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An Angel in Love

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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SoulFire, book two in Robin Helm’s magnificent trilogy, recommences with our hero, Xander (Darcy), acclimating to his newly manifested dual nature as he attempts to win the heart of Elizabeth Bennet. One obstacle Darcy must contend with is Gregory Wickham, Satan’s son, who is also vying for Elizabeth’s attention. Another trial for Darcy is that he must from Elizabeth the fact that he has been her guardian angel for the past eighteen years. Darcy knows he will eventually need to disclose his true nature to Elizabeth, but he also knows that the beginning of their relationship is not the time to do it.

There has been some changes to the roles of guardian in this novel. Since Darcy spends most of his time in human form, another angel is assigned to guard Elizabeth. Who better than the Captain of Hosts, Archangel Michael?  And who guards Darcy while he is human form? Oh, nobody special, justGabriel, the same archangel who visited the Virgin Mary!  What a formidable and eminent trio these three angels make!

While volume I, Guardian, sets the stage, introduces the characters, establishes the conflict in this trilogy, volume II accentuates and develops the characters’ relationships with each other, primarily the relationships between Darcy and Elizabeth and Darcy and his angel brothers. I took great pleasure in seeing Darcy and Elizabeth’s blossoming love, so tender and powerful, yet at the same time, innocent and pure. In addition, I loved seeing Darcy experience everything that a typical guy experiences when he is in love: trying to determine if a girl likes you, navigating awkward conversations, planning the perfect date, initiating the first kiss… I was completely endeared to Darcy as tried to figure out the dating rituals of today’s society and felt that Ms. Helm illustrated his feelings and experiences perfectly!

Playful boasting, witty retorts, gentle ribbing, unmerciful teasing – Darcy and his angel brothers do it all, and it is immensely entertaining to see these three heavenly beings behaving like competitive and childish boys! Because all three are angels, they can communicate telepathically – and their witty repartee, that no one but angels can hear, is where Ms. Helm’s clever sense of humor really shines:

Darcy gritted his teeth. Gabriel, sometimes your patience gets on my nerves. I know, should I be impatient? Darcy grinned wryly. Then you would not be Gabriel. Gabriel nodded sagely. I would be Darcy, I suppose. – p. 112 SoulFire

Just like the first book in this sensational series, there is so much inspiration and faith to be derived from these pages. Besides witnessing the spiritual war between the angels and Lucifer’s dark forces, readers get to travel with Darcy and Elizabeth as they participate in evangelist meetings. The events and miracles that take place at these meetings are so moving and wonderfully illustrate the majestic power of the Almighty! If you are interested in seeing Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice infused with heavenly beings and nefarious demons, I encourage you read The Guardian Trilogy by Robin Helm. It is a sensational cross between the Austenesque genre and Inspirational Fiction! (Potential readers should be made aware that this is the second book in The Guardian Trilogy, and that it will be necessary to read all three books to attain the complete story).  

GIVEAWAY!!! Thanks to Author Robin Helm, I have one BEAUTIFUL SET of THE GUARDIAN TRILOGY to giveaway to one of you lucky readers!  


For US residents, the prize will be one autographed copy of Guardian and SoulFire.   For international residents, the prize will be an ebook of each novel in either kindle or nook format.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this review!  (To save your inbox from unwanted spam, please don’t leave your email address.) Just check back to see if you win! Fortunately for our interntational friends, this giveaway is open worldwide. Thank you, Robin!! This contest ends April 19th. Thank you for entering and best of luck!

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  17 Responses to “SoulFire – Robin Helm + GIVEAWAY”


    Oh, oh!!! I’ve been hearing so many wonderful things about this series the last week or so — I’m quite fascinated :o)
    Would LOVE to win the set!
    ::fingers crossed::


    I would love to read Robin’s books. I’ve had them on my wish list because they sound so good and I’m intrigued by this new spin on the P&P story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


    Thank you for the wonderful review, Meredith! It is always fascinating to read what other people think of my writing.

    I will be excited to see who wins the books.


    These books sound awesome and your review is too, Meredith! It is a fascinating idea and one that I plan to eventually read about in full! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway opportunity.


    The scenes with Darcy, Michael and Gabriel are so great, aren’t they? And I loved watching Darcy experience things for the first time. I’ve been waiting til Legacy comes out so I can buy all 3 books at once, but I would be super excited to win here! 😀 Thanks Meredith & Robin.


    These books look really interesting. Thanks for the review!


    I would love to read these books. Always enjoy reading your reviews as a source for new Austen-like books!


    I would love to read these books. Always enjoy reading your reviews as a source for new Austen-like books!


    I loaned my copy of Soul Fire to a friend, and it has magically walked away. Robin, your gift is evident. Meredith, thank you for giving those who love Austen a platform on which to express our opinions.


    Your review of Guardian has me hooked on the trilogy. I can’t wait until Legacy comes out! I love the new twist to P&P and the Christian morals and lifestyle.


    When I saw this one popping up it made me go a bit insane because I always try to explain to many what I have going on with Mr Darcy and that he is not an old fashioned character who can stand the test of time. This sounds like a total different way of telling a story! I bet that I can keep the fire for one of my favorite inspiring book characters! kindled with this one on my bookshelf.


    I love the new spin on Darcy and Elizabeth! Can’t wait to add it to my list to read!


    Wonderful review. Thank you for the giveaway!


    I have heard many things about this book and it sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway


    Thanks for the wonderful comments!


    This sounds like such a wonderful series! On my to read list now!


    Pride and Prejudice makeover with Christian themes sounds like a new concept to me. So I would love to win the set of books because it intrigues me. Meredith, please add me into the drawing.

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