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Go Team Knightley!

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(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that this is the second book in the George Knightley, Esquire series, and that it is necessary to read BOOK ONE prior to reading this one.)

Lend Me Leave, book two in Barbara Cornthwaite’s sensational George Knightley, Esquireseries, recommences with our hero, the admirable, benevolent, and sagacious Mr. Knightley, trying to stealthily and silently woo his darling Emma. Book One, Charity Envieth Not, ends with three Donwell bachelors suffering from love-sickness: Mr. Martin, who is still nursing a broken heart after Harriet’s refusal; Mr. Spencer, Donwell’s new curate, who bungled his first proposal to the compassionate widow, Mrs. Catherwood; and Mr. Knightley, who fears that all his hopes and desires in regards to Emma Woodhouse will never be realized because of that blasted Frank Churchill! Although this series is centered upon Mr. Knightley, readers will be able to witness how all three of these lovelorn and worthy bachelors fare in this installment.

What an all-encompassing, accomplished, and outstanding series! In her second book Barbara Cornthwaite dexterously and intuitively reveals all Mr. Knightley’s thoughts and feelings throughout the major plot events of Emma. Readers are able to witness his anxiety over Emma’s flirting with Frank Churchill, his absolute delight when Emma teases and smiles at him, his compulsion to rescue Harriet during the ball, and his determination to reproach Emma for her insult to Miss Bates. Mr. Knightley really is a most magnanimous and tender hero, and I utterly loved my time with him in this series!

One aspect I loved about this seres, was being able to see the many facets of Mr. Knightley’s life. Trust me, he does so much more than lecture Emma and visit with Mr. Woodhouse! I took great pleasure in witnessing Mr. Knightley attend parish meetings, take care of his magistrate duties, visit with his friends Mr. Gilbert, Dr. Hughes, and Mr. Spencer, counsel some misguided youths, and investigate the crimes or problems within his parish. But my favorite scenes (besides those with Emma) are those where Mr. Knightley is responding to his brother’s provoking correspondence or relating his woes to Madame Duval, his pure white cat. I loved and greatly appreciated that Ms. Cornthwaite gave such an in-depth and variegated portrayal of Mr. Knightley!

I absolutely adored this series by Barbara Cornthwaite! Besides being such an intelligently written and praiseworthy addition to the genre of Austenesque literature, George Knightley, Esquire is an absorbing and distinguished series that gives Mr. George Knightley the attention he so rightly deserves! Move over Darcy and Wentworth…

GIVEAWAY!!! The lovely Barbara Cornthwaite has just informed me she would like to giveaway ONE BRAND NEW copy of Lend Me Leave to give away to ONE lucky winner!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this review. (To save your inbox from unwanted spam, please don’t leave your email address.) Just check back to see if you win! This giveaway is open to residents in the US and Canada!

This contest will end February 23rd! Thank you for entering and best of luck!

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  19 Responses to “Lend Me Leave (George Knightley, Esquire; Book 2) – Barbara Cornthwaite + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    Very interesting, I haven’t heard of this series before! I’ve always like Mr. Knightley!


    Mr Knightley is the perfect English gentleman. Remember miss bates and the apples? I love him for that kindheartedness as well as for all the rest of his qualities.


    I adore Jane Austen’s characters and also her books. Mr Knightley is really an intelligent and handsome man, a true elegant hero who found his match in Emma.


    Oh, I love Mr. Knightley and I’d love to have the chance to read this book! Thank you for the giveaway!


    It is something new for me, a book about mr knightley so far I haven’t read any about him.
    I agree with Meredith, seeing the dailylife of knightley, how he is, what he felt during teh whole book is very interesting he is a very mysterious character I think. And unveil a part of his private life is great 🙂 for us XD
    thnak you for letting people outside of canada or US to win this 🙂


    Would love to get into this series. Thanks for the giveaway. Gotta go get my hands on Book 1, too!



    This would be delightful and special. many thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com


    I loved book 1 and am very excited that book 2 is out there waiting for my greedy hands – don’t know how I missed that this was published! I would loooove to win this book! cpnclprashe< .>yahoo


    This is a great series, and while I am a Frederick Fan Girl ALL the way, George Knightley is very swoonworthy. Enter and keep your fingers crossed because you’ll love this book.


    I will read anything that you write, Susan. My fingers are crossed as well as my toes!


    This sounds like a good read and I would love to read Mr. Knightley’s perspective.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.


    Book 1 was divine. I have been looking forward to Book 2. Would LOVE to win the giveaway!


    Oh, I love Mr. Knightley! I would love to read more about him.


    Looks like a great book! Can’t wait!


    Mr.Knightley is wonderful, looks like a great read.


    Can’t wait thanks! Love the Author


    congratulations to you, Andrea.


    Mr. Knightley is one of my favorite Austen hero’s (behind Henry Tilney of course) so this concept is intriguing. Thanks for the great review Meredith.


    I love this book and whole-heartedly agree with the review. I have an e-book, so would really appreciate having a hard copy!

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