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Colonel Fitzwilliam, Hero…*swoon*

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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For young ladies living in the Regency Era, being presented and experiencing one’s first Season can be exciting, stressful, and daunting. For Georgiana Darcy it’s terrifying and completely undesired. Can she overcome her past mistakes? Will her suitors discover the foolish actions of her youth and remove their suit? Will she be able to trust any of the young men, or will they all be fortune hunters and rakes? Even though it has been years since her youthful indiscretion with George Wickham and she has regained her spirits and some of her confidence, Georgiana still bears some scars from the incident. Will the love and support of Kitty, Elizabeth, Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam be enough to see her through her big debut?

Colonel Fitzwilliam is not one leave things to chance. He takes is role as guardian to Georgiana seriously and has been busy preparing himself for her big debut. Enlisting the help of his army comrades to act as decoys and spies, Colonel Fitzwilliam plans to have his eyes and ears everywhere. There will be no man whose history, family, vices, and worth is not known to him. But as soon as the Season begins, Colonel Fitzwilliam starts to question the motivation behind his fierce protection and covert manipulation – is it mistrust? Guilt? Fear? Or something more?

Oooh! I just loved Colonel Fitzwilliam in this novel, and I loved that he was the novel’s sole hero (not something we get to see very often!) He kind of had a Mr. Knightley thing going on – unconsciously in love with a much younger woman who has been in his life for decades and has all of a sudden grown up. It worked really well and I enjoyed observing him question his intense concern for Georgina, unaccountable jealousy of other men, and the delicious moment when it all started to make sense to him. He most definitely is a swoon-worthy hero in this novel!

Another aspect of this novel I greatly enjoyed were the original characters Nancy Kelley crafted. Colonel Fitzwilliam’s comrades were an intriguing and entertaining bunch, and I took pleasure in their part of the story. Especially Sebastian Montgomery – perceptive, cunning, handsome, blunt, and…*gasp* completely averse to the prospect of marriage! I wonder what is to become of him…

While I greatly enjoyed the characterization and development of Colonel Fitzwilliam, I felt that Georgiana’s characterization occasionally lacked detail. I think readers needed to be in her head a little more, her behavior felt erratic – sometimes insecure and anxious, other times bold and furious. I would have loved to understand the development and course of her feelings and emotions better. In addition, I sometimes felt that some sequences and scenes, such as the Christmas scenes at Pemberley or the villain’s discovery and interrogation, were a little bit fast-paced and could have benefited from a little more page time.

Fans of Ms. Kelley’s writing will be delighted to read the latest installment in her charming Brides of Pemberley Series (book one: His Good Opinion). I’m so pleased to hear there is another installment in the works! I recommend Loving Miss Darcyfor readers who like men of action, men in uniform, and men that have trouble understanding their own hearts!


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  7 Responses to “Loving Miss Darcy – Nancy Kelley”


    This sounds so charming and fun — sometimes I need novels like this to just sink into — will have to add it to my TBR. Kelley is a new-to-me author as well!


    Is this a story where Col.Fitzwilliam and Georgiana end up together? Is Georgiana 21 in this story? I understand if you don’t want to answer in case it gives away too much of the plot.

    I ask because I get a little creeped out with Col/Georgiana pairings. He’s one of her guardians; he has a duty to act in place of her father and promote her best interest. It sounds like he does that in this book, but the hint that he’s jealous of Georgiana’s potential suitors sends up warning flags for me. I know she has two guardians, but I think it’s a little wrong (illegal perhaps?) for a man to romantically pursue his 16 year old ward.

    If Georgiana has reached her majority then I guess I’d have no complaints about the pairing. And, I’m well aware that I’m in the minority for even thinking this way. Col. Fitzwilliam/Georgiana pairings are popular in fanfic.

    I will add that I liked His Good Opinion and will probably give this one a read regardless.


      Georgiana is eighteen for this story, I believe.

      I completely understand your reservations, Heather, and I’ve read other reviews where readers aren’t too fond of the pairing either. I think Nancy Kelley did a great job of making the affection between them believable, tender, and sweet. As for the jealousy – again Colonel Fitzwilliam reminded me of Mr. Knightley, he was aware he was feeling jealous, but at the time he didn’t understand why. Kind of like Mr. K’s reactions to Frank Churchill.

      I hope this helps!


    I have my copy so I’m good to go when I get the chance to read this one. I enjoyed your breakdown of the story, thanks!


    Huge fan of Nancys work…love the pairing of Georgianna and the Colonel…I guess I don’t think about the age difference..just the personalilities of the characters…love when they are paired…some of my favorite P&P retellings….

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