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Get Ready to Sink Your Teeth into Another Exhilarating Adventure with Jane and Byron!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Our dear Jane (Austen) Fairfax is suffering from writers’ block. She was supposed to have her new novel on her editor’s desk six months ago, and while she keeps telling him that it’s almost done, the truth is she has barely three chapters written – three chapters which, by the way, are complete rubbish. Why can’t Jane write? Is it because Lord Byron has been keeping her busy with learning new vampire arts, like becoming invisible? Or is it because her first novel, Constance, is being adapted for film and Hollywood chose to shoot the movie in her hometown, Brakeston, New York, of all places? Or maybe it has something to do with Jane’s boyfriend, Walter, has started talking about marriage and has announced that his mother is coming for an extended stay. Maybe Jane’s lack of productivity is the result of these three factors and more…

If you thought Jane’s life was chaotic in Jane Bites Back… buckle up and hold on… because this ride is even more intense! In Jane Goes Batty, we are introduced several new detestable and deliciously irritating antagonists. The first one is Walter’s mother (the potential mother-in-law). Like most mother-in-laws, Miriam Ellenberg does her best to make Jane feel terrified and on edge, especially when she cryptically states “I know what you are…” Another antagonist is Jessica Abernathy, Jane’s new editor. Jessica is a loathsome creature who is manipulative, belittles Jane in front of other authors, and accuses her of having no talent! Other antagonists include an intrusive and pesky book reviewer and Jane’s vampire nemesis, Charlotte Brontë, or as Jane calls her, Our Gloomy Friend. With enemies like this, Jane is going to need a lot of friends…

I initially had some reservations about reading a Jane Austen vampire parody when I picked up Mr. Ford’s first novel Jane Bites Back a year ago. Besides worrying about it being too graphic, I dreaded reading a poor representation of my favorite author. Since then, I have read several other Austenesque paranormal novels as well as reread Jane Bites Back, and I emphatically feel that Mr. Ford’s novels are some of the best in this sub-genre!

I’m elated that some of the concerns I had about Jane Bites Back have been completely absolved after reading Jane Goes Batty! I took great pleasure in the colorful and dynamic past Mr. Ford gave our beloved author; everything from touring with The Rocky Horror Show in the 1970’s to posing for the artist John William Godward! In addition, I loved hearing more about Byron’s past, his relationship with Jane, and his relationship with Charlotte. It definitely added more depth and significance to these characters! The only aspect of this novel that I wasn’t too thrilled about is Jane’s relationship with Walter. There’s just something missing! I don’t really feel like Walter is the great love of her life, their relationship comes off a little too lukewarm for my taste.

I found to Jane Goes Batty to be a most enthralling and humorous novel, even more so than Jane Bites Back. I loved the new character additions and especially took pleasure in the new conflicts and complications they brought to the story. I am now very eagerly anticipating Mr. Ford’s third novel Jane Vows Vengeance; I cannot wait to see what other escapades my favorite vampire author gets into!

MY REVIEW of Jane Bites Back

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    Nice review, Meredith. I’m eager to read this and the third installment, when it comes out.


    I can’t wait for Jane Vows Vengeance!

    I didn’t get the squid as the mascot though. Did you?


    Thanks for stopping by, Brooke. The squid perpelexed me too. I wonder what it meant…


    I always enjoy your reviews! I cannot wait to read this next installment.


    This sounds like an good read. Have not tried a paranormal sequel before.

    I follow, I tweeted and my email adiaathena@yahoo.com


    I am so excited to read this one!!! (As well as my mom and sister who we always pass books along to each other, so if I win there would really be three winners!!!)
    Thanks for the chance at winning!


    This sounds like it would be a fun Jane-esque read. Please enter me.
    Thanks for hosting and thanks, always, for your insightful and well written reviews.
    Happy Tuesday!


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