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Another Splendid Historical Austenesque Romance!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Alternate Path, Reimagining

TIME FRAME: Post Ramsgate, Summer of 1811

MAIN CHARACTERS: The Bennet Family, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Georgiana Darcy, Charles Bingley, Richard Bingley, Caroline Bingley, Dirck Storm

  • Mr. Darcy is IN America!
  • Ever since I “met” American Girl Felicity Merriman and devoured her books at the age of nine, I’ve been fascinated with Colonial America, and the time period of our nation’s birth.
  • It’s Mary Simonsen! I love the romance, humor, and historical content I find in every Mary Simonsen novel! This is the sixth book I’ve read and reviewed by Mary and I’ve loved every single one of them!

  • The Unique Setting: Newfound freedom, The Constitution, The American Revolution, War of 1812, such an exciting and dynamic time in our nation’s history. I found this new setting to be a refreshing change and I took pleasure in witnessing how these changes impacted the plot.
  • The History: With subtlety and dexterity, Mary Simonsen embellishes her novel with informative and relevant tidbits of social customs and early American history. I especially enjoyed the focus on Dutch colonization and traditions. I loved learning about customs I never heard of before, like bundling and corn husking frolics!.
  • The Bennets: Mary Simonsen definitely took a little creative license with her American versions of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. I loved seeing a Mrs. Bennet that was strong, capable, and an excellent role model for her daughters for a change. And no one can accuse this Mr. Bennet of neglecting his duties with all his business ventures and various sources of income. However, one thing that hasn’t changed about Mr. Bennet is his dry wit and penchant for teasing!
  • Darcy and Elizabeth: An American Elizabeth and a British Darcy in the year 1811! Whoa! With the escalating tension between their countries, differing opinions on politics, and diverse cultures, Darcy and Elizabeth have much more than their pride and initial prejudices to overcome! I found it very interesting to observe Darcy and Elizabeth face these new challenges and conflicts in their relationship.
  • ummm…errr…well…I got nothing! I loved this book, there really wasn’t anything I didn’t like! Brava, Mary!


If you are looking for an Austenesque novel with just the right amount of historical content, Mary Simonsen is an author you simply must check out. With Austen-Inspired novels that take place after World War II (Searching for Pemberley), after World War I (Mr. Darcy’s Angel of Mercy), before the War of 1812 (Darcy on the Hudson), and during World War II (Darcy Goes to War), Mary Simonsen has proven numerous times over that she is quite proficient when it comes to entwining history and Jane Austen! I can’t wait to see where and when she will take us next!


GIVEAWAY!!! Mary Simonsen has kindly sent a brand new paperback copy of Darcy on the Hudson for me to give away!!

To enter and win this LOVELY prize all you have to do is comment below sharing what historicaltime periodor placeyou’d like to see Mary take Elizabeth and Darcy next?
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  • This giveaway ends October 22nd

BTW – this is my 500th post on this blog!  I find it so apropos that my 500th post is about one of Mary Simonsen’s books since she was the person who suggested I start blogging and my very first follower and supporter! Hugs, Mary! 🙂

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  56 Responses to “Darcy on the Hudson – Mary Simonsen + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    twitter blodeuedd83

    Hm, where to next. Lots of wars there. How about staying at this time and going to Waterloo


    twitter: rosefire15

    Um, I think the Vietnam War would be nice for the next destination 😉


    How about some fun instead of war and do a fifties-setting with lots of dancing! I would love to read about that!

    arjanne.boneschanscher (at) gmail (dot) com


    England between the wars is one of my favorite time periods to read about. Greater social mobility, franchise for women, economic changes, the abdication crisis, the clothes, the music, moving film and the youthful energy all make for a fascinating time.

    congrats on your 500th post and thanks to Mary for both the giveaway and for encouraging Meredith to blog!

    Heather M.


    Erm, perhaps she can set it her next novel during the height of Britain’s imperialism. Just a thought.



    How about the American Revolution?
    rbquilter at gmail.com


    I loved this book! Absolutely does not disappoint!! Please do not enter me in the giveaway because I have it already. Considering where I live, I would love to see a book done in the old west. You know, how here in the wilds of Indian Country. =D


    I agree, 5 stars!!! Loved it! (Please do not enter me in giveaway)


    Congratulations on your 500th post! Lovely review, Meredith! This book has been on my wishlist for quite awhile. The time period is one of my favorites! I would also love to see Darcy and Elizabeth during the Civil War. I find this time period in American history so interesting and would love to see their story set there! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!=)


    Mary, another wonderful book! One I would love to get my hands on! I would love to see what Darcy and Elizabeth will do to each other when one of them are British an American! I think it most be a good thing that Mrs Bennet is a good role model and Mr Bennet has his wit!
    Enter me into the giveaway


      Yes, Sophia-Elizabeth there are definitely some sparks with Darcy and Elizabeth! And I so fell in love with Mr and Mrs Bennet in this retelling! They were so much fun and so inspiring!


