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The Scandals of the Darcys’

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Trust – it is commonly referred to as the key to all marriages, and without it most marriage don’t have a chance of succeeding. Newlyweds Darcy and Elizabeth, while enjoying their first months of wedded matrimony, are experiencing some issues in the trust department. Elizabeth is starting to realize that there may be somethings about her husband’s character, past life, and demeanor she doesn’t know. After discovering hidden love letters, hearing some town gossip, and seeing a young man with familiar and handsome features, Lizzy beings to wonder, what is Mr. Darcy not telling her? And is it something she wants to hear?

Elizabeth isn’t the only one who is lacking trust… When it comes to Georgiana and who she will marry, Darcy doesn’t listen to his wife’s opinion and ignores her apprehensions, thinking only he knows what is best for his sister. Darcy’s determination and obstinacy to marry Georgiana off to a wealthy, titled gentleman, whom she does not love, adds more strife to the Darcy’s marriage; not too mention a bleak future for Georgiana, who discovers that heart already belongs to someone else! Will Georgiana risk scandal and her brother’s disapprobation to follow her heart? Or will she be a dutiful, biddable sister and marry where she does not love?

Jane Odiwe crafted two compelling and absorbing plot-lines in this Pride and Prejudice sequel. One about Elizabeth, Darcy, and Darcy’s secret, and the other one about Georgiana, the man she is engaged to, and the man she loves. I was equally engrossed in both stories, and the added tension and drama Ms. Odiwe generated made this novel hard to put down! I like it when authors portray the Darcys’ marriage as having some flaws. I agree with Jane Austen’s sentiment about “pictures of perfection,” and I think that Darcy and Elizabeth having a flawless and paradisaical marriage is a little unrealistic. As long as they sort it all out in the end, I’m happy with a little angst in their marriage. And in this tale, the possibility of scandal makes their conflicts all the more intriguing!

Similar to Ms. Odiwe’s previous novel, Willoughby’s Return, Mr. Darcy’s Secret is a beautiful and well-written continuation that captures the spirit of Jane Austen’s original. Even though the story focuses on the Darcy family, there are many appearances by Jane Austen’s comical and lovable minor characters. Ms. Odiwe accurately represents all these minor characters and gives a few of them some diverting side-stories. I especially enjoyed witnessing the conversations between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Ms. Odiwe’s portrayal of them was flawless!

One character that I didn’t find as accurately portrayed as the others was Elizabeth Darcy. Although, she is faced with doubts and suspicions, she doesn’t act on them and that disappointed me a little. Instead of confronting Darcy right away, she tries to forget her suspicions and squelch her unease. I felt this Elizabeth was a little too accepting and not like her usual fearless self.

Nevertheless, Mr. Darcy’s Secret is a charming continuation that will be sure to please many Austenesque readers. Tension-filled plots, intriguing character development, tender romances, and reverent storytelling, these are elements that I am finding to be synonymous with all Ms. Odiwe’s novels. I highly recommend!
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  9 Responses to “Mr. Darcy’s Secret – Jane Odiwe”


    This one sounds wonderful. I’ve never read this author before so I would like to try her writing!


    I have this book sitting in front of me right now, and I am dying to read it but can’t, as I have too many other books that I need to finish on deadlines. How frustrating! I’ve been eagerly anticipating its release, having adored both of Ms. Odiwe’s previous novels, but your review gives me some pause. While I’m still certain I will enjoy it, the notion of Darcy reverting to arrogance in his handling of Georgiana makes me uneasy. I’ll just have to wait and see for myself. Thanks for the review Meredith!


    Thanks for the review, Meredith! I just received this one in the mail today and I’m very much looking forward to reading it!


    I cant wait to read this book, anything with Mr. & Mrs. Darcy !!!!


    I’m on board. This book sounds like a treat. It’s going into the to read stack!


    Fantastic review, Meredith!

    I just finished this lovely book last evening and it, like Jane Odiwe’s other books, was worth every minute spent reading.


    I look forward to reading your reivew, Lori! Thanks for stopping by and reading mine!


    Hmm. I am on the fence with this one. I wasn’t too crazy about Willoughby’s Return.


    I really enjoyed Lydia Bennet’s Story, so I’m really looking forward to this one. I haven’t read Willoughby’s Return yet…waiting to re-read S&S first.

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