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As an Austenesque Novel Addict I am always on the search for new or soon to be released Austenesque novels!  I am forever spending time on Goodreads, Amazon, and Author sites so I can keep abreast of what is happening in the world of Austenesque novels!  I decided I should start sharing my finds with all my lovely readers to help keep them informed!

Here is the first post in this series about my Austenesque Novel Finds!

Nachtstürm Castle: A Gothic Austen Novel

Author – Emily C. A. Snyder

Type of Austenesque Novel – Sequel

Published – June 2010

Pages – 148

Available in – paperback and ebook

Available at –, and

* amazon sells the paperback version



from Girlebooks:
Catherine Tilney had settled in for a quiet, respectable, distinctly non-Gothic English life in the countryside with her husband, the Reverend Henry Tilney. Unfortunately, a quiet, respectable, distinctly non-Gothic life had not settled itself for her. An original sequel to Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, Nachtstürm Castle whisks the reader and its heroine away to the border countries in the Austrian Alps, where adventure, mistaken identities, lost heirs, and terrifying butlers lurk.



  • I have never read a Northanger Abbey sequel!  There isn’t enough written for this book!
  • I wonder how these newlyweds are doing!
  • I love the fact that the title is in German!
  • Maybe we will run into any other NA characters (perhaps Eleanor Tilney or John Thorpe or James Morland?)
  • Jane Austen characters in Austria? Count me in!
  • Lastly, the cover is simply gorgeous!


What are your thoughts?

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  6 Responses to “Austenesque Novel Finds #1”


    What an awesome idea Meredith! I have been wondering about this book and look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. I too have never read a proper Northanger Abbey sequel, although I have run across the characters frequently enough. Can’t wait to glimpse your next find!


    I love that somebody final created a sequel to Northanger Abbey!! I’m definately adding this to the list, thanks for posting 🙂


    I think there should be more from the Northanger Abbey avenue out there. I love the story!


    Oh yes indeed! Mrs. Radcliffe herself would definitely approve of the cover. I’ve just read the excerpt and I think it is something worth reading.

    How rare for a sequel of Northanger Abbey to be published. I’m so glad that it is deviating from the usual “Pride and Prejudice” sequel/variation (not that all of them are not any good but there’s just so much one can do with Pride and Prejudice, yes?)


    I am so glad to see also that your checking things out on all these other sites are helping in your research. I do so enjoy your reviews and comments on Goodreads.


    It *is* nearly impossible to keep track of all the JA Fiction, isn’t it?

    This one sounds very intriguing. I echo all your thoughts. 🙂

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