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Same Style and Fabric. Different Design!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Variation – What if Elizabeth moved out of earshot before Darcy stated his ill-fated “barely tolerable” insult?

TIME FRAME: Begins with the Meryton Assembly

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Jane Bennet, Mr. Bingley, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Lady Catherine, Mr. Collins, Caroline Bingley, Anne de Bourgh


  • It’s a Pride and Prejudice variation…only my most favorite type of Austenesque novel!
  • A New Author! I’ve never read anything by Diana Oaks before.
  • Loved the idea of Elizabeth not hearing Darcy’s slight – was very curious to see how this altered her opinion of and behavior towards the proud gentleman from Derbyshire.


  • The Premise: Since Elizabeth’s pride is not wounded by Darcy’s slight, she is a little bit more amicable and friendly towards him in this variation. In addition, there is more than one thread being pulled in this variation as events like Jane’s illness, Mr. Collins’s arrival, and the Netherfield Ball create new twists and turns in the path.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Besides being one of Jane Austen’s finest and most “delightful characters,” Elizabeth is a devoted sister, compassionate friend, and affectionate person. And in One Thread Pulled readers can witness these qualities of her character as she more frequently displays them. I loved seeing Elizabeth assist and care for her sisters, show kindness and friendship towards Anne de Bourgh, and visit with the tenants on her father’s estate. It is very easy to comprehend why Darcy falls in love with her!
  • Darcy’s Inner Monologues: I enjoyed how Diana Oaks switched back-and-forth between revealing Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s reflections and inner monologues. I especially loved being privy to Darcy’s private thoughts as he struggled through the stages of attraction, resistance, acceptance, insecurity, and resolve. His day-to-day contemplations and quiet introspections expose his character in a way that is illuminating and captivating. His strong need for Elizabeth’s love and vulnerability just stole my heart! Watch out, dear readers – you may fall even deeper in love with Mr. Darcy!
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam in Meryton: Grab your smelling salts, Bennet women! There is another redcoat in Meryton! And he is by far the most eligible and charming of them all! I greatly enjoyed seeing Colonel Fitzwilliam receive more page time, assist Darcy in oh-so many ways, and have clever interchanges with Elizabeth. It was exciting and refreshing to have him in the mix of everything!


  • Mr. Bennet is Unfair!: (In partial jest) At the close of reading One Thread Pulled, I had the strongest desire to start a picket line and protest! How can he be so unreasonable?!? I understand that there is a second volume in the works for this series, Constant as the Sun, – (yay!) and I don’t mind at all that conclusion was left a little open-ended, (quite the contrary)…but I must have you all know that I am “seriously displeased” with Mr. Bennet at the moment! >:(
  • Despicable Evil Doers: While Pride and Prejudice has its fill of antagonistic and disagreeable characters, I found some of the characters in this variation to be a little too nefarious and extreme in their actions. I do enjoy seeing George Wickham and Caroline Bingley as the villain/villainess, but I just found their behavior in this novel a little too out of character and unbelievable.


With her debut novel, Diana Oaks delicately and deftly pulled, loosened, and unraveled some threads of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to weave together a tale that, although similar in fabric and style to the original, is the product of her very own unique and clever design. With many tender and poignant scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth, a symbolic thread motif, several inventive twists, and a determined Mr. Darcy always coming to the rescue, I found myself utterly entranced by this lovely and skillfully written variation! I highly recommend!

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  16 Responses to “One Thread Pulled – Diana Oaks”


    Oh I’m so glad that its good. I saw this and put it on my reading list, but didn’t know much about it.

    Thanks for sharing!


    If this is a first novel, does it end somewhere within P & P, or concurrent with it?


      The events in this novel are quite different from P&P. There is no trip to Kent, no tour of the Peak District. I think the book closes in the January after Bingley’s arrival in Meryton. There is one marriage at the end of this novel – and of course more than one proposal, but it is going in a different direction. Hope this helps!


    Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite book like ever. And I’ve read so many version and variation, but this one hasn’t yet. I’d love to read it. It sounds good.


      Hello AmelArmeliana! I hope you enjoy this one when you do get a chance to read it! There are so many versions and variations published, isn’t there? I’m so glad wonderful authors like Diana Oaks like to keep these characters alive!


    This sounds like a really interesting book that I plan to read.


    I really enjoyed this one too, Meredith! 🙂 Now I just have to be patient while waiting for volume 2 to come out. 😉


    Sounds interesting! 🙂


    I loved this book!


    Does anyone know when the second is due out? I have read this one a few times and am very excited to read the next installment!


    Does anyone know when the second book is due out? This is one of my favourite variations and I cannot wait to read the next instalment!!!!!

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