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Elizabeth Elliot is in Love!

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So Lively a Chase, book two in Laura Hile’s remarkable Mercy’s Embrace trilogy, recommences with our heroine, Elizabeth Elliot, swimming in a sea predicaments and trials, both of her own-making and her father’s. In addition to constantly fending off her indefatigable and unwanted suitors, Elizabeth now has to contend with a household full of people (Anne and Mary have returned to Bath with their husbands) who are all highly suspicious of her habits and altered behavior. And to top it all off, Elizabeth has found herself to be in love – deeply and resolutely in love – with Patrick Gill, a man of no fortune or rank. What our humbled heroine doesn’t know is that Mr. Gill has deceived her and is not the fortuneless and lowly clerk she believes him to be.

Meanwhile, our dashing and devastatingly handsome hero, Admiral McGillvary, is striving to escape from his own tangled web of lies and waiting for the perfect opportunity to come clean and confess his true identity to Elizabeth. Will that moment ever come?

There is much more to this series than Elizabeth Elliot and Admiral McGillvary, however. Sir Walter, still hiding from his creditors, soon finds himself in a disastrous situation to which Lady Russell devises the most astounding solution. One which her faithful servant, Longwell, vehemently disapproves of. Moreover, per their usual, Charles and Mary Musgrove are experiencing some marital discord. Mary continues to be peevish and ill, while Charles finds the company of Wentworth’s plain and friendly neighbor, Miss Owen, to be refreshingly agreeable. Not only are these many plots and story-lines absorbing and amusing, they are ingeniously and deftly interwoven with each other. The action of the story jumps from plot to plot as the events of the story are often occurring simultaneously. Furthermore, Ms. Hile seems to have a penchant for leaving her readers on tenterhooks, so be prepared for each story to be interrupted at the most inopportune moment!

The second novel in a trilogy must be the most challenging for an author to write. The first novel is where the reader becomes acquainted with all the characters and is introduced to the conflict. The third novel is where all loose ends are tied up and everything is satisfyingly concluded. But the second novel is where the author needs to keep their readers enthralled and entertained without resolving the story. In this second installment of the Mercy’s Embrace series, author Laura Hile capably maintains her readers’ engagement and leaves them ravenously longing for a conclusion! Ms. Hile’s writing is powerfully engrossing, witty, and exhilarating. The action of the story is fast-paced and there is a copious amount of tension and drama. When reading one of her novels I become so invested that sometimes my heart beats faster or I anxiously hold my breath. Other times I am laughing out loud and wearing a perpetual smile upon my face. Laura Hile is truly a exceptionally skilled author, and I am a devoted admirer of her writing!

If you love to read Austenesque novels and have ever wondered what happens to the haughty and beautiful Elizabeth Elliot after the close of Persuasion, I encourage you to read the Mercy’s Embrace series by Laura Hile. It is brimming with romance, drama, and humor!

(Potential readers should be made aware that this is the second book in the Mercy’s Embrace series, and that it will be necessary to read all three books to attain the complete story).


The Mercy’s Embrace Trilogy

BOOK 1 – So Rough A Course


BOOK 2 – So Lively A Chase

Book 3 – The Lady Must Decide (soon to be released)

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    These all sound delightful and now I must see if my library has the first one!!


    I really must look into these. Thank you so much for this review. I’m off to see if I can get my hands on a copy of these!


    This is a great review and the novel sounds like a very delightful read. I always wondered about Elizabeth Elliot.


    I’m so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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