Nov 092011
A Diverting and Delightful Sequel about the Darcys!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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In her debut novel, Austenesque author Shannon Winslow presents a sequel to Pride and Prejudice that portrays both the blissful yet sometimes turbulent marriage of the Darcys and Georgiana’s first emotional experience of being in love. Taking place just several months after the close of Pride and Prejudice, readers drop in on the inhabitants of Pemberley where everything is peaceful and picturesque. But not for long… With a funeral, an unlikely engagement, unrequited love, a villain’s dastardly schemes, and an increase of secrets and doubts, the Darcys’ lives become full of excitement and action.

One of my favorite elements about this sequel was seeing all of my favorite characters accurately and respectfully rendered; Lady Catherine is all domineering and cantankerous, Colonel Fitzwilliam is all charm and affability, Mrs. Bennet is all nerves and palpations, and Mr. Bennet sport and satire. I also took great pleasure making the acquaintances of Mrs. Sanditon (Mr. Collins’ widowed sister), Mr. Henry Heywood (a suitor for Georgiana’s hand), and Mr. Sanditon (Mrs. Sanditon’s brother-in-law and the Darcy’s reclusive neighbor).

Written with an excellent command of Regency language, Ms. Winslow adroitly emulates Jane Austen’s style and syntax. There were a few instances where I thought there was a bit too much narration and not enough action, but that was only in the first half of the novel. Moreover, I was glad to see that the Darcy’s idyllic and carefree marriage displayed in the first couple of chapters didn’t continue throughout the whole novel. A marriage free of trials and tribulations just isn’t realistic in my opinion! I liked how Ms. Winslow created tension and drama between Darcy and Elizabeth with their keeping of secrets from each other; reminding her readers that honesty and full disclosure in marriages is always best!

I highly recommend The Darcys of Pemberley to any readers looking for a continuation of Pride and Prejudice that focuses on the lives of Darcy, Elizabeth, and Georgiana. I took great pleasure in Shannon Winslow’s delightful debut novel and look forward to reading more by her in the future!

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  3 Responses to “The Darcys of Pemberley – Shannon Winslow”


    Your review peaked my interest in the book when you mentioned true to the original characters while adding new characters to meet.

    Thanks for the review!


    This book is in my TBR stack right now, #2 in line Lol, and I look forward to reading it. I’m so curious as to the secrets D&E try to keep from each other and the reasoning behind it. Intriguing!


    I can hardly wait to read my copy. I met Shannon recently and she was such an amazing and nice person as well. That makes reading her book even more something I look forward to. I just haven’t had an opportunity yet since working on other projects. I enjoyed your review as usual.

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