal is a beautifully blended story with our favorite, albeit mismatched, couples. I absolutely adored it and I’m so elated to learn that Joana Starnes is currently working on another variation that combines Pride and Prejudice with Sense and Sensibility! Woot Woot!

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Because she is super awesome and generous, Joana Starnes has set me up with ONE paperback and TWO ebook copies of The Subsequent Proposal for me to giveaway to THREE lucky winners!

The Subsequent Proposal The Subsequent Proposal The Subsequent Proposal

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  • This giveaway is open to residents worldwide.  Thank you, Joana!
  • The giveaway ends December 21st.
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  112 Responses to “The Subsequent Proposal – Joana Starnes + GIVEAWAY!!”


    Oh my goodness, a premise such as this has never crossed my mind. Now I can’t think of anything else, and my mind is full of “what if” and “how could”.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this book!


    This book sounds wonderful! I love when characters from different books come together. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this story! Thanks for the giveaway!!:)


      Thanks so much for your kind words, Kelli!
      I’m so glad you like the idea of mixing Austen characters, I think some of them are just begging to be mixed! Hope you like what I’ve done with them!


      Me too, Kelli! I just love the thought of them all being friends and getting along with each other! Although – it was quite fun to see Darcy and Wentworth NOT get along with each other!


    Woo!!!If there is a mix of Abigail Reynolds and Lori Lylian will be a good story. I am waiting my copy that just I have won.
    Thanks Meredith for this review. You have put me long the teeth. 😛


    Meredith, another 5 out of 5 stars!! You’ve got me! Sounds like an interesting “what-if” story. I can’t wait to read it. Hope I win the giveaway!


    What an original idea! I love it! My two favorite couples thrown together and mixed up like a Shakesperean comedy! How could I not read this?

    Of course, the angst of watching any chemistry unfold between Elizabeth and Captain Wentworth and Anne and Darcy is making my stomach turn already. I may have to read the end first 🙂 *shhh* don’t tell. I’m such a wimp.


      Hi, Heather!
      Great to hear those are your favourite couples too! I hope you won’t have much to worry about, there’s no chemistry worth speaking of between Darcy and Anne, they’re just good friends, and I hope you’ll find that the chemistry is unfolding in the right direction…
      Good luck – and yes, I often read the end first too 😉


      LOL! You are too funny, Heather! I love living in suspense (although it does have its costs!) Stayed up to 2:00 a.m. with this book to see things set to rights between Elizabeth and Darcy! 😀


    with 5 stars I have just added it to my wish list and it’s available in paperback from Amazon Canada!! Can’t really imagine Darcy and Anne as a couple but I will keep an open mind until I read it

    meikleblog at gmail dot com


      Great to hear it’s available in paperback in Canada already and thanks for putting up with my shock-horror tactics 😉 I do hope you’ll like it when you get to read it!

      As for Anne and Darcy, the idea is that they’re more like ‘people who understand each other helping each other out’ rather than a couple in the D&E sense of the word (translation: I wouldn’t dare write a Darcy who falls in love with the wrong woman!!!)


      Woot! Glad it is easily available to you on amazon Canada, Vesper! Yes, their relationship is not one of love and passion…both of them made it clear to the other that their heart is already engaged elsewhere. 🙂 Their relationship is one of companionship and mutual respect. Darcy is such a hero, he wants to save Anne from the horrible neglect she receives from her family.


    Would love to win this book sounds amazing!


    I was captivated with your beautiful and lovely review. What a special outlook and novel to feature. Thanks for this delightful idea.


    Even if I don’t win a giveaway, this book is definitely going on the to-read list! Two of my most favorite Austen books combined…yes, thank you!


      So great to hear that so many people have P&P and Persuasion as their favourite! Thanks for popping by and I hope you like what I’ve done with them 😉 Good luck!


      It was a lot of fun to see these characters have relationships with each other! I could easily see Lady Russell pushing Anne Elliot towards Darcy and Mrs. Gardiner and Mrs. Croft being longtime friends! It works really well, in my opinion! 🙂


    This is simply extraordinary and wonderful. Thanks for your insightful review.


    I love Reynolds’ and Lilians’ books. I am sure I’ll read it even if I don’t win the giveaway


    My two favorite books….I need to read this!


    My two favorite Austen stories mushed together? I am so there. This sounds beyond creative. Thanks for the review and for the giveaway opportunity.


    Darcy and Wentworth are my favourite Austen heroes. I must admit to being a little nervous about reading the angst they must go through in this novel but I can’t resist…


      HI, Brenda!
      Yes, they are by far and away the most romantic, which is what probably makes P&P and Persuasion the two most romantic of her books, IMO. Sorry about making you nervous and hope to make it up to you by the end 😉 Best of luck!


