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What? The Exalted Lady Catherine is Rundown with a Carriage?!?

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Having read and reviewed Matters at Mansfield by Carrie Bebris, Darcy and Anne by Judith Brocklehurst, and The Strange Marriage of Anne de Bourgh by Skylar Burris on this blog, it could be assumed that I have no small amount of sympathy and affection for Jane Austen’s “pale and sickly” character. Anne de Bourgh – growing up an only child, losing her father at a young age, living with a domineering mother, and being foisted upon her unwilling cousin – cannot help but invoke my sympathy and compassion! I do not believe her to be so sickly, I believe she is merely oppressed, intimidated, and friendless. And I love it when authors portray her overcoming her weak constitution, achieving her independence, and experiencing some romance.

Miss de Bourgh’s Adventure by Joan Ellen Delman is a sequel novella that explores what happens to Anne de Bourgh after the close of Pride and Prejudice. Taking her readers to Bath and running down Lady Catherine down with a negligent carriage driver, Ms. Delman creates a story that is exciting, humorous, and indeed an adventure! Is Lady Catherine going to make a full recovery? Is the handsome, charming, and wealthy Mr. Wynnewood in love with Anne? And what is the mystery behind Captain Turner’s lack of funds? One must read this novella to find out…

To be in the company of Lady Catherine, Anne, Mr. Collins and Charlotte once again was an immense pleasure! Lady Catherine was just as austere and formidable as always, Mr. Collins was properly obnoxious and obsequious, and Charlotte and Anne were forming a quiet and understanding friendship that was satisfying to witness. In addition, Ms. Delman’s new creations, the attractive Mr. Wynnewood, his compassionate sister, Louisa, and their poor, homely-looking friend, Captain Turner, were all well-drawn and intriguing.

I’ve had this book on my Amazon wishlist for YEARS! I was intrigued by the subject and by the reviews, but my book budget could not afford a hundred and fifteen page novella that cost almost twelve dollars. So I was forced to wait until I could find a gently used copy for a decent price. My wait was well worth it! I loved the characters, the exciting plot twists, and Ms. Delman’s satirical wit! An excellent example of this can be found in her end notes.

I most heartily recommend this little gem of Austenesque literature to anyone looking to see Jane Austen’s unassuming and unlikely Anne de Bourgh become a heroine! Now, to track down an affordable copy of Ms. Delman’s Lovers’ Perjuries; Or, The Clandestine Courtship Of Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill, because, once again, the subject and the reviews deeply intrigue me!


What about you?  What unassuming and unlikely Jane Austen character would you like to see become a heroine?
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  10 Responses to “Miss de Bourgh’s Adventure – Joan Ellen Delman”


    Meredith, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this one before but I may have over looked it because Anne has never been my favorite. But now after reading your review, I think I would like to read this! Thanks!


      Since it was self-pubbed years ago it hasn’t gotten a lot of visibility on amazon recently. I found it way back or else, I wouldn’t have known about it now. I think it is interesting to see what other authors do with the unmarried women in Jane Austen’s novels!


    This one is new to me. Thanks for sharing about it. I’ll have to start my own hunt.

    As to my favorite unassuming characters, I’ve already seen Mary Bennett get her book, but I would also like to see Anne Elliot’s friend Mrs. Smith have her own story because she was so kind to Anne and didn’t deserve what Mr. Elliot did to her.

    Thanks for sharing!


    I’m glad to see your positive review of this. Like you, this book has been on my list for awhile but my book budget is very small. I do like when writers give Anne some kind of personality, even when she’s a villain. I often wonder how things would’ve been different for Anne if her father hadn’t passed away – maybe better, maybe worse, who knows. I can just imagine how Lady Cat would react to being run over! Lol She’s too stubborn to die!

    Glad to know this one is a “winner”. Thanks Meredith.


      Yes, it would be interesting to see a story with Sir Lewis still alive! That would make an awesome alternate path P&P story! Yes, Lady Cat is indomitable, it was silly of me to think she could be killed off!

      Hope you find a reasonable price of this novella soon, Monica! I was able to find it used on amazon for less than $4 + shipping.


    I’ve wanted to read this one also. Great review! run over by a carriage….whohooo
    love it.


    I agree with you about Anne. I like to flesh out her characters in my stories. Georgiana Darcy as well.


    Like you, I like it when authors have Anne overcome her “sickly constitution” and develop her into something more. I too do not believe she was really a sickly thing. Great review, Meredith! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a copy! Thanks! 🙂

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