Jun 172013

Thinking about joining us for our upcoming group read?  We’d love to have you (even if you have already read the book or want to read it at a faster pace!)

You will find the details for our group read and the schedule below + some awesome prizes that some wonderful sponsors are donating for this event!


~ Monday, June 24th ~

Discuss Chapters 1-5

~ Tuesday, June 25th ~

Discuss Chapters 6-9

~ Wednesday, June 26th ~

Discuss Chapters 10-14

~ Thursday, June 27th ~

Discuss Chapters 15-epilogue

~ Friday, June 28th ~

Read and Discuss Deleted Excerpt #1!

~ Sunday, June 30th ~

Live Chat with Abigail Reynolds @ 8:00 p.m. EST

~ Monday, July 1st ~
Wrap Up Survey!

Blog Polls

Please check any and all times you are available!


2 eBooks of A Pemberley Medley donated by Abigail Reynolds

2 eBooks of Mr. Darcy’s Refuge donated by Abigail Reynolds

Paperback of Mr. Darcy’s Undoing donated by Sourcebooks

“The Compassionate Observer” Mug donated by Janet Taylor of JT-Originals

An Abigail Reynolds Novel of Your Choice (paperback or eBook) donated by Team Austenesque

How do you win one of these lovely prizes?

By participating in as many discussion and events as you can!  There are 7 events for this group read so your name could be entered to win one of these lovely prizes a total of 7 times if you participate in every event!  All giveaways are open internationally!

~ FAQ ~

1.  Can I still participate even though I already finished reading the book?  Yes!  Absolutely!!

2.  When should I start reading?  Our first discussion is Monday, June 24th, so you should have the first set of chapters read by then.

3.  Where are the discussions taking place?  Here at Austenesque Reviews

4.  What happens if I can’t pace myself and read the book in one day?  LOL!  No worries!  You can still participate in all our discussions, we just ask that you try your best to not reveal any new developments or spoilers.

5.  What if I can’t keep up with the reading schedule?  You can still participate in all our discussions even if you are a day or so late!

6.  What is a LIVE CHAT?  It is kind of like instant messaging or chatting on twitter – it happens in real time and involves typing (no microphone or headset required).

7.  Where and when will the LIVE CHAT be taking place?  It will take place here on our fancy chatboard.  We don’t know the time and date just yet, we are trying to pick a time that works the best everyone.  If you haven’t already please help us out by voting!

8.  Where can I get a copy of the book?  All formats of the book are now available and for sale, you should be able to find them at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  If you haven’t already, secure your copy soon so you can participate!




If you have any questions that we didn’t answer, please bring them to our attention in the comment section below! 🙂 

Angie, Jakki, and I are very excited about this event and look forward to reading this new release by Abigail Reynolds with you!!!

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  23 Responses to “Team Austenesque Group Read Schedule and Giveaway List!”


    I might be late to the chats i dont get back from work till round 430 in afternoon and 1000 in evening


    Woo hoo!
    This will be a lot of fun! I did try to NOT read the entire book over the weekend, but I failed. Guess I’ll just have to read it again along with everyone else. Oh darn.
    I’m eager to hear about this deleted scene . . .


      LOL! I’m so glad you are interested in reading it again with us! My copy still hasn’t arrived yet…it is scheduled to arrive on Wed!! Can’t wait!!


    Thanks for pulling this together ladies!


    Looking forward to it! And I just realized today that these are the perfect dates since most of the major events in the book take place on June 23-24, 1812. Maybe during the group read someone will work out why those dates are so important! 😉


    Looks like fun! Count me in!


    I’m looking forward to starting this one. Burning a hole in my kindle! And now I have to stop myself from googling that date too!

    It’s a fast reading schedule, which I’m glad of, because I have trouble stopping once I begin.


    I cannot wait for this! I’ve been reading YA fantasy almost exclusively for months and I’m ready to dip back into a good Austenesque novel. Thanks for putting this together, Abigail and Team Austenesque.


    My computer has been down so I couldn’t comment earlier but I am so EXCITED!! I have a confession to make though…I have already started and I’m having trouble slowing down!!=))


    Tomorrow begins our discussion! Can’t wait! Hope all who participate have a great time and enjoy their share of the conversation! 🙂


    FYI, it’s available on Kobo as well! Looking forward to the discussion tomorrow. Have a great week, everyone.


    Yay! Nearly there! Not sure how this works, do we come in and comment? Can’t wait to find out 🙂


    whesn last day i can post answers to questions? i have been swamped with work past few days

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