      Don’t worry about the angst too much, Darcy and Wentworth momentarily put aside their quarrels to fight a common enemy…can you guess who? 😉 And yes, Joana definitely satisfies the reader in the end!


    Thank you Joana for writing such an intriguing book! I had to read it straight through to the end, and it is definitely in my reread stack! Darcy’s angst is heart rending at times and the linking of two wonderful stories is so well interwoven! Am looking forward to your next book! Since I do own a copy, no need for me to be in the drawing.


    An original idea which would be unforgettable and lovely. Many thanks for your great observations.


    I LOVE this novel idea! It’s somewhat rare to be surprised by the general theme of an Austenesque novel these days (well, it IS….we love them, but they don’t break the mold with every other book). I think it’s brilliant, and if well-executed, I’d be thrilled to see more mashups done seriously like this. The possibilities are endless! Thanks for putting this one on my radar. 🙂


    wow! Two of my most favorite novels of all time intertwined…..wowza.

    I loved your review Okay, I’d like to win this.


    When I first read the premise & pairings for this my heart went *stop*! lol But I was quickly reassured & have heard nothing but great things. Definitely on my tbr list. And an upcoming P&P/S&S mashup?! Yes, please!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


      I’m with you Monica, don’t know if I’d want to read a story where Darcy and Elizabeth don’t end up together! Yes, so excited to read more from Joana, greatly enjoyed the preview at the end of the book!


      Hi, Monica and Meredith! I’m with you too! I could never ever write a story where they end up apart! Challenges, angst, spanners in the works? Yep, bring them on – as long as the pairing is right by the time they have to say ‘I do’!
      So thrilled I managed to tickle your fancy with the preview of the P&P/S&S mashup, Meredith! I’ll get to it and I hope it won’t disappoint!


    My two favorite novels!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!


    Thank you for the reassurance that our couples do end up with the proper match; otherwise, I’d be terrified to read on. But now you have me intrigued about other mash-ups — I’d like to see Darcy lecture John Dashwood regarding his responsibilities to his stepmother and sisters. Willoughby and Wickham compete for Miss Gray and her 50,000 pounds. Darcy and Brandon share a convo regarding unrequited love. Think you can work on another mash-up next year?


      I agree, June! It would be interesting to see Darcy set John Dashwood straight! Ha! And you are right, I think Colonel Brandon and Darcy would be fast friends – discussing estates and being all responsible!


      Hi, June! Wow! Such a wealth of ideas that I haven’t even thought of!!!!! Willoughby and Wickham in competition – now that’s a very likely scenario, and a very rewarding one as well, and as for Darcy and Brandon, yes, it sounds like they might find a lot to talk about and have lots of things in common!


    Sounds great! Can’t wait to read it! Regards from Serbia!


    I’ve been dying to read this one ever since I came across it browsing Amazon! I love crossovers/mashups, and the idea of this one fascinated me. I’m eagerly awaiting the Sense and Sensibility mashup, too; anything that gives me more S&S (my personal favorite Austen) is good with me! 🙂 Thank you, Joana, for such a fascinating premise!


      Yes! More S&S – I’m so excited to see more of these wonderful mash-ups! Thank you, Joana!


      Hi, Trai! Delighted you’re intrigued, and ever so pleased that the idea of crossovers doesn’t put you off! IMO, all those lovely characters are Jane Austen’s beloved children (some more beloved than others 🙂 ) and it’s just so unfair to keep them apart, when some of them look like they might get on so well! Good luck in the giveaway and if you get to read it, I hope you’ll like it!


    Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a book that suggests Darcy actually proposing marriage to someone other than Elizabeth. There’s been the occasional woman to turn his head but not like that. And what does he do to end things with Anne respectably when he realizes he’s made a mistake. … It is a mistake right? I mean, Darcy does end up with Elizabeth right? I must find out.


      Hi, Amanda!

      First of all, don’t worry!!!!! The unthinkable doesn’t happen! Spoiler alert or not, D&E do end up together (no point to JAFF otherwise, IMO 🙂 ).

      Even in some of the scarier stories where D not only proposes but actually marries somebody else (yes, I was brave enough to read a few of those and enjoy them, once I’ve cheated and checked out the end lol) the beauty of it is that despite all the trouble along the way, they do end up together, and all is well with the world!

      As for the other bit, Darcy being Darcy, he can only be honourable and respectable – and not all Georgian engagements were as binding as we tend to write them! [wink!] The fiancee of one of George IV’s brothers cried off, so if it was possible for someone so public, then surely a more private couple could get away with it…

      Thanks for commenting and good luck!


      I’m not sure I have either, Amanda. I know I’ve seen him court other women and I’ve seen Lady C push him towards his cousin, but this was all Darcy’s doing. 🙂 LOL! Yes, you must read to find out the answers to your questions!


