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Already in Love!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Novella? Prequel? Variation Series? What designation would I use to describe the first installment in debut author Maria Grace’s Give Good Principles series you ask? I’d use all three! Volume One, Darcy’s Decision, takes place pre-Pride and Prejudice, is just over a hundred pages, and the plot is already traveling on a different course than the original. The story opens with a grieving Darcy who is trying to cope with the loss of his wise and honorable father while taking his first steps towards upholding the legacy he was left behind. In the six months since his father’s death Darcy has had many new responsibilities thrust upon him. Darcy utilizes all the excellent training and guidance given to him by his father and uncle,except that this time, Darcy is following his good principles with a little less pride and conceit

Even though it is only about a hundred pages in length, this novella is extremely eventful and engaging! I just loved all the interesting and illuminating scenes that played out in this novella: Wickham’s return to Pemberley to demand the Kympton living, Georgiana’s first dinner party and her subsequent lessons in humility and reality, and Caroline Bingley’s introduction to Mr. Darcy and her first unsuccessful attempts at attracting his attention. It is amazing how much happened in such a short span on time!

What I loved most about this novella was Darcy. Unlike in Pride and Prejudice, Darcy has someone in his life guiding his good principles. He is not as proud or haughty. He recognizes the flaws in his father’s and uncle’s view of the world and desires to do better. Providing for his immediate family and future heirs is not enough, Darcy aims to ensure the happiness and prosperity of all workers and tenants dependent on him. Darcy is proving himself to be a much more honorable, considerate, and godly man, and I think I’m already falling in love. I can hardly wait to see what Elizabeth thinks of him!

Another aspect about this novella that I admired was all the intriguing yet plausible plot twists: Darcy’s unlikely mentor, Mr. Darcy’s shocking secret, Wickham’s distasteful punishment. I took pleasure in observing these implemented detours and new developments, and I look forward to seeing how these new characters and circumstances impact the rest of the story!

Elegant and diverting, Darcy’s Decision is an absorbing look at what Darcy’s life was like pre-Pride and Prejudice. Maria Grace’s Give Good Principles series is off to a very propitious start, and I must admit, I think I’m already in love!

GIVEAWAY!!! Author Maria Grace has kindly donated a brand new paperback copy and an ebook copy of Darcy’s Decision for me to giveaway!!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this review. (To save inbox from unwanted spam, please don’t leave your email address.) Just check back to see if you win! Fortunately for our international friends, the ebook giveaway is open worldwide! The paperback giveaway is open to US residents.  Thank you, Maria!!

This contest will close April 5th. Good luck and thank you for entering!

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  23 Responses to “Darcy’s Decision: Given Good Principles, Vol. 1 – Maria Grace + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    I read this as a WIP online and I am looking forward to all 3 (I think there’s 3) volumes being published so I can read them again in longer sittings instead of a chapter a week. But I loved it, especially when Darcy & Co. get to Hertfordshire.


    I read this story on-line as a WIP, but I want to reread it now that it’s all in one place. It was a lovely, touching story. Congratulations to Maria Grace on her success.


    That does sound like an intriguing ‘what if’ variation and I look forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing your review and thanks to Maria for the giveaway opportunity.


    The praise you have given this book makes it a must read in my world. Thank you


    Wonderful review! This is such a great story! I read it online, but I would love to have a book so that I can reread it. I’ll tweet and put it on my FB page.


    Thanks to all of you for the kind praise and encouragement. It means a great deal to me. Thank you.

    To all of you who read it on-line: What was posted amounts to the rough draft of the story. What is published has undergone hundreds of hours of editing and polishing and has material that is not in the on-line version.


    Thank you for the review, Meredith. I hadn’t heard of this new series so I’m thrilled for more Austenesque books to add to my TBR list.


    This review goes a long way in piquing the reader’s interest.

    I don’t usually read prequels. This time I did as a WIP. Like another reviewer, I look forward to reading it as a whole. WTG


    I have to admit I’d never even heard of it. I’m sincerely lacking in knowledge. I would love to read this it sounds amazing. I loved the review. Even moreso I loved the whole premise of this first volume. I don’t believe that many in depth stories of Darcy’s development in this time period have been done. I know of a couple that work around it but not in as much detail as this sounds like. I would love to know the kinds of turmoil Darcy would have gone thru after his father’s decease and before Elizabeth. Plus the plot twists sound exciting.


    I have yet to read a book about Darcy before Pride & Prejudice, so I am super excited for this one! Thanks for the giveaway!


    Wow, this book really does sound good! Great review 🙂 Have added to my to-be-read pile!


    Thanks for the review. I haven’t heard of this one and I like the Darcy-pre-P&P storyline.



    Great review, Meredith! I have read this book and I too, enjoyed it. It is a good book and I look forward to the next ones!

    Don’t include me in the giveaway since I already have the book.


    wow, all the comments above and the review make me really want to read this book. I will say that meredith hasn’t steered me wrong whenI read something that was given a 5 star review. I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.


    Great review! This one sounds like a great story! Thank you for the giveaway.


    When I see a 5 star, I KNOW it will be a good one! Thank you for this give-away!:D



    Lovely review Meredith! I have heard so many wonderful things about this book! I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the giveaway!!=)


    I would “love” to meet the new Darcy. It seems he’s now set on becoming a new man by improving his character. A bit like Ben Franklin??? Virtues. I would love to read it. Thanks for entering me in the contest.


    I would “love” to meet the new Darcy. It seems he’s now set on becoming a new man by improving his character. A bit like Ben Franklin??? Virtues. I would love to read it. Thanks for entering me in the contest.


    I have read a review about this book before and am really looking forward to getting to read it (hopefully soon).
    Sounds like a great insight into the pre-P&P-time!

    Would love to be entered for the ebook, as I´m no US resident.


    could NOT miss this from Barbara !
    thank you for the giveaway and generosity that keeps us in the BEST reads !!


    I read the sample and was hooked. Unfortunately, I am on a very restricted budget these days and was waiting to buy when my finances improve. I really want to win. I am in the U.S. Beth Massey


    So part 2 in the series is “The Future Mrs Darcy” does anyone know the name of Part 3?

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