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Three Brave Colonels and the Strong Women Who Love Them

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Leaving behind stetsons, western ranches, and cowboys, Austenesque author Jack Caldwell picks up his pen to compose a sequel for two of Jane Austen’s most beloved military men, Colonel Fitzwilliam from Pride and Prejudice and Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility. Included in this integrated sequel is a character of Mr. Caldwell’s own creation, the knighted and reputed bad boy Colonel Sir John Buford. What do these three men all have in common? Obviously…they are all colonels. But they also have the distinction of being in love with Austen women, some of which may surprise you! In addition, all three men are good friends (or related to) the Darcys. (Yes, readers will see a little bit of Darcy and Elizabeth in this novel!) And lastly, all three of these brave men are called to serve their country and their king in the Battle of Waterloo.

I must admit, even though I adored Jack Caldwell’s Pemberley Ranch, I was a little anxious that this novel would be all battles scenes and fighting, and not enough romance. Boy, was I wrong! The hopeless romantic in me was most assuredly satisfied with this exhilarating and engrossing saga! There was so much more than war going on; there were estate wars, adulteress wives, newborns, lovers who want to rekindle the past, weddings, murders, and the constructing of lifelong friendships. In addition, I love how Mr. Caldwell related this story! With three heroes to follow, readers were constantly traveling from Delaford, to Rosings, London to Belgium, Newcastle to Vienna, and Pemberley to Longbourn. I appreciated seeing action from all the lead characters’ perspectives and took pleasure in every single one of the exciting and cleverly crafted subplots – even the one for Lydia and Wickham!

One element of this novel that really pleased me was seeing the camaraderie that existed between all the lead men and all the lead women in this story. The three colonels all knew of each other and were friends before they went to battle, but to see their reliance and support of each other strengthen during the ugly, devastating scenes of battle was heartwarming and inspiring. And they weren’t the only ones establishing close-knit relationships and overcoming obstacles! Each of the three heroines in this novel were faced with their own share of trials and predicaments. Whether it was schooling themselves to be a kinder person, defiantly fighting for control of their lives, or resisting a strong temptation each of these ladies brilliantly showed us their strength and integrity. Readers will not be able to help but admire these Austen ladies!

Brimming with romance, action, and drama Jack Caldwell once again delivers a spectacularly epic Austenesque novel! And when I say epic, I mean epic! I most emphatically recommend this novel to readers who want to see a novel about the Brandons, Bingleys, Bennets, Fitzwilliams, Collins, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, the Iron Duke, and Napoleon, with the Darcys in the heart of it all!

(Note: Due to one or two brief intimate scenes, I’d recommend this novel for Mature Audiences only).

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  17 Responses to “The Three Colonels – Jack Caldwell”


    This sounds great! I have to admit this wasn’t on my TBR list, but I may have to read it after all! Thanks for the review!


    I am just so intrigued with this group of heroes and heroines. Curiosity has me knowing that it crosses over more than one Austen novel and uses many of the secondary characters.

    Thanks for sharing your review!


    I am so excited to read this book, I know I am going to love it. Colonel Brandon is one of my all time favorite characters.


    I really enjoyed pemberly ranch, so really looking forwrd to this one!


    I just read this novel straight through. My adrenaline is in overload. I cannot express how much I loved this book. Everyone – put this at the top of your list!!!


    Another great review, Meredith! I am always interested in what you think of a book. I have heard so many good things about this one so was exceedingly glad you liked it too! It sounds wonderful with the characters from the different Austen novels. I love that idea. It is on my TBR list and I appreciate the chance for a giveaway. That is always fun!


      I’m glad to hear this book is receiving the high praise it most definitely deserves! I just loved seeing Marianne Brandon be close friends with Elizabeth Darcy. It is so nice to think of our beloved heroines as having such superior companions!


    Meredith, I’m honored by your wonderful review. And thanks to everyone else for your comments!


    Hi !
    As Jack knows, this story has been one of my favorite since it was posted as WIP; jack was the only author who made me like Caroline Bingley, ever ! And I love the new version 10 times better (Jack also knows why LOL).
    It was a wonderful review for a truly wonderful story ! Congrats to you both !

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