    You cut the text and put the “more” button just at the right spot! What angst! I love it!


    Glad you love the idea, Suzan! Thanks for your comment and good luck!


    Your book sounds wonderful, Joana, and a perfect read between Christmas and New Year’s. The story sounds very intriguing, and I can only begin to imagine how the lovers sort themselves out. Thank you for the giveaway.


    This sounds fabulous. What a fantastic premise, Joana ! I believe it is unique in JAFF, yet is sounds so logical :). And very romantic :). And Meredith – great review, as alwasy !


      Hello Lory! I perfectly agree! Joana worked it all out very logically and seamlessly!


      Hi, Lory! So glad I managed to come up with something unique! I’ve read an awful lot of JAFF over the years, but I was pretty sure I haven’t caught everything, so there was no way of knowing whether it’s been done before or not. It seemed logical to me (glad you think so too) because Darcy and Anne Elliott are so similar in many ways. Still waters run deep – check. Love story gone wrong – check. Strong sense of duty – check. Clever/ loyal / decent background – check check check, and I’m sure we can find a lot more if we put our mind to it 🙂
      So glad you like the premise and thanks for popping by!


    Oh my God! I’ve already read the plot of this novel and I liked it but now your entusiastic review make me feel like I can’t wait to read it. May I ask the author where the idea came up? And why she chose first Persuasion and than Sense and Sensibility?


      Hi, Loren!
      So glad you’re interested!
      Not sure exactly when the idea came up, or how, to be honest! I think it was largely prompted by the thought that some characters from different novels look like they might have a lot in common and get on really well, so it seemed a shame not to bring them together!
      P&P/Persuasion was a very tempting choice of a crossover because I absolutely adore both those books! I think they’re the most romantic of them all. Besides, as I said in my reply to Lory, Darcy and Anne Elliott are so very similar in many ways, and it sounded credible that, both brokenhearted, they might see sense in a marriage of mutual support and understanding, if they couldn’t have love. Similarly, Capt Wentworth deserved to come across someone better than Louisa Musgrove!
      Sure enough, we can’t have a story where the couples remain mismatched, and getting the pairing back on track was fun to write 🙂
      As for the P&P/S&S crossover, some of the characters just begged to be allowed to meet! Mrs Bennet and Mrs Jennings; Elizabeth and Elinor; Kitty and Marianne; Darcy and Brandon even.
      Hope you like what I’ve done with them all 🙂 Thanks for commenting and best of luck!


      Good questions, Loren! Hope you get to read this book soon!


    What an interesting concept…two of my favourites mashed together…a definite must read…
    who could choose between Darcy and Fredrick…oh my


      Hi Stephanie!
      Thanks for your comment! Darcy v. Frederick – what a fab thought!
      Maybe we should have a debate one day! What do you think, Meredith? Maybe we should have a get together, like the Bridget Jones Group Watch, and instead of Team Edward v Team Jacob we could have a Team Darcy v Team Frederick 🙂 They’re both dishy; they both behaved pretty horribly to the women they loved, in their different ways; on the plus side, both can write pretty good letters etc 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie and best of luck!


    Hello Joana!
    I love the idea of mixing characters of different novels, it makes the story be richer and challenging! 😉
    And thanks Meredith for your charming review… Darcy and Wentworth… What more can I ask for?


    Persuasion is my favourite book, and I’m very intrigued by this “cross-over”. I never imagined Darcy with Anne and Elizabeth with Captain Wentworth!
    Plus, I love when books are so well-written that you suffer with its characters, and this seems the case!


    Wow, this sounds fantastic! P&P and Persuasion are (after Emma) my favorite Austen novels, so to see them combined makes me excited. I’ve reviewed countless Austenesque books, but never one like this. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention, and great review!


    Oh wow what a premise! I’m not entering the giveaway because I need to read it right away and am off to buy!


    sooooo added to my WishList!!!!
    thank you for the giveaway!!!


    My two favorite stories in a mash-up—clever!! I look forward to reading!


    Hi, Joy!
    So glad it caught your eye 🙂
    Thanks for commenting and best of luck!!


    Two of my favourite books in one!!!! Brilliant concept and I cannot wait to read it! It’s climbing to the top of my TBR list! Then to hear she is writing a P&P/S&S story!!!!! Thank you for the giveaway!


    I not sure if reading your reviews is good or bad lol I wanted to read this but wanted to read persuasion again as it’s my favourite after P&P and I want to refresh my memory but now ive read this I know it’s going to be no sleep for me while I read both. I am the same I stay up till late until I am satisfied things are ok before I put the book down! Seeing how many reviews you have I feel like a kid in a candy store and I know over the next couple of days I’m going to be buying books on my kindle! Thanks for a great review

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