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Once Upon a Time Darcy Broke Elizabeth’s Shoe at a Wedding…

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Source: Giveaway Win!

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Modern Adaptation, Mature Audience

TIME FRAME: Modern-Day

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Bennet, William Darcy, Georgiana Darcy, Richard Fitzwilliam, John Fitzwilliam, Jane Bennet, Charlotte Lucas, Maria, Lucas, Charles Bingley


Linda Wells is a very prominent and popular author in the Austenesque genre and I cannot believe it has taken me so long to read one of her books! While the premises for all her Regency variations sound wonderful and intriguing, I was fortunate enough to win Perfect Fit in a giveaway awhile back and thought I’d start with that one since I was in the mood for a modern-day tale!

  • A Truly Inspirational Romance: Darcy and Elizabeth have practically a fairytale relationship in this adaptation: they fall in love at first sight (Lizzy is more than tolerable to this Darcy!) and any discord between them stemmed from outside factors or people from their past. They truly were an emblem of a deeply passionate and fervently devoted couple in love. I enjoyed witnessing what they did on their dates and holidays together (I think it might be time for me and my Mr. Bingley to take some dance lessons together! For real!) In addition, I loved seeing how they relied on, supported, stood up for, and protected each other.
  • Clever, Interesting, and Fitting Professions: I thought Linda Wells did a wonderful job with choosing modern professions for these characters that were very appropriate for their personalities – Elizabeth is a YA author, Jane is a wedding planner, Darcy is CEO of a paper company that throws himself heavily into his work and is very hands-on. I enjoyed seeing what each character did for a living and how they faced the challenges of their careers.
  • Fairy Tales: With Darcy and Elizabeth meeting over her broken shoe, Darcy being as romantic and perfect as Prince Charming, and everyone living “happily ever after” this adaptation definitely had the feel of a fairy tale to it! I especially enjoyed the nods to Walt Disney’s Cinderella – one of my all-time favorite Disney movies!
  • Important Issues: I appreciated and admired how Linda Wells bravely and adeptly tackled difficult and scary issues such as abusive relationships (mental not physical), internet predators, and drug addiction. It was inspiring to see how the characters overcame and healed from these horrible experiences, and how in some cases, took steps to help other women in similar circumstances.
  • Pictures of Perfections:” No pride, no prejudice, no misunderstandings. Darcy and Elizabeth seemed just a little bit too perfect. Their flaws were minor and the conflicts between them were mostly caused by demons of their past. In addition, when their romantically-challenged friends and relatives started coming to them for relationship advice, they started to seem a little smug (sort of in a Bridget-Jones-smug-married-couples way). I would have enjoyed seeing some more conflicts and obstacles in their path, and a little less perfection.
  • The Dialogue: I can’t really pinpoint why, but I often found the dialogue a little awkward and unnatural. I think the characters sometimes seemed a little stilted or rehearsed in their speech, and I think maybe there could have been a little more showing and less telling.
  • The Pacing: With no obstacles and misunderstandings things moved at quite a fast pace in the beginning of this novel for Darcy and Elizabeth (who were engaged by page 78). But then the story seemed to change to a much slower pace for the rest of the novel (the wedding took place on page 226). It felt a like there was a lot more falling action than rising action.
  • Mature Scenes: Darcy and Elizabeth are quite amorous and passionate in this novel


Escape into a fairy tale romance with Darcy and Elizabeth! I’m so happy I finally got to read a novel by Linda Wells! This sweet and romantic tale is a “perfect fit” for readers looking for a low-angst tale about Darcy and Elizabeth where mostly everything is “good and agreeable” in their world.

Have you read Perfect Fit?  What’s your favorite novel by Linda Wells?


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  12 Responses to “Perfect Fit – Linda Wells”


    I haven’t read this one yet simply because modern adaptations are not my favorite cup o’tea. However, I enjoy Linda Wells novels very much. I like complete descriptions and have a vivid imagination. So the more complete the scenario in my mind, the more I enjoy it. Ms. Wells’ “Memory” series is awesome but I think my favorite of her books is “Chance Encounters”.


    So glad to see this review, Meredith! I have complex feelings about Linda Wells. The mature scenes aren’t my favorite, but her romances (especially the manner ways she has Darcy and Elizabeth meet) are totally captivating. My favorite book is her first – Chance Encounters – and I have reread it more than once (skipping over the sex scenes, now that I am certain I’m not missing any plot).


    Surprisingly I haven’t read Linda’s books yet either but I hope to rectify that soon. I’ll have to keep this one in the back of my mind for when I need some lower-angst, spicy fluff! 🙂


    I have read Perfect Fit. Actually, I’ve read all her novels my favorite is Fate & Consequences. You’re right that they are all mature themed and can have a passive feel at times though less so with the Memory series and F&C. Darcy is definitely more in touch with his emotions. ;D


      Hi Sophia Rose! I like hearing that about the Memory series! I loved how romantic and charming Darcy was, but (and I know it is weird to say this) I missed his insufferable pride and other flaws! 🙂


    I haven’t read any of Linda’s books, but Chance Encounters is high on my list. Seeing how many people cite it as a favorite makes me even more interested.


    I’ve read several of Linda’s books, but I’m not certain that I can say that I actually like them. Chance Encounters was one of the first JAFF I ever read and I enjoyed the way that Darcy and Elizabeth meet. I guess I have a soft spot for it.

    Perfect Fit was a nice fairy tale sort of story with no angst. But it is soooo long and with no real conflict and so much focus on everyone’s feelings it was almost a chore to finish it. I felt the same way about Fate and Consequence and Memory. Maybe if they were edited down a little bit I’d like them more.

    Plus, with all of her Darcy’s I get the impression that Linda Wells is thinking of the shy Darcy portrayed the 2005 movie, even down to the physical description. I don’t personally care for that interpretation of Darcy’s character, so whether or not it’s intended, I find it distracting to read.

    But after all that complaining, I’ve still read all of her books! Go figure.


      Thank you for sharing your opinion, Heather! I appreciate it! I too feel sentimental about my first couple JAFF novels! I look forward to reading some more by Linda Wells and compare notes with you!

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