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Exquisitely Beautiful and Achingly Romantic

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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What does an author do when she has a handful of short stories that can’t be fleshed out into full-length novels? Leave them to gather dust on her hard-drive? Heavens, no! She instead gathers these delightful stories together and publishes an anthology so all her diehard fans can devour them!

One aspect I loved about this collection of five short stories was how I felt completely fulfilled and satisfied after reading just one story. In the span of thirty minutes readers witness: conflict, misunderstandings, obstacles, mounting tension, realization, understanding, declarations, and a beautiful romantic resolution! It’s fast-paced and riveting!

I hope you will find this breakdown helpful!


  • The Premise: What if Mr. Darcy, after telling Mr. Bingley the truth about Jane Bennet, sequestered himself in London and avoided interacting with others? What if Elizabeth went to Pemberley and did not encounter Mr. Darcy?

  • My Favorite Part: When Mr. Darcy seeks out Lizzy after her disappearance from the wedding breakfast and says, “Please, Miss Bennet…I am not worth your tears.” (and then the dam holding their pent up emotions breaks!)
  • Maturity Rating: PG-13
  • The Premise: What if Elizabeth listened to Charlotte’s theories about Mr. Darcy and gave them some credence? What if both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy had their eyes opened about the other’s feelings towards them?
  • My Favorite Part: Mr. Darcy’s letter (an entirely different letter from the one in Pride and Prejudice)…such a beautiful, heartfelt, and passionate letter! *sigh*
  • Maturity Rating: PG
  • The Premise: What if Elizabeth, trying to protect Darcy and Georgiana from Lydia’s indiscretion and association with Wickham, suggests Darcy break off their engagement? What if Darcy, filled with dread and apprehension about his upcoming dealings with Wickham, requests Elizabeth’s presence in London?
  • My Favorite Part: The relationship between Darcy and Mr. Bennet. Mr. Bennet, with his sardonic sense of humor and sharp tongue, cannot resist giving Darcy a hard time, and Darcy…being so serious and uptight just makes it too easy!
  • Maturity Rating: PG-13
  • The Premise: What if Elizabeth’s family, because of Lydia’s fall from grace and Mr. Bennet’s death, were forced to leave Longbourn? What if Elizabeth came to Darcy begging for assistance with Mr. Collins and offered to repay him in the most scandalous of ways?
  • My Favorite Part: When Darcy first encounters Lizzy by the river and tells her how much she tempts him: “You can have no idea how you tempt me…” (An eloquent speech mixed with fierce passion)
  • Maturity Rating: Mature Audiences only
  • The Premise: What if it rained ceaselessly when Darcy returned to Longbourn after Lady Catherine’s visit to him? What if the only impediment preventing Darcy and Elizabeth from coming to an understanding was their inability to converse in private?
  • My Favorite Part: When a frustrated and daring Darcy takes matters into his own hands and steals a private moment with Elizabeth in a dark room during a Meryton Assembly. (Such a sexy scene!)
  • Maturity Rating: PG-13

Emotive and expressive – these five little “jewels” are sure to delight any reader who enjoys witnessing Darcy and Elizabeth fall in love over and over again. Filled with fervent passion and delicious tension, these short stories by Abigail Reynolds are just as absorbing and magnificent as her many full-length novels. I hope she publishes another collection soon!

2 out of 30 completed!

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  10 Responses to “A Pemberley Medley – Abigail Reynolds”


    Hands down, my favorite Abigail book, and that says A LOT! Why am I all of a sudden craving mashed potatoes….hmmm…


    I love, love, love Intermezzo! Before my kindle (and I’ve had my kindle for 3 or 4 years), I printed it off of Abigail’s site so I could read it over and over again — anytime I needed a quick Darcy fix! 🙂


      That’s such an awesome story, Candy! Intermezzo is some of Abigail’s most beautiful writing, IMHO. That scene will surely satisfy anyone’s Darcy cravings! Thanks for sharing!


      Yes, and I was so glad when Abigail put together is book! Now, I have it on my kindle where it is nice and neat, and the kids won’t spill water on it again! …well, I hope they don’t spill water on my kindle!!


    I love these stories, particularly Intermezzo. They’re perfect for a quick fix.


    I am currently reading this and love your review. It goes right along with what I am feeling about the book. I have enjoyed very much every short story that I have read so far. They each leave you with such a good feeling and as you stated so eloquently,completely fulfilled an satisfied. I too hope another will follow.

    This will be my third for the The PnP bicentenary challenge. Now I need to get the reviews written and posted, don’t I?


      That’s awesome, Janet! I’m so glad you are enjoying it as much as I did!

      Maybe we can start a petition for Abigail to write more!

      Looking forward to your reviews, please let me know when you post them!


    I concur! This is a particularly lovely Abigail book. Makes me want to read it again! =D

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