    I have this one on my wish list so I’m so glad its a good one. I’ve liked all her books that I’ve had a chance to read so far. That’s neat that she is part of your 500th post and your blog origins. Congrats.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.
    sophiarose1816 at gmail dot com


      Oh, I forgot about the question. Hmm, I keep thinking that maybe something earlier like in medieval times like maybe just after the Norman Invasion. Darcy can be a Norman knight and Elizabeth can be a Saxon lady. Or maybe even the Crimea if we’re sticking to war themes.


      Great ideas Sophia Rose! I think the possibilities are endless when it comes to P&P!

      I love that it turned out that this was my 500th! I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried!


    I’ve been wanting to read this for quite awhile. Mary never disappoints, and I’m glad she encouraged you to blog. 500 posts is very impressive, congratulations!

    Let’s see…maybe during the 50s/60s America with the civil rights movement? I’ve always been interested in that. I could totally see Lizzy being an activist, with Darcy being a more behind the scenes supporter.



      I think you will love this one, Monica! Thank you for the kind words!

      I love all the possible time periods and places everyone is coming up with! This is so much fun!


    It definitely did not disappoint! I love the old west! Great idea! Maybe Mary Simonsen will like one of these ideas! *fingers crossed*


    Meredith, Thank you for the lovely review and for making your 500th post a review of Darcy on the Hudson. Congratulations! You deserve all the good wishes coming your way.

    To all you lovely commentors, thank you for all your kind words. I’m pleased as punch.


    P.S. Sometime next year I will have a D&E book out with Darcy meeting Elizabeth on the Grand Tour of the Continent several years after the failed proposal at Hunsford. Lots of research to do which is half the fun.


    Thank you, Kelli! I love that time period too! Jack Caldwell did post Civil War with Pemberley Ranch, but I don’t think anyone did during the Civil War. That would be interesting!


    YAY! That sounds fantastic! And I just love the way you include the perfect amount of historical content! You are the Queen of Historical Austenesque Romances, Mary!


    I love Sherlock Holmes stories and other mysteries so I would transport them to the late Victorian period (1890’s). They might be able to have more contact with each other than they would earlier in the century. I thought of this idea before, probably because of the books depicting them in different eras.



    i would love to read Mary’s take on how the Darcys would deal with the AmericanRevolution, on the British side!!!!
    thank you for the giveaway!!!

    cyn209 at juno dot com


    The Felicity books are wonderful! I fell in love with them as well, but for me it was reading them to my daughter!
    I would love to read this new book- sounds wonderful!
    I agree with some of the other time period suggestions, especially the Wild West and the Revolutionary War. But, what would you think of an ancient Roman take on our favorite couple?


      I read those books over and over when I was nine! I just got the catalogue and I see there is a new doll named Caroline Abbott from 1812! American Girl is just awesome!

      Ancient Rome sounds like it would be so much fun!


    I think an interesting idea would be traveling west when the lands were first being explored. Another interesting idea might be to have a book set in Salem.



    I think an interesting idea would be to have a story based during the late 5th / early 6th century and have it be an Arthurian story.



    Great 500th post. We owe Mary a great big thanks for encouraging you then too. I’d love to read this book.
    I agreed with several of the suggestions above. Victorian, medieval, 50s – dancing – smiles….that was a fun one. I couldn’t think of any others.


    This book sounds like an interesting idea! I can just imagine the party might have stopped at my house on the way to New York (it was built in 1734!). I love this time period, too (obviously).

    I think it would be interesting to place the Darcys in the same time/place as John Thornton’s world. I’m imagining what kind of conversation this new money and old money guys would have!


    Where would I like to see Darcy and Elizabeth go….perhaps a European setting other than England.Love Mary’s books! Thanks for the giveaway!



    I would be interested to read something that takes place 1880s-1920s when there were a lot of new changes and the industrial revolution was really getting going. Also wish there were more stories that took place in other parts of Europe or Asia even. Cold Russian winters, a rowdy Germanic Oktoberfest or a Scandinavian fjord. Thanks for the giveaway.

    colleenday at hotmail dot com


    Oohhh! What if it was a Sherlockian (did I just make up that word?) mystery? That would be fun! Mary writes so crime mysteries I believe!


    I’ve always been a big fan of the jazz age. All the dancing and the blues and the craziness all seemed so interesting. Elizabeth would be great as a sassy jazz singer, don’t you think?


    What if the war never happened? That could be an awesome time period.
    rei-chan_ap at hotmail.com


    So glad you enjoyed this book, Meredith! Congrats to Mary for writing another must read Pride and Prejudice re-imagining!


    This book sounds to good!
    Hmmm… I would say… Australia. Mr. Darcy could be a surfer 😉
    Congratulations on your 500th post!



    Having only just found out about this author I don’t know if these books have been to Scotland yet

    meikleblog at gmail dot com


    Even if I think Darcy and Elizabeth are perfect for their own time period, I’d love to see them nowadays… Would Darcy be as flawless as in nineteenth century? I hope so!



    Congrats on the 500th post~~where would we be without you!?!?!

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