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“But as long as we could be together, nothing ever ailed me…” – Sophia Croft in Persuasion

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Prequel, Minor Character

TIME FRAME:15 years before Jane Austen’s Persuasion

MAIN CHARACTERS: Sophy Wenthworth, Frederick Wentworth, Edward Wentwroth, Captain Croft, Joshua Hollingson


Admiral and Mrs. Croft are such a fantastic and exemplary couple! They are cheerful, capable, good-tempered, and one happiest married couples Jane Austen created. I knew right away I wanted to read this novel because of my love for these characters, and the fact that there is a scarcity of prose written about them! In addition, Sophia Croft is a strong-minded, resilient, and admirable woman and I’m just delighted she gets to be the heroine of her own novel!

  • The Backstory: In this novel Kimberly Truesdale takes readers to a village they never visited before (the peaceful and hardworking town of Milverton in Somerset) and introduces them to Dr. Wentworth, Edward Wentworth, Reverend Croft and Mrs. Croft. I found the village and these new characters to be filled with charm and personality. Moreover, I loved seeing Frederick, Sophie, and Admiral Croft when they were younger, witnessing the budding romance between Sophy and the Admiral, and gaining new insight about their pasts.
  • The Romance: Well done, Ms. Truesdale! I love that this wasn’t the typical boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy story. At the beginning of the novel, we learn that Sophy Wentworth has caught the eye and possibly the heart of the new curate, Joshua Hollingson. Like Sophy, I was starting to feel something for the adorable and amiable Joshua, but then…Captain Conrad Croft comes into town and stirs everything up!  I greatly enjoyed the tension, turbulence, and tenderness of Sophy’s relationship with Captain Croft.
  • The Wentworths: Losing her mother early in life and having a father who is busy tending to his patients, puts a lot of responsibility and demands on Sophy. I loved that Ms. Truesdale illustrated how the circumstances of Sophy’s youth shaped her character. She is indeed a rational, reliable, and strong young woman. In addition, I enjoyed observing how Frederick’s fragile relationship with his father, his restless spirit, and thirst for adventure impacted his future.
  • The Crofts: They were just too adorable! Seeing Reverend and Mrs. Croft’s reaction to their son’s homecoming and their profusion of love for him and for each other just warmed my heart. I loved seeing how his parent’s happy and loving marriage influenced Captain Croft in his ideals and desires. These new characters were extremely well-drawn and lovable, I most certainly would not mind reading more about them!
  • Sophy’s Indecision: (Possible SPOILER) Oh dear. I was not happy to see that once faced with a decision about the two men in her life, Sophy didn’t know her own heart! It didn’t make sense that she was one minute sobbing for joy over a letter and then the next minute needing to figure out which man she loved. I found her moment of indecision a little hard to believe and disappointing. In fact, I was considering giving this book 4.5 stars instead of 5 because of it, but Conrad’s impassioned and soul-bearing letter more than made up for Sophy’s lapse. *sigh* Those naval men sure know how to write a letter!


Perceptively and skillfully crafted, this prequel to Persuasionis a captivating glimpse of the first meeting and love story between Captain Croft and Sophia Wentworth. Filled with insight, romance, and adventure, My Dear Sophyis sure to satisfy any Austenesque reader looking to understand more about this inspiring and admirable couple! I am beyond delighted to learn that Ms. Truesdale is inclined to take Sophy and Captain Croft on many more adventures! Please do, Ms. Truesdsale! I would love to see more of Conrad Croft and his spirited and intelligent wife!


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  14 Responses to “My Dear Sophy – Kimberly Truesdale + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    I have to admit, I loved that letter too! And I love Captain Croft’s singing!

    Hope everyone reads and enjoys My Dear Sophy.


    Thanks for the lovely review, Meredith! I hope that everyone enjoys the book. And yes, I promise there will be more Sophy & Admiral Croft adventures on the high seas!

    Good luck to all those who enter for a copy!


    I too always liked Sophy, small though her part was. I’d love to find out how they met and fell in love.


    I really enjoy when a favorite story is thoughtfully added to. I loved Persuasion and would love to more about the supporting characters and this just sound too good. My Dear Sophy sounds so romantic.



    I want to read this book so badly. Persuasion is my favorite novel. Your review above is just what I needed for details. I do think parents truly influence how one adapts to marriage and relationships with other people. If you see a good example it really helps. I like that sophy is reliable and responsible and yet romantic – what a nice mixture. Admiral Croft sounds like quite a character and one can see where he gets his tenacity for staying married with his naval career at the same time. No doubt he teaches Sophy alot about relationships as they go – and as a man he will have lots to learn. (oops does he have sisters I can’t remember) I’d so love to read this book.
    schafsue at gmail dot com


    I want want want want to read this book! Thanks so much for the review. Whenever I re-read Persuasion, I always like seeing Sophy and Admiral Croft’s loving relationship. Often times in Austen the “parents and grown-ups” don’t set the best example of healthy marriages (yes, the Gardiners in P&P are an exception), but these two always piqued my interest. Not only are they both intelligent, cheerful, happy people, they’re happy TOGETHER. Who wouldn’t want to read more about them?



    Persuasion was my favorite of Jane Austen’s novels and I can’t wait to read this one because of it. I enjoyed your review break down of the book.

    Please don’t enter me because I already have it. ;D


    I really love Sophia. She left comfort to be with her husband. I really appreciate that they obviously put a lot into having a happy marriage.


    This is a couple that is fascinating to explore as they are quite unique in JA’s repertoire. How many of her creations were happily paired and respectful of one another, particularly in the minor character roles, and most importantly still lived to tell about it! 🙂

    Nice review, Meredith. This is one book I’ll be adding to my collection.


    Lovely review, Meredith! Sophy & the Admiral are one of my favorite couples (ever!)..they give Frederick & Anne a strong example of what married life should be! I know that Anne must have been so appreciative of them, especially after a life spent with Sir Walter & Elizabeth! I’m looking forward to reading this book, I’m so sorry that I was too late for the Kindle edition 🙁 so, thank you for the chance to win a copy!!


    The thing I admire about Sophy is how Jane realistically portrayed an officer’s wife. Obviously, having several brothers in the Navy exposed her to understand how a senior officer is away for long periods of time and how his wife must be capable and practical and manage cheerfully on her own. Sophy does not poo-poo the hardships of her life, away from other female companions, exposure to the elements and danger while aboard ship, and she embraces the adventure she does have. In short, she makes the most of her experiences, which is a fine quality in a military spouse.



    like Kat said, I admire Sophy’s courage with a husband in the navy. Bravely facing everything of her new married life on ship and with zest.



    Persuasion is my absolutely favorite Jane Austen novel. I love the Crofts because of how accepting and genuine they are. Not superficial at all.

    kinxsbooknook at


    I can’t pick a quality in only one of them, so I have to say that I really enjoy the wonderful, and equal, relationship Sophy and the Admiral obviously have. I think they are a good role-model for Capt. Wentworth! 🙂


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