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Making Christmas Memorable!

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A few of you may remember that several months ago I mentioned my affection for a precocious young knight named Ben Carlton (an original character of P. O. Dixon’s). For those of you not yet acquainted with Ben, he is Elizabeth’s fatherless son in Ms. Dixon’s remarkable Pride and Prejudicealternate path, He Taught Me to Hope – and he will melt your heart! In this Christmas-inspired sequel vignette, young Ben (a.k.a. Sir Lancelot) is on a mission to make this upcoming Christmas the most memorable of his young life. Recruiting Georgiana Darcy and Mrs. Reynolds to help accomplish his secret mission, Ben sets out determined to fulfill everyone’s dearest wish for Christmas this year. What will Elizabeth, Darcy, and Anne say when they discover the unexpected surprises this young knight has orchestrated.

Unlike Mr. Knightley, I do approve of surprises – planning a special event or gift for someone I love always brings me such joy and pleasure. I loved seeing sweet little Ben work so diligently on giving his mother and beloved new father this special Christmas gift. His gift was more than the granting of wishes – it was a gift of reconciliation, forgiveness, and family. What a pleasant sight it was to see all the Bennets, Collinses, Darcys, Fitzwilliams, and Lady Catherine all assembled together at Pemberley – especially since there was much tension and discord between many of them at the close of He Taught Me to Hope! I only wish we saw more of what took place on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as the descriptions were brief on those days and the conclusion seemed to come about so quickly. Nonetheless, I heartily enjoyed the half hour I spent with this merry knight and his thoughtful Christmas mission! I definitely recommend this vignette to admirers of P. O. Dixon, Pride and Prejudice alternate paths, and adorable children!

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!  Since I enjoyed this sweet Christmas tale so much I’d like to host a giveaway of The Mission in conjunction with my review!  This vignette is only available in ebook, and I’ll choose one lucky winner to receive this story in their preferred ebook format (i.e. kindle, nook, epub).

To be entered, leave a comment sharing with us one of your most memorable Christmases!
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  7 Responses to “The Mission: He Taught Me to Hope Christmas Vignette – P. O. Dixon + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    Ah, it does sound sweet!

    My most memorable Christmas was the Christmas we were at the hospital when my grandfather was not expected to live so we went to be with him. My brother and I were too young to be with him where they had him, but the nurse snuck us in with my folks anyway so my granddad could have family around him for Christmas.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
    sophiarose1816 at gmail dot com


    One of my favorite Christmas memories….16 years ago on Christmas Eve, we told my parents we were expecting our first child, their first grandchild…the look on their faces was priceless….



    Last year was my daughter’s first Christmas, and even though she really had no concept of Christmas, it was pretty memorable for us!

    Happy holidays!

    nicole.rj.lapierre [at] gmail [dot] com


    This would be a wonderful read for christmas! Thank you for the giveaway!



    My most memorable Christmas was going to my grandmother’s house and all my cousins were there. We had a great time.


    My most memorable Christmas involves my Gram still being around and spending the couple days leading up to Christmas in her hot kitchen making cookies and candies and soaking up everything she could teach me. She’s been gone several years now and it’s just not Christmas until I’m pulling out the rolling pin and feeling her peeking over my shoulder.

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