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Welcome to Austenesque Extravaganza, a month-long celebration of Austenesque novels and authors! My name is Meredith Esparza, and I’m an ardent admirer of Austenesque novels and your host for this month-long tribute to Austenesque novels and authors.

Today’s Austenesuqe Event is: TRAVELING TUESDAY

  • For this event, you will travel through the blogsphere and take a few stops at some spectacular Austenesque author and blogger sites!

*Remember, each time you comment during this event it counts as an entry for the Amazing Austenesque Giveaway! Don’t forget to fill out this form so I can contact you if you win! (You only need to fill this out one time for the whole month.)

Today’s Traveling Tuesday Itinerary
  • Cindy JonesMy Jane Austen Summer
    • Jane Austen Appears in Tweed Jacket
  • Isabelle SolalIn the Past Imperfect
    • Welcome to In the Past Imperfect
  • Maria Grazia – Blog Mistress of My Jane Austen Book Club
    • Talking Mr. Darcy

*The fantastic graphics you are seeing for Austenesque Extravaganza were created by the wonderfully talented Lady Turner! Thank you, Lady Turner!

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  18 Responses to “Traveling Tuesday – #3”


    I’m so happy to be part of this amazing event! I’ll wait for you all at My Jane Austen Book Club with “Talking Mr Darcy”!


    For some reason, I couldn’t post on Maria’s blog, so I thought I’d post it here:

    Darcy is the perfect hero because he represents such a challenge. He is one of the most complex heroes in literature created by an author who didn’t really excel at developing male characters. Everyone wants to remove his mask, and we all want to be Elizabeth because she’s able to do it without trying. To me, Colin Firth perfectly captured Darcy’s complex nature. He’s haughty, arrogant, self-assured, but there is a vulnerability in the expression of his eyes. He perfectly captures that type-A, driven, perfectionist battling his own desires.

    It is an incredibly difficult character to portray. Most actors have either made him so arrogant he’s difficult to like, or so sad and rather lost and pathetic that he’s difficult to dislike. Though I love Matthew MacFadyen, his problem was that his Darcy was just too sad. He lacked the necessary arrogance. And it did not help that his Lizzy was so very snippy.

    And I think that”s the real key to the fascination with Darcy; we don’t just fall in love with him. We fall in love with the couple. Darcy and Elizabeth are simply perfection.


    and i couldn’t post my response at cindy’s blog!

    so here’s one of the many variations i tried and still without acceptance “) …

    How did you meet Jane Austen?
    i met Jane via the first of the tv series ~ with all the lovely visuals “)) just my cup of tea! that’s led to many more cuppas and teapots full of sharing…

    luv your statement, ‘bookish women should be the heroines of their own lives’! and heartily agree “)


    great to find Isabelle’s take on Persuasion,my absolute fave! thanks Meredith!


    sharing Darcy luv today on Maria’s Austenesque tour ~ LOTS of responses ~ great thoughts!


    That was great to discover some wonderful blogs!


    I fretted and agonized over the post but it was so much fun! Thanks for this, Meredith, I’ll be so sad when the month is over…


    A wonderful jaunt around blogland to end my cuh-razy Tuesday :o)


    I read Maria’s and Cindy’s regularly. So another new one to see if I can fit it in. There are just too many out there to keep up. I don’t know how you folks do it all. Wonderful. Suzan


    I had to change horses twice and stop for refreshments on my travels but it was well worth it! Added Isabelle’s book to my TBR list and loved reading on Maria’s blog about other authors’ opinions on what make Darcy such a swoonworthy hunk!


    What a fun day, sharing how we met Jane and discussing the man we never get tired of talking about…Mr Darcy!!=)


    Love finding new blogs like these!


    I wasn’t able to post on Maria’s blog either, but it was great good fun!


    Another wonderful tour!


    I love Traveling Tuesday!!


    Got my travel on!! 🙂


    Another great traveling day!! Thank you, Meredith!! 🙂


    Another enjoyable travels. I read Maria’s blog regularly too.

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