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It’s that time of year again, time to plan and prepare Christmas gifts for your loved ones!  Some of you may have been out shopping and braving the crowds yesterday!  What will you buy for Jane Austen Addicts?  Or what should they buy for you?

Just like last year, I have compiled a Jane Austen Holiday Wishlist to help those of you who are looking for Jane Austen gift ideas for friends, family, and maybe even yourself!  Hopefully you will find this list helpful!!

Movies and Books:

Pride and Prejudice (Restored Edition):  Whether for others or for yourself, now is the time purchases this digitally restored and enhanced edition of Pride and Prejudice!  Not only does this DVD have magnificent and superior sound and color, but with several new special features too! is selling for a steal at $13.99!

Emma (2009): BBC’s most recent Austen adaption has been available on DVD for quite some time.  I greatly enjoyed watching this four part adaption on Masterpiece Theatre last January, although the Gwenyth Paltrow/Jeremy Northam version remains my number one favorite!

– Pride and Prejudice: An Annotated Edition by Jane Austen, Edited by Patricia Meyer Spacks: A large, coffee table-sized edition of Pride and Prejudice with illustrations, annotations, and well-researched tidbits…

A Darcy Christmas by Carolyn Eberhart, Amanda Grange, and Sharon Lathan:  Three Christmas novellas about our beloved Darcy family…

The Intrigue at Highbury by Carrie Bebris:  One of the best books I’ve read all year!  The Darcys and the Knightleys make a most magnificent sleuthing team…

The Mercy’s Embrace Series by Laura Hile:  A phenomenal series that creates a heroine out of Perusasion’s Elizabeth Elliot…

Mercy's Emrace So Roough a Course Mercy's Embrace So Lively a Chase Mercy's Embrace The Lady Must Decide Darcy’s Voyage by Kara Louise:  A “delightful diversion” in which Darcy and Elizabeth become acquainted on ship coming to America…

George Knightley, Esquire by Barbara Cornthwaite:  Want to get insde the head of Mr. Knightley?  Book One of this series provides a enlightening look into the character of Mr. George Knightley…

***Jane Austen’s Christmas by Maria Hubert:  I’ve always wanted to read and learn more about Christmas celebrations during Jane Austen’s time.  I saw this book recently available at The Jane Austen Centre, but it is now out-of-stock…

***Jane Austen’s TV and Film Locations Guide:  Saw on The Jane Austen Centre website too.  Doesn’t seem to be available in the US, yet.

Fun and Games:

Jane Austen Dinner Party Mystery Game:  Looks awesome, doesn’t it?

Travel back in time to Regency England 1814. A time of stark contrasts, and of gossip and scandal. A crime of great proportions has rocked Rosings Park. As one of Jane Austen’s beloved characters  you are a guest of the estate. Tonight all will be revealed. Once the perpetrator is discovered he/she will certainly be ousted from good society if not run out of town! The details are forthcoming, as well as clues revealed.

Things are not what they seem, even Lady Catherine’s not above suspicion!  Game for ten players

Pride and Prejudice Trivia Board Game: How well do you know your P&P?




–  Mr. Darcy Proposal Silhouette Bookends – Jane Austen Shelf Pillows:Wouldn’t these look perfect on your shelf?
Found this at TwoStrayCats’ Etsy Shop

–  Bookmarks – Antique Austen Books: I love collecting bookmarks and these Jane Austen bookmarks look amazing.  I’m real glad they are laminated too!
Found this at the  Jane Austen Centre Giftshop

– Jane Austen – Darcy Declaration Mug:  I love how colorful this one is!
Found this at

– I Heart Jane Austen Bumper Sticker:  I would proudly sport this on my vehicle!(which regrettably is not a barouche-landau)
Found this at Bookfiend’s Etsy Shop

– Fine Eyes T- Shirt:  This just made me laugh!
Found at



If you are interested, HERE is last year’s wishlist!

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  8 Responses to “A Jane Austen Holiday Wishlist 2010”


    Hi Meredith,
    Great ideas for gifts. I’d love that last t-shirt, but my husband might not appreciate the sentiment! It made me laugh too.


    What a marvelous list of gift ideas, Meredith! I picked out many ideas that I’d love Santa to bring me this year!


    Nice list!


    I love this wish list!! I want the annotated P&P!!!


    The annotated P&P is on my list as are those lovely bookmarks. 🙂


    Nicely compiled list, Meredith! Do not mourn too much for that barouche-landau, for if you had one, you might also have a relative (or a blogger friend!) just like the Sucklings, who could not help themselves but to mention it to all whom they meet. Best be spared such a predicament! I too want Ms. Spacks annotated Pride and Prejudice (who wouldn’t?).


    love the list! especially the fun and games part ;-D


    fabulous list! I am honoured you chose to include my Mr Darcy Proposal bookends 🙂 thanks so much!

    Two Stray Cats

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