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What if the Distressful Scene at the Lambton Inn Ended Differently?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

What Would Mr. Darcy Do? (originally self-published as From Lambton to Longbourn in 2008) is another enthralling Pride and Prejudice variation by Abigail Reynolds. In this variation, Ms. Reynolds takes up her pen and asks: What if Mr. Darcy doesn’t leave the inn at Lambton when Lizzy receives Jane’s missive about Lydia and Wickham? What if Lizzy, realizing she had grossly misjudged him, extends an olive branch to Darcy by thanking him for his hospitality and courteousness towards her and her relatives? What if, in their parting adieus, Darcy and Elizabeth reveal a little more of their true feelings for one another?

How I love these novels! I take great pleasure in reading the novels by Abigail Reynolds for many reasons, one being her excellent recreation of Darcy and Elizabeth. While being true to the originals, Ms. Reynolds’s infuses a bit more emotional development and angst into these characters giving readers a deeper look into their hearts, minds, and souls. What Would Mr. Darcy Do? (From Lambton to Longbourn) is perhaps one of Ms. Reynolds most introspective and emotionally-charged novels. Instead of dealing with outside obstacles and external impediments, Darcy and Elizabeth battle their own insecurities, vulnerabilities, and uncertainties.

However, while I enjoyed the focus on Darcy and Elizabeth’s internal conflicts in this variation, I did feel like there was a scene or two missing. In this variation Lydia and Wickham do not call on Longbourn, and more regrettably neither does Lady Catherine. I think it would have been interesting to see how Elizabeth and Darcy would handle Lady Catherine’s abusive insults and tirades now that the situation between them is a little altered. How would Darcy have handled his aunt if she came to call while he was at Longbourn? What would Lady Catherine do if faced with an unintimidated and deeply in love couple?

Captivating, heartrending, and tender. What Would Mr. Darcy Do is a beautiful retelling of Darcy and Elizabeth falling in love. Abigail Reynolds is one of my favorite Austenesque authors and I adore her series of Pride and Prejudice variations! I highly recommend this variation to readers interested in seeing Pride and Prejudice take another path!

*Note: I read this novel three years ago as From Lambton and Longbourn, and can verify that besides grammatical changes, the only difference between the self-published version and this one is an opening scene that gives a short history of what occurred before the scene at the Lambton Inn (a great benefit to those unfamiliar with Pride and Prejudice).

**Note: Many of Abigail Reynolds’s novels include intimate and romantic scenes that sometimes can be rated R. In this book though they are more PG-13.

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  4 Responses to “What Would Mr. Darcy Do? – Abigail Reynolds”


    This is my favorite of Ms. Reynolds’ novels. I have read it countless times. So glad to see a second edition!


    Thanks for the lovely review, Meredith! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


    This is also my favorite book by Abigail Reynolds. I have “From Lambton to Longbourn” and I’m ordering the kindle version of “What Would Mr. Darcy Do?” I can’t wait to reread it!


    Nice review; and, may I add, well deserved!

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