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Caroline Bingley Transformed Before Our Very Eyes

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Whatever became of Caroline Bingley? After her dreams of being Mistress of Pemberley were dashed, how did she recover? Did she rebound quickly after her disappointment of losing Mr. Darcy or was her heart deeply broken?

At the end of Pride and Prejudice the future looks a little bleak and uncertain for Caroline Bingley. She has just lost the man she spent years pursuing to an unsophisticated and unconnected country maiden, she has the unfashionable Bennet family as in-laws, and to top it all off, she is approaching an age where she will soon be labeled a “spinster.” Does this arouse any sympathy or compassion in you for “bad girl” Caroline Bingley? If not, then reading Monica Fairfiew’s new novel, The Other Mr. Darcy, will surely do the trick!

Can there be another Mr. Darcy??? No, definitely not, but Fitzwilliam Darcy does have an American cousin who shares the same last name. However, beyond the same name and some attractive physical attributes, Robert Darcy shares little in common with his English cousin. In contrast with the reserved and proud Fitzwilliam Darcy, Robert is more open, charming, and amiable. He does not concern himself with social proprieties and gentlemanly etiquette. In addition, he is delightfully flirtatious and provoking!

On the day of the Darcy’s and the Bingley’s wedding, Robert unintentionally witnessed Caroline Bingley’s humiliating and unladylike display of emotion. When Caroline discovers she was observed, she chastises him for invading her privacy and takes small comfort in the fact that she may never see him again. However, Robert Darcy appears in her life ten months later, informing the Bingleys that Elizabeth Darcy is unwell and entreating them to travel to Pemberley. Jane and Charles depart immediately for Pemberley, leaving Robert behind to convey Caroline and Louisa Hurst in a couple of days. Caroline soon finds herself in numerous complications and moments of perturbation because of this disagreeable and ungoverned man…

Ms. Fairview has brilliantly and plausibly transformed Caroline Bingley before our very eyes. It turns out that Caroline is not the detestable snob we thought she was. Ms. Fairview creatively provides an explanation for Caroline’s behavior and character. Furthermore, she capably answers questions such as: Why did Caroline fawn and flatter Mr. Darcy? What was it about Mr. Darcy that attracted Caroline the most? Who instilled the importance of being a proper lady in her?

I simply loved how one of my favorite has antagonists has become a likable and admirable protagonist! I took great pleasure in delving deeper into Caroline’s psyche and I loved witnessing her moments of introspection and realization. In addition, I enjoyed the sparks and tension created between Caroline and Robert, it seems the course of true love will never run smooth for the Darcy men!

In short, The Other Mr. Darcy by Monica Fairview was simply fantastic! Ms. Fairview wrote an endearing and beautiful tale that will banish your dislike of Caroline Bingley. I only hope that Ms. Fairview continues to write more stories in this vein and spotlight other minor characters as cleverly and gracefully as she did Caroline Bingley.


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  7 Responses to “The Other Mr. Darcy – Monica Fairview”


    A fantastic review. Thank you for your kind support. And congratulations on setting up this blog. We all know your from Amazon.com, Ms Darcy, so great to see you here!


    I enjoyed this one too, it was a great tribute to Austen’s original.
    Great review!


    I may just have to give Miss Bingley another chance!


    Great review! Thanks for sharing with us.
    I’m following this book all around the web and may have to break down and buy a copy! 🙂


    Stayed tuned…

    I will interviewing the athor of “The Other Mr. Darcy,” Monica Fairview soon and be hosting my very first giveaway here on “Austenesque Reviews!”


    I enjoyed this book very much as well. Tho’ I prefer to still dislike Caroline it was a pleasure to try and see her from a different light. Some really great laughs from this book.


    I would love to see Caroline as a better character by way of this book 🙂

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