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Disguise and Dishonesty

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Lying on an online dating profile?!? Who would do such a thing?

While it may be a common practice for people to lie about their age, income, and weight on their online dating profile, Dr. Will Darcy and Beth Bennet do a little more than slightly misrepresent the truth about themselves. Beth isn’t the twenty-two-year-old, softball loving, psychology major she claims to be, she’s a social science major working on a project about gender stereotypes. And although Will Darcy is upfront about his profession as an ER doctor and his bordering-on-addiction-passion for coffee, he fails to mention that he is looking for a relationship only to win a high-stakes bet…

After several email exchanges and a couple of casual dates Will and Beth find themselves in a little bit of a dilemma. On the surface it seems Will and Beth are starting to develop a relationship that is sincere and genuine, but in actuality it is one filled with hypocrisy and deceit. Will Beth understand and be forgiving about Will using her to win a bet? What Will think of Beth when he discovers her true profession and that she is a mother with a six-year-old-son? Is it too late to come clean with the truth? Are they in too deep? Is there any hope for our “perfectly matched” deceivers?

I am overjoyed to be reading another Austen-Inspired novel by Marilyn Brant! I was enchanted with According to Jane, and have admired and followed Ms. Brant’s writing ever since! Similar to According to Jane, Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match is more of an homage to Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice than a modern retelling that parallels the characters and events of Jane Austen’s original novel. Although, there are plenty of familiar character names and themes that readers will enjoy spotting in this novel.

As always, Marilyn Brant creates characters that are well-drawn, likable, and proficient in securing my compassion and love. Watching Will and Beth attempt to navigate and escape their intricate webs of lies was humorous, and yet, when witnessing their suffering and mutual heartache, I frequently felt tears start to gather in my eyes. Even though Will and Beth are a deplorable bunch of liars, I was drawn in to their lives and my emotions were deeply engaged by their story. I especially enjoyed witnessing the sweet and loving relationships they had with members of their own families – Will doting on his darling mother who raised him all by herself and Beth with her precious little boy.

Looking for an Austen-Inspired novel that’s fast-paced, modern, and endearing? Well…the results of your online dating profile show that…Marilyn Brant’s new novel is the “perfect match” for you! Heart-warming, tender, and sweet – Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match is a lovely tribute to Jane Austen and her masterpiece.

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  19 Responses to “Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match – Marilyn Brant”


    Great review! I loved this book also! And it’s also my first completed selection of the P&P Challenge. 🙂


      Thank you, Candy! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed reading this one too! I saw review post last night and I didn’t want to read it until I finished my own. I look forward to hearing what you thought! Congrats of your first completed item!


    This is next up on my reading list! Can’t wait! 🙂 Great review, too!

    “…the results of your online dating profile show that…Marilyn Brant’s new novel is the “perfect match” for you!” haha love it.


    Enjoyed your thoughts! With two people lying like that I just know the sparks will fly before there’s even a chance of things doing well. Sounds fun!

    Congrats on meeting your first challenge read.


    I’ve read the first chapter, am very tempted to get this one!


    Sounds like a really different twist on Pride and Prejudice!


      I’ve never read one like this before, myself. While there isn’t as much pride and prejudice, there is plenty of conflict and Beth and Will are once again in very different social circumstances.


    It sounds really exciting!. So many lies can be dangerous for true love. I wonder how Darcy and Beth will overcome the difficulties!. Thanks Meredith for giving us notice about the new austenesque books!. Teresa.


    Yay!! I’m so glad we both liked this book! What Brant novel should I read next??


    Yay! I just saw your review of the new book — thank you so much!!! I’m delighted you liked the story and I laughed aloud at your fabulous ending paragraph :). I will have to quote you!!


      Thank you, Marilyn! You are certainly more than welcome to quote me any time! LOL! Wishing you all the best in your new release! So happy to have read it! 🙂


    Thanks for your review, Meredith. It sounds like a fun, modern update. I can already imagine the house of cards falling around them as the lies get harder to manage.

    I met my husband on an online dating site, so I’ll have to give this a try. For the record, neither me or my husband were deplorable liars with a hidden agenda!


      Did you, Heather? That’s so wonderful!

      LOL! So glad to hear that! 🙂 It was definitely interesting to watch how they ended up regretting practically every lie! I’d be interested to hear what you think of this one if you do read it!


      Now I really want to read this one! I haven’t read a P&P variation like it yet.

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