Dec 122012

Can Hot Holiday Hook-ups Lead to Happily Ever After?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Shannon Quinn, proprietor of a charming, small town inn named Holiday Quinn is falling for this sophisticated and successful CEO that starts frequenting her inn on holiday weekends. She loves that he’s worldly and cultured, and that he’s traveled all over. Shannon yearns for adventure and experience, to see and learn all about different places in the world. All she needs to do is sell her inn and she is free…

Bram Hartwick, always at the mercy of his cellphone and very accustomed to working overtime at his office, is terrified that he is turning into a chronic workaholic like his older brothers and parents. Escaping to Shannon’s quaint, “domestic haven,” and savoring the feelings of contentment and peace he experiences there, makes visiting the Holiday Quinn all the more inviting. To him, the idea of settling down in that quiet, little hamlet permanently and establishing “hearth and home” feels irresistible…

Their attraction is intense, the chemistry between them is electrifying, and their romantic interludes are full of fervent passion…but is that enough to make a serious relationship successful???

I greatly enjoyed witnessing the journey of Shannon’s and Bram’s relationship as they both realize that theirs wasn’t merely a vacation romance. It was interesting to see how two people from different worlds, living in different towns, and desiring very different futures strive to make a long-term relationship work. I also greatly enjoyed observing how Shannon’s flirtatious assistant, Jake Marcolis, or as Bram affectionatelycalls him, “Jake the Prick,” was a source of tension and discord in their relationship. Does Jake have real feelings for Shannon or is he just wary about men like Bram???

Oh! How I love Marilyn Brant’s heroes! Whether they are provoking and over-confident like Sam Blaine (According to Jane), challenging and complex like Emerson Edwards (A Summer in Europe), or passionate and magnetizing like Bram Hartwick (Holiday Man), I immediately fall for them in just a few chapters! Bram Hartwick is delicious; not only will he curl your toes, but he will melt your heart too!

Festive, light, and hot – Holiday Man is a terrific and engaging contemporary romance to spend an evening with! And the good news is…in addition to her fabulous collection of women’s fiction novels, Marilyn Brant has written three more lovely contemporary romances: Double Dipping (2011), On Any Given Sundae (2011), and Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match(Coming January 2013)! Hmmm…I don’t think you’ll need three guesses to figure out which one I’ll be picking up next!!! Can’t wait!

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  7 Responses to “Holiday Man – Marilyn Brant”


    Thank so much for your kind review of Holiday Man, and I’m *thrilled* that you’ve enjoyed my heroes. (Sam, Emerson and Bram join me in thanking you!! 🙂
    Happy, Happy Holidays!


    I’m glad it was a good read. Looking forward to the chance to read it myself.


    I completely enjoyed it! It was a great pre-Christmas book for me. Esp since I love Holiday Inn. =D


    I completely enjoyed it! It was a great pre-Christmas book for me. Esp since I love Holiday Inn. =D

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